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Equality and Diversity Feedback from the Leicester College Diversity and Equality day 2014.

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1 Equality and Diversity Feedback from the Leicester College Diversity and Equality day 2014

2 Stand up and celebrate

3 What is equality? Equality is not treating everyone the same. Equality is about recognising that different groups have different needs and different barriers to overcome and ensuring they all have the same opportunities to succeed.

4 What is inclusion? “Being there and being part of it” Inclusion is ensuring that all everybody feels safe and are able to participate and succeed in all aspects of life.

5 What is Diversity, (apart from a street dance group)? Diversity is about recognising that we are all different (in terms of age, background, ethnicity, sexuality, disability etc.), and celebrating that difference. It is also about promoting good relations between people from different backgrounds.

6 Equality and Diversity Quiz

7 Question 1 How much of Leicester’s population has an ethnic minority background? A.10% B.50% C.75% D.20%

8 Question 2 How many residents of Leicester are under 29 years old? A.45% B.35% C.15% D.25%

9 Question 3 How many people nationally are estimated to be lesbian, gay or bisexual? A. 20-25% B. 40-50% C. 2-4% D. 8-10%

10 Question 4 How many people nationally are estimated to be disabled? A.1 in 5 B.1 in 10 C.1 in 20 D.1 in 100

11 Question 5 How many places of worship roughly are there in Leicester? A.55 B.15 C.240 D.92

12 Question 6 How many primary school children’s first language is NOT English within Leicester? A.5% B.90% C.18% D.48%

13 Question 7 What percentage of disabled people are born with their disability? A.25% B.89% C.17% D.53%

14 Question 8 You’re in a room with 100 people, how many do you expect to have dyslexia? A.34 B.5 C.56 D.10

15 Question 9 Which UK city is the most ethnically diverse? A.Birmingham B.Leicester C.London D.Bradford

16 Question 10 How many of the World’s Refugees does the UK take? A.50% B.20% C.65% D.2%

17 Celebrating the diversity of Leicester Leicester has 329,000 people Leicester was expected to be the first city with no majority ethnic group by 2012 47.3% of primary school children and 41.4% of secondary speak a first language that is not English The City is home to around 600 refugees and asylum seekers Around 5000 economic migrants from Europe have come here since 2000 Around 12% of the population are disabled (over 35,000 people) Leicester is a young city with 45% of people under 29 years

18 The 2010 Equality Act says that there are 9 protected characteristics. This mean groups of people who must not be discriminated against. No-one must be treated less well on grounds of : Age Disability Ethnicity Gender Gender assignment Marriage or civil partnership Pregnancy or maternity Religion or belief Sexual orientation The law protects all of us! What does the law say about equality and diversity?

19 Some key learning from the day… Females are not always well represented by the media. For example, talked to or about in films. The mental health of young people is very important and can affect learning and behaviour. Many young people nationally identify as having no religion or no religious beliefs. This is not always considered and acknowledged.

20 Some key learning from the day… Nationally people don’t understand the difference between a refugee and an asylum seeker: A refugee is a person who is outside their home country because they have suffered (or feared) persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or because they are a member of a persecuted social group or because they are fleeing a war. An asylum seeker is a person who fled from their country but is not yet accepted as a refugee by governments. Feeling safe and accepted as being gay or bisexual is very important to the wellbeing of people who identify as gay or bisexual.

21 Some of our ideas… Different canteen food on Chinese new year, Diwali and Eid. Raising awareness of Disabilities through ‘Stop The Clock’ workshops or visitors in assemblies. More information about the charities that the school raises money for so that students understand why money is being raised and the impact of their donation. More Tutor time actvities about Equality and Diversity.

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