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3 What is Occupational Therapy?  Occupational therapy (OT) helps…  Restore a person’s independence in: Work, self-care, play and school  Improve a person’s confidence  Fine motor development

4 What types of settings do OT’s work in?  OT’s can work in:  Nursing homes  Outpatient clinics  Schools  Hospitals

5 School-Based OT  Occupational therapy at school can help a child’s:  Confidence at social activities and interactions  Playground and gym participation  Classroom skills  Emotional maturity

6 Why would children need OT?  Children who have difficulty with: Handwriting Coordination Emotional Development Fine Motor Skills Sensory Skills

7 Why would children need OT? (con’t)  Children who have developmental disabilities like: ADHD Cerebral Palsy Neurological disorders Autism Cognitive Impairments

8 Fine motor strength activities  Molding/squeezing clay, putty or play-dough  Clothespin game  Alternating fingers to squeeze and open clothespin  Lego games  interlocking and unlocking legos  Marble activities  Using each finger with thumb to transport marbles

9 Child improving his fine motor skills with a scissors activity.

10 Upper body strength Activities  Wheel barrel walking  Monkey bar climbing  Tug of war  Climbing ladders  Color or paint standing up  Tape a piece of paper to the wall  This helps arm motion and strength  Doing activities on your tummy  Ex: reading, playing board games

11 This activity is not only fun for children but gets them to use muscles that they normally would not. They are using muscles in their back, wrists, arms, legs and core. Tug of War (Upper Body Exercise)

12 Self-Care Skills for children  Buttons  start with large buttons then gradually go smaller  Zippers  start with a backpack then to jackets  Socks  start by crossing one leg over the other  gradually build strength to reach to pull sock on

13 Shoe tying device to help children

14 Sensory Integration Activities  Introduce calming music  Soft blankets and pillows  Tactile activities  Different textured materials/toys  Fuzzy, rough edges, weighted objects, etc.  Trampoline jumping or running fast  Muscles are working hard and child will feel this

15 This calming aid is used to help children become aware of their bodies by applying pressure. The calming effect this has on a child can help them perform daily activities more efficiently. Sensory Integration (con’t)

16 Hand-Eye Coordination Activities  Rolling a ball back and forth  Tossing ball or beanbag to self  Coloring/Drawing in large spaces then smaller  Pouring objects or liquids into containers  Aiming and throwing games  Video Games

17 Child working on improving hand-eye coordination

18 How to bring OT into your home  Go to the playground!  Core movements and upper body strength activities can be done at the playground  Climbing ladders  Hanging on monkey bars  Swings

19 How to bring OT into your home (con’t)  Have an arts and crafts night!  Many OT’s use art as therapy activities  Make beaded necklaces  Use scissors  Glue popsicle sticks together

20 Resources for Parents  Fine Motor Activities Fine Motor Activities  School-Based Occupational Therapy School-Based Occupational Therapy  Parent’s Guide to OT/PT Parent’s Guide to OT/PT


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