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Prenatal Development. HOW A BABY I BORN – IN THE EYES OF A CHILD.

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1 Prenatal Development


3 Where Do Babies Come From? (The Cosby Show)

4 Information 1. The optimum age range for a woman to have a child is 20-35 years. 2. The recommended optimum weight gain during pregnancy is between 24-30 pounds.  For twins it is 40-45 pounds.  Eat 300 extra calories per day starting in 4 th month

5 Stages of Prenatal Development The stages of Prenatal Development and their time periods: *Prenatal Development = development before baby is born 1. Zygote 1. The first 2 weeks of pregnancy 2. Embryo 1. 3 rd through 8 th week of development 3. Fetus 1. After 8 th week until term of delivery

6 Trimesters First Trimester Second Trimester Third Trimester TOTAL Prenatal Period

7 First Trimester ***Most critical and greatest time of risk and vulnerability for birth defects Signs and symptoms of pregnancy most likely to occur Majority of physical development occurs (every physical feature and vital organs form, heart beats and brain waves begin, etc…) Small maternal weight gain

8 Second Trimester Quickening: slight fetal movements felt by mother (5 th month usually) Increased organ development Physically easiest trimester on mom

9 Third Trimester Physically most demanding time for pregnant mom due to discomforts of pregnancy  Lightening: dropping movement of baby into Mom’s pelvic region (head-down position to prep for delivery  Lanugo (fine hair) and vernix (waxy substance) both covering fetus’s body begin to go away  Gains protective fatty layer  Fetus grows and gains weight rapidly (5-6lbs)  Builds antibodies the last month to help baby have healthier start once outside womb

10 Total Prenatal Period 40 weeks OR 9 months

11 Where Do Babies Come From?

12 Prenatal Birth Terms Amniotic Fluid  Guards against jolts  Keeps fetus at constant temperature  Keeps fetus from forming connection to endometrium lining Amniotic Sac  Holds amniotic fluid  Very strong  Clear, transparent membrane sac surrounding fetus  Before delivery – broken to allow baby to exit out

13 Prenatal Birth Terms Birth Canal/Vaginal Canal  Vaginal canal and vagina are called birth canal during delivery of fetus

14 Prenatal Birth Terms Placenta  Organ attached to the endometrium lining  Filters and transfers nutrients and oxygen to fetus Umbilical Cord  Connection between fetus and placenta  Passes oxygen and nutrients from mother to child  Returns waste products to mother

15 Prenatal Birth Terms Uterus/Womb – uterus is called a womb when a fetus is growing inside it

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