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Pregnancy and Early Development

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1 Pregnancy and Early Development

2 STEP ONE: Fertilization
Union of egg and sperm cell to form one cell (zygote) in the female fallopian tube. Zygote travels to the female uterus. During this time it begins dividing into multiple cells.

3 Step Two: Embryo Implants in the Uterus
From the time of fertilization through the first eight weeks of development is called an Embryo Implementation occurs when the embryo travels from the fallopian tube and embeds in the wall of the uterus Human Embryo 5-6 Weeks of Development

4 Placenta Supports the Baby
The placenta supplies nutrients, oxygen, and removes waste from the developing human Umbilical Cord connects the embryo/fetus to the placenta

5 Stages of Pregnancy

6 1st Trimester Major growth and change occur Heart starts beating
Arm & leg buds appear Eyes & brain begin to develop Bones & muscles develop Brain waves detected

7 Fetus Start of the 9th week until delivery
Begin to take on more human characteristics

8 2nd Trimester Months 4-6 Organ systems continue to develop
4 months “kick” Male or female known Hear and recognize sounds Hair forms Facial features Can survive premature at this time

9 3rd Trimester Months 7-9 Gains most of its weight (approx. 5 pounds)
Can grasp with hands

10 Multiple Births IDENTICAL TWINS One egg + One sperm
Divides after fertilization to form 2 zygotes Same genetic material = same sex FRATERNAL TWINS Two eggs + Two sperm Most common Usually separate sexes

11 Keeping Healthy Before and During Pregnancy
Avoid alcohol and other drugs during pregnancy (caffeine and tobacco) and exposure to cigarette smoke Maintain a nutritious diet (450 calories) Prenatal Vitamins provided by healthcare provider Exercise Have all medical conditions evaluated

12 Problems During Pregnancy
Miscarriage- death of fetus from natural complications prior to the 20th week of pregnancy Premature Birth- Early Birth Ectopic Pregnancy- implementation of the fertilized egg in the fallopian tube Fetal Alcohol Syndrome- set of birth defects affecting a fetus and caused by exposure to alcohol

13 Stages of Childbirth Fetus drops to a lower position
one month prior to childbirth First Stage: Dilation Second Stage: Expulsion Third Stage: Placental Types of Childbirth: Natural Cesarean Section (C Section)

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