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Unit 2: Narrative Writing

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1 Unit 2: Narrative Writing
LEQ: How do internal conflicts affect external conflicts?

2 TDA steps: Ask: What is the internal conflict?
Ask: What is the external conflict? 3. Ask: How does the internal conflict relate to the events of the external conflict? Does it change or alter them in any way?

3 LEQ: How do internal conflicts affect external conflicts?
Plot Summary of A Christmas Carol Stave 2

4 Key Focus: In Stave 1, the reader discovers that the main conflict in A Christmas Carol is an internal conflict. It is a moral conflict related to the choice of doing what is right or wrong.

5 Review: In Stave 1, the author builds the main conflict through: Dialogue Ghost convention symbolism

6 Dialogue: conversations with his nephew, two businessmen, and his clerk Bob Cratchit reveal Scrooge’s poor attitude toward the spirit of Christmas and caring for others.

7 Ghost Convention: The appearance of Jacob Marley clearly defines the main conflict as he warns Scrooge to change while there is still time.

8 Symbolism: The “ponderous chain;” each link represents a time when he failed to help those in need.

9 How does Scrooge’s internal conflict (his moral failure to show compassion for those in need)
affect the external conflicts in the story?

10 In Stave 2, the external conflict
occurs when Scrooge must confront his Past.

11 When the Ghost of Christmas Past shows him each scene from the past (external conflict),
the reader and Scrooge see the contrast in how he used to be and how he is now(internal conflict)

12 Plot Events of the external conflict-------
(Scrooge vs. Past) reveal the development of the overall internal Conflict (Scrooge vs. self/moral failure

13 When the G of CP shows him a
A scene from the Past … Scrooge and the reader experience a realization related to the overall internal moral conflict.

14 Scene 1 from the past: his lonely boyhood where books were his friends. Reveals that…he used to have great imagination and joy. He remembers how it felt to be lonely. He realizes that he should have been kind To the lone caroler at his office.

15 His sister Fan coming to get him from school
Scene 2 from the Past-- His sister Fan coming to get him from school Reveals that… He used to love his family; they were important to him.

16 Scene 3 from the Past: Fezziwig’s Christmas ball for his employees Reveals that.. Scrooge had enjoyed the kindness of his former employer; he begins to see with some regret how he treats his clerk.

17 Scene 4 from the Past… Scrooge’s fiancé calls off the engagement because she realizes he has replaced the joy he knew with the pursuit of a “golden idol”—money. Reveals that… Scrooge begins to see himself as she saw him-that his change in values-has changed how he feels towards her.

18 Scene 5 from the Past: Scrooge sees his fiancé married with a family; Reveals that… Scrooge realizes what he has lost; he could have been loved by a family

19 Activity--TDA Key Passages:
Here’s the recipe or formula for how to construct a TDA response: POP PEE

20 POP= Part of Prompt Begin by rewording Part of the prompt into a statement and

21 P= Point add your point that answers the prompt.

22 Ev=Evidence Give the best evidence that proves your statement.

23 Ex=Explanation Explain the connection between the evidence and the point of the prompt.

24 Directions— Each key passage below has the same TDA prompt. The exercise will help you learn to recognize the key passages in Stave 2 that trace the relationship of the internal and external conflict.

25 But more importantly---use this activity as a model for how to answer a TDA prompt. Analyze each answer given below and identify the four parts of POP PEE in the answer by highlighting the parts and then copying and paste them to show that you understand them.

26 TDA Analysis highlighting colors:
Yellow =POP Green =Point Lt blue=Ev Gray=Ex

27 Summary: How would you answer this LEQ? How do internal conflicts affect external conflicts?

28 Internal Conflicts… Are revealed by external conflicts Can cause external conflicts to occur Reflects how the character thinks and changes as s/he experiences

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