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Moscow, Russia School № 726. It’s a fantastic way to communicate in English!

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1 Moscow, Russia School № 726

2 It’s a fantastic way to communicate in English!

3 Find new friends and talk about your pets online


5 My dog has got big eyes and big nose. His name is Marcel. He is 1 year old. He sleeps with me on my bed. I take him for walks every day. He likes to eat and I love him very much! Hello! My name is Igor. I’ve got a dog and a collection of wonderful images. I’ve got 78 pictures. I like your collection "Amazing animals“ very much because it is very big and interesting!


7 Hello! My name is Anna. I have got a dog and a tortoise. My dog's name is Channel and she is 6 months old with green eyes and small ears. She loves stuffed toys. She is very funny and amusing. Does anyone likes dogs?

8 My tortoise's name is Сherry and she is 2 months old. She’s got black eyes and red ears. She is kind, funny and very nice. Tortoises are great! What do you think?

9 Hello! My name is Vova. I am eleven years old. I like videogames. I have got a lot of games of different genres. They are actions, RPG, racings, strategies. I like videogames because they discover the magical world. I can do everything with video games.

10 Hi, My name is Katy Petrova. I am 11 years old. I am in year 5 at school. My favourite subjects are English and music. I have a hobby. After school every day I go to the music and dance lessons. It is very difficult but I like it very much. My group takes part in dance competitions. And sometimes we win. I like my hobby because I make a lot of new friends.

11 It is me and my music teacher. I have dance lessons 4 times a week.


13 Hi, My name's Vlad. I'm eleven years old and I'm from Moscow. I've got a great model collection of Russian cars. I’ve got 60 cars, 6 military cars and 6 planes.

14 I like Russian cars because it's a history of my country. I'm proud of my collection. Model collecting is easy and fun. It makes me happy!

15 I have got two pets – a guinea pig and a hamster. My guinea pig’s name is Motya and she is very funny. Motya has got black and white fur. She’s 2 years old with black eyes and black nose. Motya likes to walk on the floor and hide under the bed.

16 My hamster's name is Homa. He’s got orange, grey and white fur. He is 1 year old with black eyes and pink nose. He runs fast and likes to eat porridge. I think guinea pigs and hamsters are the best! What do you think?

17 Hi there, My name is Maxim. I’ve got a cat. His name is Marsik. He is 2 years old with big ears and yellow eyes. Marsik plays in the living room and at night he sleeps on my bed. I love cats! And what about you?

18 Hi, My name is Boris. I’ve got a collection of LEGO. I have a very big collection of this series. I have a policeman’s boat. I have 3 ships of the star wars. They are very big!




22 Hi, My name is Kate. I am eleven and I live in Moscow. My hobby is singing in the choir. I attend two choirs. We travel to Germany, Prague and Poland. We sing song in the concert halls.


24 Hi, My name is Misha. I like cats and dogs. I have got a dog. His name is Sharik and he is 1. He is not very big and he’s got short paws. Sharik has got grey and blak fur. He likes to eat fish and play with me. Sharik is gently and cute. My grandparents have got a cat. His name Murzik. He is 2 years old with blue eyes, white and grey fur. He plays in the garden all day. Murzik is playful.


26 Hello, My name is Nataly. I’ve got a cat. Her name is Musya. She is 3 years old. She's fun and cheerful. She loves to play. Musya loves to eat grass. Musya's white with big long whiskers. She’s got big, yellow beautiful eyes. When I am sick, Musya sits on my chest.

27 Hello, My name is Yaroslav. I’ve got two cats.Their names are Kasya and Klyaksa. Klyaksa is white with black spot on the nose. Kasya is light- brown. They are very noisy and funny.They like eating meat and playing with me. I like them. My hobby I like snowboarding, playing computer games, writing poems and listening to the heavy rock and metal. My favourite book is Harry Potter.


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