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Understanding Music - Instrumental Music. What we will be learning about in this topic...

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1 Understanding Music - Instrumental Music

2 What we will be learning about in this topic...

3 What is an Orchestra? An orchestra is a large instrumental ensemble that contains sections or families of string, brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments.

4 The String Family Violin Double Bass Cello Viola

5 Highest Lowest Violin Viola Cello Double Bass The String Family

6 There is also the Harp (but it is not commonly used) The String Family

7 Methods of playing

8 The Brass Family Trumpet French horn Trombone Tuba Notice the trombone has a slide rather than valves to help play the notes, so it can play a glissando

9 Highest Lowest Trumpet French horn Trombone Tuba The Brass Family

10 Methods of playing

11 The Woodwind Family Piccolo Flute Oboe Clarinet Bassoon The oboe, clarinet and bassoon all use reeds in the mouthpiece

12 The Woodwind Family Highest Lowest Piccolo (not always used) Flute Oboe Clarinet Bassoon

13 The Woodwind Family There is also the Recorder and the Saxophone (but they are not commonly used in an orchestra)

14 Methods of playing

15 The Percussion Family Piano Glockenspiel Xylophone Guiro Castanets Bongo drums Tambourine Triangle Timpani drum – can perform a roll Drumkit – snare drum, bass drum, hi-hat cymbals Most instruments are played by striking them

16 StringsWoodwindBrassPercussion 1. First Violins6. Flutes10. French Horns13. Percussion 2. Second Violins7. Oboes11. Trumpets14. Harp (if being used) 3. Violas8. Clarinets12. Trombones and Tuba 4. Cellos9. Bassoons 5. Double Basses

17 Beat It – Individual Task What instruments are used throughout the piece? (Tick next to your answer) Who plays/sings the melodic line? (Tick next to your answer) What is the overall effect of the music? How does it make you feel? (Tick next to your answer) Original Song, performed by Michael Jackson Voice Trumpet Electric Guitar Drum Kit Flute Male Voice Female Voice Violin Trumpet Happy Sad Scared Energetic Orchestrated version, performed by a full orchestra Trumpet Violin Drum Kit Clarinet Flute Why do you think that this family of instruments were chosen? Happy Sad Scared Energetic

18 Instrumental Styles Symphony – When the full orchestra play together Concerto – A soloist (one person) is accompanied by an orchestra clip 1clip 1 Cadenza – An unaccompanied show off passage for the soloist. Often heard in a concerto. clip 2clip 2

19 Other instruments These instruments are not normally used in an orchestra: Electric guitar – players can pick the strings or use a strumming effect Bass guitar – players pick the strings Harpsichord – twangy piano Organ – used in church Sitar – Indian guitar Tabla – Indian drum Panpipes – bamboo folk instrument Now write 1-6 in your jotters and see if you can match the sound to the instrument

20 Methods of playing Unaccompanied – no instruments play along Accompanied – instruments play along in the background Pitch bend - An electronic device that enables a player to bend the pitch of a note. pitch bendpitch bend Unison – Singing/playing the same note at the same time Harmony – Singing/playing different notes at the same time Reverb – An electronic effect that sounds like an ‘echo’

21 Styles/Groups Brass Band – A band of brass instruments and percussion clip 2clip 2 Steel Band – Originating from Trinidad and Tobago clip 1clip 1 Wind Band – A band with woodwind, brass and percussion instruments clip 3clip 3

22 Styles/Groups Ground Bass – a repeated theme heard in the bass Alberti Bass – Broken chords played by the left hand creating a ‘rocking’ motion, usually heard on piano Walking Bass – A bass line that moves on each beat, heard lots in blues and jazz Pedal – A long sustained or repeated note in the bass

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