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Scarlet Letter Chapters 23 & 24 Cally Farrington Braden Scrivner.

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1 Scarlet Letter Chapters 23 & 24 Cally Farrington Braden Scrivner

2 Chapter 23 Dimmesdale gives his Election Day sermon on the relationship between God and mankind. He concludes his sermon “with a special referance to the New England which they are planting in the wilderness”. The crowd was moved by his sermon. As they go towards town hall for the evening feast, Dimmesdale spots Hester and asks her to join him at the scaffolds. When he gets up there he claims that God has led him there and that he is the “ one sinner of the world”.

3 Chapter 24 The Scarlet Letter attracted peoples bitterness but was sought out to be something looked upon with sorrow towards Hester and her punishment for the sin committed.

4 Theme Chapter 23 Nature of sin- the identity of the “Black Man”, referred to as the evil, is never known. It floats between many characters in the novel. The confusion over the causes of evil reveal the problems with the puritan idea of what sin really is.

5 Theme Chapter 24 Concludes the novel overall of what it’s purpose was to make the reader feel sympathy towards the characters.

6 Romantic & Puritan Ideas After Hester left town, the people turned her story into a legend of some kind. The people tried to protect Dimmesdale’s reputation. “Election Day” was very important in the Puritan society.

7 Character Analysis Hester We know little about Hester before her affair with Dimmesdale and her punishment. We never fully understand why she married Chillingworth considering the fact she does not love him. How the novel shapes her into who she becomes is what makes her an important character.

8 Chillingworth Husband of Hester, ignores her most of the time yet expects her affection. He has a desire to hurt others which is why he represents evil. With losing the people of his revenge he had no other choice but to die.

9 Dimmesdale The towns people do not believe his confession of sin, given his background. His death makes him even more of an icon than he was before.

10 Pearl Pearl has the worst judegement of Dimmesdale’s failure to admit to his sin. Once her father’s identity is revealed her importance is no longer, she becomes a “free soul”.

11 Irony After finally admitting the sin Dimmesdale committed it was ironic for him to die, usually we would think that sense he came out with the truth it would be a happy ending. But this novel, not so much.

12 Narrative Voice You can tell that the narrator has a sense of sympathy towards Hester. Although he recognizes her sin you can also notice he looks upon the situation with an awe.

13 Symbolism The fate of the characters shows it’s not easy to differentiate between hate and love. It went against the assigned symbolism of the characters. The Scarlet Letter on Hester’s chest becomes confused once she dies.

14 Metaphors “About this time there is a meteor flash, and Mr. Dimmesdale thinks he sees a great scarlet A in the sky.” “Chillingworth has turned into a devil, there came a glare of red light out of his eyes”

15 Activity On a piece of paper write down a time when you told someone a secret and tell about their reaction. Be ready to share.

16 Quiz Why do the towns people not believe Dimmesdale about his sin? Who judged Dimmesdale most for not admitting his sin? How did the narrator feel towards Hester’s punishment? The “Black Man” can also be referred to as…?

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