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Abstract Picasso Meaghan Berdon, Jacqueline Pfeil, & Stephanie Neff.

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1 Abstract Picasso Meaghan Berdon, Jacqueline Pfeil, & Stephanie Neff

2 Introductory Full name- Pablo Diego Jose Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Maria de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santisima Trinidad Ruiz Y Picasso Born October 25th, 1881 Died 91 years old on April 8 th, 1973 Spanish immigrant, moved to America in teen years Got poor grades for focusing more on art than school Skipped classes to wander the streets for drawing/painting inspiration Moved to Paris, France in adult years & opened his own art studio

3 Thesis Picasso was an amazing painter and artist since he was small child. He took this talent throughout his life, and eventually to Paris where he became famous in the 20 th century as an adult, working on some of the most famous painting periods of all of history. Picasso’s painting are among the most valuable painting ever sold in this day.

4 Picasso’s Famous Periods O Blue Period O Sleeping Woman Period O Cubism O Surrealism O Rose Period O African American Period

5 Blue Period Picasso began this period in 1901-1904. He wanted to attract some depression in these paintings. Such as poverty, starvation, and crying children. Though sad, the paintings were amazing. These were of the $400 range when painted.

6 Sleeping Woman This period, painted in the 1920’s, was on the verge to be more lovely and romantic. It is believed that Picasso had fallen in love with a woman, Olga. These sold around $200 in the days they were painted in.

7 Cubism These paintings were created in 1908-1912. Using Gorges Braque’s technique as inspiration, Picasso made work of pure abstract. Back when, these were about $1,000-5,000, currently over $10,000.

8 Surrealism These paintings were created in the 1930’s. This is the year Picasso got married to Olga, which resulted in him painting more “classical”. This period upheaved World War I. These sold for about $300 back then, now selling at over $1000.

9 Rose Period This period of painting lasted from 1904-1906. This time, Picasso had been courting Fernande Oliver, whom of which he got his inspiration from. This time, he was painting something more of art- historic. It was a style never before made by him in history. These were around $400, now selling over $3000.

10 African American Period This period lasted 1907-1909. In this case, a lot of artists surrounding him were getting into all slavery and African American’s. This encouraged Picasso to do his own research and paint what he could about this topic. One of these sold about $2,000 back then, now selling at over $4000.

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