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Christmas Carol Study Guide Answers.

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1 Christmas Carol Study Guide Answers

2 Act One Scene One

3 1. Who is Marley? How does he know Scrooge?
Jacob Marley Scrooge’s former business partner Dead for 7 years Acts as a narrator for the story

4 2. How did Scrooge react when Marley died?
Wasn’t sad Didn’t mourn More concerned about money Worked on the day of the funeral

5 3. Explain why Scrooge answers to both Scrooge and Marley?
The sign in the window hasn’t been changed because Scrooge is too cheap, so people aren’t sure who he is.

6 4. Evaluate the relationship between Scrooge and Marley.
Not friends Business partners But no “lost love” at Marley’s death

7 Act One Scene Two

8 5. Describe Scooge’s character and appearance.
Old Mean Miser Cheap Scary looking

9 6. Compare Scrooge to the winter weather.
Both dark and gloomy Remember! The story is set in London, England!

10 7. Describe Scrooge’s nephew’s character traits.
Friendly Loving Forgiving

11 8. Compare Scrooge’s attitude toward Christmas with that of his nephew
8. Compare Scrooge’s attitude toward Christmas with that of his nephew. Give examples from the story. Scrooge says “Bah, Humbug” every time Fred says “Merry Christmas”

12 9. What, besides Christmas, does Scrooge ridicule in his conversation with his nephew?
Being married and in love

13 10. Based on the visit from the 2 men, summarize Scrooge’s emotions toward charity for the poor and unfortunate. Doesn’t care about them Thinks they deserve poor houses and jail

14 11. Explain how Scrooge responds to his desk clerk’s request to take Christmas Day off.
Gives it to him, but isn’t happy about it Doesn’t think it’s fair Makes Cratchit come to work early the day after Christmas

15 Act One Scene Three

16 12. Describe the Christmas Eve weather.
Dark Bleak Void Snowy

17 13. When Scrooge first arrives at home, what does he see that foreshadows that this will be an odd night. Marley’s face in the door

18 14. Describe the appearance of Marley’s ghost.
In business clothes with chains and money boxes attached

19 15.Why does Marley’s ghost appear to Scrooge?
To show him how to escape his own fate To warn him to change so he doesn’t end up like Marley

20 16. Describe Scrooge’s emotions during the visit by Marley’s ghost
16. Describe Scrooge’s emotions during the visit by Marley’s ghost. Compare his emotions at the beginning to his emotions at the end of his visit. Denial Fear Belief

21 17. What does Marley tell Scrooge will happen?
3 spirits will visit in 3 nights at 1am and 12am

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