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2 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  Is a Ghost story

3 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  Friends of Scrooge call him “Old Scratch”

4 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  Scrooge is a “broker”  In today’s world, he would be a loan shark or a pay day loan company  He would lend money.  People would use their valuables as collateral and when they could not pay, he would take their things (Horses, homes, watches, anything of value)

5 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  Scrooge’s full name is Ebenezer Scrooge

6 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  His partner is Jacob Marley

7 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  At the beginning of the story, Jacob Marley has been dead for 7 years

8 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  Scrooge is a bachelor and has never been married. We know from the story however, that he was engaged to a girl named Belle. She broke the engagement because he loved money more than her. She had no dowry to bring to the marriage.

9 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  Scrooge is stingy.

10 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  Dick Wilkins was Scrooge’s friend from his days working with Old Fezziwig.

11 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  Fan was Scrooge’s sister, who convinced their father that Ebenezer should be allowed to come home from the dreary boarding school he attended. She was persuasive enough to ask that he never be sent back. Fan was one of the only people that Scrooge loved.

12 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  The Cratchits have six children.  Peter, Belinda, Martha, the two little ones and Tiny Tim.

13 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  The first Spirit visits Scrooge at Midnight, even though he falls asleep at Two O’clock

14 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  At the end of the story, Scrooge sends the Cratchit family a Turkey

15 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  Scrooge’s biggest flaw is that he loves money

16 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  The Two children with “Christmas Present” are Ignorance and Want

17 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  Scrooge had Christmas dinner with his nephew Fred

18 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  All of the events of the story happen in a day and a night

19 A CHRISTMAS CAROL Proving that he will not be the kind of man he “must have been” Scrooge begins to give his money to charity

20 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  The Principal character is Scrooge

21 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  The youngest Character in the story is Tiny Tim

22 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  The most good natured person in the story is Fred.

23 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  The most lovable character in the story is Tiny Tim.

24 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  The Spirit that never spoke was the Ghost of Christmas yet to come.

25 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  “How, When and Where” is a game played at the Christmas part given by Scrooge’s nephew Fred.

26 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  For a week’s work, Bob Cratchit earned 15 “Bob” or 15 shillings.  It’s hard to say how much that is in today’s money, but it could be about two dollars.

27 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  Tiny Tim is a “cripple” or as we would day it today, handicapped.  We do not know what was wrong with him, but some scholars believe that it was renal tubular acidosis. This is a kidney disease that occurs when the kidneys fail to excrete acids into the urine. This causes a person's blood to remain too acidic. The result can be growth retardation, kidney stones, bone disease, and progressive renal failure.

28 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  The Ghost of Christmas Present is the one who spreads good cheer with sprinklings from his torch.

29 MARLEY SAID:  “Regrets cannot make amends for one’s life’s opportunities misused.”

30 SCROOGE SAID:  “The happiness he gives is quite as great as if it cost a fortune.”

31 TINY TIM SAID:  “God bless us everyone!”

32 SCROOGE SAID:  “I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.”

33 THE THIRD GHOST IS  The ghost of Christmas yet to come.

34 BOB CRATCHIT IS  Scrooge’s Clerk

35 JOE MILLER IS  A joke book author.

36 PETER IS  Tiny Tim’s brother

37 THE SECOND GHOST  Is the ghost of Christmas present.

38 MRS. DILBER  Is Scrooge’s Laundress

39 MARTHA  Tiny Tim’s sister

40 JOE IS  The owner of the beetling shop.

41 THE FIRST GHOST IS  The ghost of Christmas past

42 BELINDA IS  Tiny Tim’s sister

43 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  Scrooge is converted to good temper by the visitation of the ghosts. He does not dream them.

44 A CHRISTMAS CAROL  The smallest spirit is the ghost of Christmas Past.

45 THE THIRD SPIRIT  Does not speak at all.

46 SCROOGE  Becomes a second father to Tiny Tim.

47 TINY TIM  Said “God bless us everyone.”

48 A CHRISTMAS CAROL IS  Not an autobiography.

49 STUDY THIS  And you will make a terrific grade!!!!

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