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A Christmas Carol Study Guide Questions.

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1 A Christmas Carol Study Guide Questions

2 Act Two Scene Four

3 38. Explain why the spirit wants to take Scrooge to visit his nephew’s home.
To see another picture of what’s going on at Christmas To see that the nephew cares about his uncle

4 39. What is Scrooge’s reaction to this plan?

5 40. Judge Scrooge’s changes as a result of his visit with the Ghost of Christmas Present.
Seems more friendly Wants to help the poor Regrets his past choices

6 41. Who is the “man” the Spirit refers to on page 638?
People on earth

7 42. Why would “man’s children” be “Want” and “Ignorance”?
Because people create want and ignorance with their lives then ignore them as if they’re not their problems

8 43. Why does the Spirit keep repeating “Are there no prisons
43. Why does the Spirit keep repeating “Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?” Because it’s what Scrooge said about the poor at the beginning. The Spirit wants Scrooge to hear his own words in light of his feelings towards the world.

9 44. Contrast the last ghost’s appearance to the first two.
In a black robe Can’t see his face- only his hand Doesn’t speak

10 45. What does Scrooge tell the ghost he is willing to do?
Go Because he knows he will learn from what he sees

11 46. What does the ghost show Scrooge first?
3 businessmen discussing someone’s death

12 47. Who has died? Scrooge NOTE- Scrooge is confused and thinks he’s seeing when Marley died. It’s almost a joke between Marley, the Spirit, and the audience

13 48. How do the ladies react to his death?
Excited because they get to sell his stuff and make money

14 49. Where is the next scene? The Cratchit’s house

15 50. How has the Cratchit family changed?
Tiny Tim has died

16 51. How does Scrooge react to this change?
Very upset

17 52. What does Scrooge promise the spirits?
That he has changed– he has learned from all 3 Spirits and will live in the past, present, and future

18 Act Two Scene Five

19 53. How does Scrooge feel when he finds himself in his own bed and realizes the ghost’s visits are over? He’s exited because he gets to live his life and make changes

20 54. Scrooge is determined to make amends for his past and live his life differently. What actions does he take to prove this? Gets turkey for the Cratchits Gives money to portly man’s charity Gives money to Adam and poultry man Goes to Fred’s home Raises Bob’s salary

21 55. How can we infer that Scrooge’s attitude toward the homeless has changed?
Gives lots of money to portly man’s charity

22 56. By the end of the story, what kind of person has Scrooge become?
Awesome Lovable Giving

23 57. What does Scrooge do for the Cratchits?
Gives them the biggest turkey Gives Bob a raise

24 Answer as if you were Scrooge
REFLECTIONS Answer as if you were Scrooge at the end of the story. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Why? Defend your answer in a well written paragraph. Spiritual wealth is more important than material wealth. It is better to give than receive. Human beings should treat each other with love and compassion. A society is responsible for the welfare of its citizens. A human being can always change and grow. There is some good in everyone.

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