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Wheres your pen pal from? Japan Tokyo Lets review the countries and cities.

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2 Wheres your pen pal from?

3 Japan Tokyo Lets review the countries and cities.

4 Singapore

5 the United Kingdom London

6 France Paris

7 Australia Sydney

8 the United States New York

9 Canada Toronto

10 T: Where does he/she live? S: He/She lives in... Country Canada Australia the United States Japan France China the United Kingdom Singapore New York Toronto Sydney Paris London Tokyo City

11 Country Capital city Nationalitylanguage ChinaBeijingChinese the United Kingdom London English (Englishman) English JapanTokyoJapanese CanadaOttawaCanadian English/French the United States Washington D.C AmericanEnglish AustraliaCanberraAustralianEnglish FranceParis French (Frenchman ) French Lets say like this: I come from China. I live in Beijing. I speak Chinese.

12 Memory Game Try to repeat the sentences. People in Singapore speak Chinese and English. People in Australia speak Australian. People in the United States speak English. People in the United Kingdom speak English. People in China speak Chinese. People in Canada speak English and French.

13 Japanese for Kids! Chinese Is Fun! Our World in English French for Today c b d a Match the countries with the languages.

14 Listen and number the questions you hear: ___ What s her name? ___ Where is she from? ___ Where does she live? ___ Does she have any brothers and sisters? ___ Does she speak English? 1 2 3 4 5

15 Listen again and write short answers to the questions[1-4] in 2a. 1. Maria 2. 3. 4. Canada Toronto Yes, she does.

16 M: Is that your new pen pal, Lucy? S: Yes, it is. M: Oh, whats her name? S: Her name is Maria. M: Uh-huh. And where is she from? S: Um, shes from Canada. M: Uh-huh. Where does she live? S: She lives in Toronto. M: Does she have any brothers and sisters? S: Yes, she does. She has two brothers and two sisters. M: Does she speak English? S: Yes. She speaks English and Spanish.

17 Mom: Is this your new pen pal? Lucy: Yes, it is. Mom:… Lucy:… Make a similar dialogue

18 Can you tell us something about your pen pal? 1.Where is she from? 2.Where does she live? 3.Does she have any brothers and sisters? 4.Does she speak English?/What language does she speak? 5.Whats her favorite subject? 6.When is her birthday? 7.What does she like?

19 1.Where is Harry from? 2.What language does your pen pal speak? 3.Where does your pen pal live? Reading

20 2 0 0 7 4 1 From: Simon Ottawa,Canada To: Students Jingyan Middle School, Zhuzhou,Hunan,China

21 Dear Student, My name is Bob. I live in Toronto, Canada, and I want a pen pal in China. I think China is a very interesting country. Im 14 years old and my birthday is in November. I can speak English and a little French. I have a brother, Paul, and a sister, Sarah. They have pen pals in the United Kingdom and Australia. I like going to the movies with my friends and playing sports. My favorite subject in school is P.E. Its fun. But I dont like math. Its too difficult! Can you write to me soon? 1.Where is Bob from? 2.What does he want? 3.What languages does he speak? 4.What does he like?

22 1. I live in Toronto, Canada., ( ) No. 84 Tuanjie Road, Dongguan City, China

23 2. I can speak English and a little French. little < a little < much little I have little money now. a little = some There is a little water in the glass. much There is much ice on the floor.

24 3. I like going to the movies with my friends and playing sports. and with He and I go to school together. He goes to school with me. She and I play basketball together. She plays basketball with me.


26 Name: Tom King First Name: Tom Last Name: king Age: 14 From: Australia Language: English Favorite Sport: Soccer Favorite Sport: Music Favorite Movie: The Long Weekend Family: Brother(Sam), sister(Lisa)

27 Name:_______ Age:_______ From:_______ Language :_________ Like:____________ ___________ Favorite subject:_______ Simon 14 Canada English and French going to the movies playing sports P.E.

28 PEN PAL WANTED My ______ is Tom King. Im 14_______ old and Im from ________. I speak _______. I have a brother, Sam, and a _________, Lisa. I play ________ on weekends. Its my favorite sports. I like ________at school. Its fun! My favorite ________is The long Weekend. Do you know it? Its an action Movie. Please write and tell me about yourself. name years AustraliaEnglish sister soccer music movie

29 Activity1: Be a reporter( ) Make an interview( ) Students name Pen pals name AgeCountryCityHobby ( ) Activity 2: Make a report about the interview. Begin like this: This is Peter. His pen pal is Jane. She is ……….

30 Name: First Name: Last Name: Age: From: Language: Favorite Sport: Favorite Subject Favorite Movie: Family: Make an information card. Then write an e-mail about yourself.

31 Dear friend, My name is___________________________________ __________ ____________________________________ __________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ _______________ I want to be your pen pal.I think we can be good friends. I hope to get your letter soon. Yours, _______

32 Dear Bell, I know you from the computer. I want a ___ ___( ) too. I want to write to you. ___( ) name is Becky. ___( ) am 11 years old. I live ___( ) New York. Im _____( ) and I have_____( ) hair. I ___( ) a ___( ). I ___( ) it very much. There ___( ) 3 people in my family. My _____( ) are teachers. They work hard. My school is ___ ___( ) my home. I have many good ______( ). I like ___( ). My _____( ) subject is ____( ). I hope you can send me e-mail. yours, Becky Pen pal My I inshort longhavecatlike areparents next to friends sportsfavoriteart

33 . 1.What is ____ (he) favorite sport? 2.My pen pal is from _______.(French) 3.They have pen pal in _______ (English) and Australia. 4.Do you speak _______.(China) 5._________ (Canada) speak English and French. 6.Where ____ (do) she live? 7.Please write and tell ______ (I) about ____ (you). his France England Chinese Canadians does me you

34 ,. 1.My pen pal is f____ Japan. 2.What l_______ does she speak? 3.I think China is a very i________ place. 4.My favorite s______ in school is P.E. 5.Can you w____ to me soon? 6.I dont like physics. It is too d_______. 7.Where does your pen pal l_____? 8.She is from America. She speaks E_______. 9.They are from C_____. They speak Chinese. 10.Does she have a___ brothers and sisters. 11.I like _____ to the movies with my friends and _______ to music. (go, listen) 12.I want _____ him about it. (tell) rom anguage nteresting ubject rite ifficult ive nglish hina ny going listening to tell

35 .,. 1._____________________? He lives in Beijing. 2.______________________? They are from the U.K. 3._______________? He is twelve. 4._________________________? His favorite sport is swimming. 5._________________________? He speaks French. 6._________________________? Yes, I have two pen pals. 7.___________________________? He comes from Australia. 8.________________________? Yes, he can speak Chinese. Where does he live Where are they from How old is he What is his favorite sport What language does he speak Do you have any pen pals Where does he come from Can you speak Chinese

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