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About me Hello, my name is Bum Chan, Kim in Sanggal Elementary School. My dream is historian, and my hobby is soccer. So, I like some team. Arsenal!

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3 About me Hello, my name is Bum Chan, Kim in Sanggal Elementary School. My dream is historian, and my hobby is soccer. So, I like some team. Arsenal! Do you know it? I always see Arsenal’s match. And sometimes I go to trip with my family. That’s extremely exciting and fun. This is my photo that I went to China. -

4 More About me I think you have more questions about me. I think you will have questions about my birthday and my favorite food. I will tell you. My birthday is June 23 rd. And my favorite food is Kim-chi, pizza, and hamburger. Oh, I forget! I think you wants to know my family. My mom is very kind and likes to cook. My dad always works for our family. He likes to play. Me and brother always do together. I like these foods.






10 My name is Yeong-chae, Yu. Korea is at the edge of Asia’s east. My family is consisted of 4 members. I have mommy, daddy and 16 years old sister. I hope it helped you to understand me better.^^ Bye~


12 Hello? My name is leejihyo and I’m 5 th grade. My hobby is reading some book’s and hear some music And I have no brother’s or sister’s But I’m still happy with mom and dad and me So it’s my introduction. Thank you for listening Bye!


14 Hello, my name is Himchan. I’m a Sanggal Elementary school’s student. I’m in 5 th grade. I’ll introduce my family. My mom is a teacher. She works in my school, so she often helps me. My father serves for a company. He comes late at home but he plays with me a lot. My hobby is baseball, soccer, swimming, and hiking. Most of this is what I’m good at. My favorite food is pizza, hamburger etc… this is end of my introducing. We are twins. Left is me. Right is my twin brother Alchan.



17 Hello, everyone. My name is Jungin Sae I ’ m go to Sang gal elementary school. I like Sang gal elementary school. I ’ m 5grade 3class. My family is 4 people. My mom is house wife and always happy. But she is busy. So she is sometimes help me. My father is woke man and he is very very busy. So he always late. He is sometimes help my mother.

18 My favorite is music, music is beautiful and wonderful. My favorite singer is Iu and f(x). Two team is very beautiful. I like every food. but I don ’ t like Fast-food. Because fast-food kcal is very very big!! So I don ’ t like fest food

19 I am go to the dance academy. But I go to Sang gal elementary school in academy. This is very funny and in interesting. But dance teacher is very scary. So I don ’ t like her. Hers dance is very beautiful. And so is very flexible. But I can ’ t flexible. Because I don ’ t flexible. But I like dance and music!


21 Hi my name is hosun and I am 5 th grade in the Sanggal elementary school. My favorite sports are basketball and soccer. I also like to play badminton. My hobby is playing violin. I ‘m also the part of the Sanggal orchestra.

22 I have five people in my family member. I have my mom, dad, my sister and BB. BB is our pet. She is 15 years old, she had lived longer than me. I like my pet BB This is the end of my introduction. Thank you for looking!


24 I’m jin-sol and I’m fifth grade in Korea. I was very scary to talk with other countries people, but I want to said. I’m normal student in my school. I want to be announcer. How about you? My hobby are talking with people, reading a book, play game, and listen music. My best hobby is talking with people. I like that very much. What’s your hobby? Or do you like my hobby? Whatever, my favorite subject is English and Korean. Do you Know Korean? What about English talking? I think you did a great about English talking. Now, see the next page. A girl in the picture is me. And as you see, I’m carried my puppy.

25 I want to talk about my family. My family is four. Me, my brother, mother, and father. Oh! There’s two kind more. My puppy, and my fishes. Both are very cute. My puppy is threw to the animal hospital. But my father was very poor of it and take my puppy to my house. My puppy is very cute. How about your family? My fish are one hundred, and fishes are so beautiful. I can’t named to all fishes, because of many. But I know my puppy is very cute, and kind, so do fishes. I like, love my puppy and fish. How about you? My mom is kind and pretty, so do I. Father is so funny like my brother. We are live happily together.


27 First, me. I’m 13 years old. And I like sports. Actually, I love sports! When I exercise, I’m very happy. My favorite favorite sport is ride and badminton. Second, my family. There are my mother, father, younger brother, and me. We likes to go camping. I love my family. Third, my dream. My dream is UN Secretary General. Because I hope I can help the world to be more peaceful and I want to know many different cultures. So I have to learn many thing. Do you know Ban Ki Moon? He is my role model. Hello! My name is Soo Min Lee. I’m Sanggal elementary school student. Because he is UN Secretary General. Fourth, My country, KOREA. KOREA has very long history, and it is very beautiful country. I love KOREA.


29 My country, My city My name is Yoonseo Kim. My country is Korea. The name of Korea is from Goryeo. The flag of Korea is Teageukgi. The flower of Korea is Mugunghwa. I love my country. I live in Yong-in. Yong-in is nice place to live. Let’s play together at Yong-in!!

30 Me, My family My name is Yoonseo Kim. My birthday is March 15 th. I live in Yong-in. My age is 12years, And my dream is a editor. My hobby is reading books, and listening to music. Sometimes, I listen to music and read books together. My family is 4 member. My family’s member is my dad, my mom, my young brother, and me. My dad is a scientist, and my mom was a university teacher about nursing, and a nurse. But now, she keeps our house for me and my brother. My dad is very busy. So he can’t take many time with us.

31 My favorite My favorite color is White. Because White can make smoothly another color. My favorite fruit is apple. Apple is very delicious. My favorite food is pasta. I like cream pasta specially. My favorite sport is badminton. Badminton is fun! But I can’t play well.


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