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Subject- Verb Agreement sh/grammar/subjectverbagree ment/ Brainpop.

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1 Subject- Verb Agreement sh/grammar/subjectverbagree ment/ Brainpop

2 What is wrong with this sentence? Danny and Mindy draws a picture of the mountains.

3 Danny and Mindy is a plural subject. Draws is a singular verb. How can we fix it?

4 Write each rule to follow

5 Rule#1 A singular subject takes a singular verb. Names of people, he, she, or it will need and –s or –es on most verbs. A verb must agree with its subject. Ex: Julie likes poetry about nature.

6 We add –s to most verbs in the present tense if the subject is singular. Ex: Tim enjoys poems about nature, too.

7 Do not add –s if the subject is I or you. Ex: I write poetry about the ocean.

8 Let’s try the rule! 1. Today she (see, sees) ducks in the pond. 2. You (watch, watches) the ducks with her.

9 Rule #2 A plural subject, I, you, we, or they takes a plural verb. The girls like poetry about birds. Do not add –s to the verb if the subject is plural! Ex: Poets create beautiful images with words.

10 Let’s try the rule! 1. New ideas (form, forms) in her mind. 2. They (play, plays) in the water. 3. The ducklings (follow, follows) the mother duck.

11 Self check #1-5 1. Japanese poems (reflect, reflects) the culture of its people. 2. Many people (appreciate, appreciates) their attention to nature. 3. Traditions (exist, exists) in Japanese literature.

12 4. Haiku verses (contain, contains) a particular number of syllables. 5. You (hear, hears) a subtle rhythm in a Haiku poem.

13 Rule #3: Use am and is for singular subjects and use are with plural subjects. Examples: I am afraid. (I is singular, am) Paul is fearless. (Paul is singular, is) The armies are here. ( armies is plural, are) We are surprised. ( We is plural, are)

14 Let’s try the rule… 1. American history (is, are) an interesting subject. 2. My friend ( is, are ) studying the American colonies. 3. The people (was, were) part of a colonial community.

15 Rule #4: A collective noun names a group. It is singular if it is a group acting as one. Ex: The class is going on a field trip. ( Acts as one.) My family is going out to dinner tonight. My team is going to win the big game.

16 Rule #4: A collective noun names a group. It is plural if it refers to a group acting individually. Ex: The class are debating about on a field trip. My family are going to vote about where to eat out dinner tonight. My team are going to the big game with their families.

17 Class work on the same page as your notes. Write 3 sentences with a plural subject and a plural verb. Write 3 sentences with a singular subject and a singular verb.

18 Agenda Homework: Workbook page 37 + Mtn Lang (6-10)

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