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Spanish Painters Angel Jodar 4t ESO B Escola Bon Pastor.

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1 Spanish Painters Angel Jodar 4t ESO B Escola Bon Pastor

2 Joan Miró

3 Joan Miró Biography Joan Miró i Ferrà (April 20, 1893 – December 25, 1983) was a Catalan painter, sculptor, and ceramist born in Barcelona, Spain. His work has been interpreted as Surrealism, a sandbox for the subconscious mind, a re-creation of the childlike, and a manifestation of Catalan pride. In numerous interviews dating from the 1930s onwards, Miró expressed contempt for conventional painting methods and his desire to "kill", "murder", or "rape" them in favor of more contemporary means of expression.

4 Works of Joan Miró Sculpture:Dona i Ocell (Woman and Bird)

5 Painting: The lesson of sky

6 Image: Miró Museum (Barcelona)

7 Pablo Picasso

8 Pablo Picasso’s Biography Pablo Picasso was born in Málaga, Spain, the first child of José Ruiz y Blasco and María Picasso y López. He was christened with the names Pablo, Diego, José, Francisco de Paula, Juan Nepomuceno, Maria de los Remedios, and Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad. Picasso's father was Jose Ruíz, a painter whose specialty was the naturalistic depiction of birds and who for most of his life was also a professor of art at the School of Crafts and a curator of a local museum. The young Picasso showed a passion and a skill for drawing from an early age; according to his mother, his first word was "piz," a shortening of lápiz, the Spanish word for pencil.

9 Works of Pablo Picasso Painting: Old Guitarrist Picasso

10 Painting: Boy with a pipe

11 Painting: Avignon ladies

12 Painting: The guitarrist

13 ~THE END~

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