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Pablo Picasso Made By: Jordan Dong.

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1 Pablo Picasso Made By: Jordan Dong

2 Basic Information Picasso, Pablo Ruiz y, born 25,October 1881in Málaga
Die on 8 April 1973 (91 Years Old) in Mougins, France Spanish Painter Sculptor Stage Designer Printmaker Creator Basic Information

3 Full name: Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso One of the most influential artist in 20th century The Creator of Cubist (With Georges Braque) Basic Information Con

4 Work Count Painting: 1885 Sketches: 7089 Prints: 20000
Lithographs: 6121 Sculptures : 800 Work Count

5 Picasso’s Time Period 1881-1990: Early Childhood
: Blue Period : Rose : Cubism : Classical &Surrealism : Transformation Period : Late of Picasso’s Life Picasso’s Time Period

6 Childhood (1881-1990) Taught by father :Jose Ruiz Blasco
1889: First painting “The Matador” Entered School of Fine Arts in Barcelona Long Ha Childhood ( )

7 Influenced by his friend :Carlos Casagmas’s death from suicide
A strong tone of blue symbolized the suffering and loneliness of the poor in lots of his painting Beggars and Drunks are often his subjects Blue Time Period ( )

8 Some works from Blue Time Period
La Vie (1903) Mother and Children (1901) Some works from Blue Time Period The Old Guitarist (1903)

9 Picasso began to settle in Paris in 1904 and started Rose Period paintings
Used colors like orange and pink in contrast of the cool tone in the previous Blue Period Met Fernande Olivier In Paris Rose Time Period( )

10 Works From Rose Period Family of Saltimbanques (1905)
Boy With Pipe (1905) Boy Leading a Horse (1906)

11 Cubism Period (1907-1916) Met Georges Braque in 1907
Have some influence from African sculpture Objects are broken up, analyzed and reassembled Depicting the object in a multiple way to bring the object into a greater concept Lines Intercept to create a three dimensional image Have a great influence in music, literature and architecture Jolie Eva passed away by illness in 1913 Influenced Cubism Period ( )

12 Famous Paintings for Cubism
Portrait of Picasso By: Juan Gris(1912) Les Demoiselles d'Avignonx (1907) Three Musicians (1921) Famous Paintings for Cubism

13 Assemblage A further development from Picasso’s Cubism
Visual Art, combining three dimensional object into two dimensional arts. Vorwarts! (Go Forward!), 1897 By Jeff Wassmann Robert RuschenBerg: Canyon (1959) Assemblage

14 Classical Period & Surrealism (1917-1924)
Met Jean Cocteau and invited to Rome (Design) Met Olga Khokhlova Married Olga Khokhlova in 1918 in Rue Daru Surrealism began in 1925 A different juxtaposition about an object and depict in an higher level. Classical Period & Surrealism ( )

15 Olga Picasso in the Studio (about 1917)
Olga in the Armchair (1917) Pablo and Olga Picasso at Biarritz (1918) 

16 Two Women Running on the Beach (1922)
Women With a Flower (1932) ↑ Guernica, (1937)

17 Transformation Period (1932-1945)
Starting to make sculptures Met Dora Marr and create “Portrait of Dora Marr” Joined French Communist Party in 1944 Transformation Period ( ) Protrait of Dora Marr (1937)

18 Head of a Woman (1909) Chicago Picasso (1967) Picasso’s Sculptures

19 Late of Picasso’s Life (1946-1973)
Dedicated to rural paintings. Museu Picasso in Barcelona opened on 9th March, 1963 Die on 8 April 1973 (Aged 91) in Mougins Late of Picasso’s Life ( ) Las Meninas (1957)


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