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Typical Walk-in Closet with elfa® décor

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1 Typical Walk-in Closet with elfa® décor
Installation Guidelines Typical Walk-in Closet with elfa® décor

2 elfa® Ventilated Shelf
TOOLS REQUIRED FOR elfa® INSTALLTION BASE COMPONENTS FOR AN elfa® SOLUTION Power drill with wood (1/8”) and sheet rock (3/8”) bits, #2 Phillips head bits - Level - Hammer or Rubber Mallet - Ladder Jig Saw or Sawz-all with bi-metal blades to cut track, shelves and rods to length Tape Measure Refer to the Assembly and Install Guide for specific instructions elfa® Top Track elfa® Anchors elfa® Hanging Standard elfa® Ventilated Bracket elfa® Ventilated Shelf

The following photographs will allow you to view an entire installation from start to finish. Without a doubt, the most important part of any elfa® project is the correct installation of the elfa® Top Track. After all, the entire system hangs from and depends on this important first step. Marking the holes for drilling for the anchors Requires making sure the top track is LEVEL. Place track at desired height Level Mark holes for drilling

4 Hanging The elfa® Top Track
B. C. Hanging The elfa® Top Track It is a good idea to determine what is on the backside of the wall in order to ensure you do not drill into pipes or wires. Drill marked holes Insert elfa anchors Hang track, check with level Tighten screws with power drill IMPORTANT: Use power drill at low speed to firmly seat plastic molly and to avoid stripping the screw heads. The anchor must seat firmly to the back of the sheet rock. D.

5 Placing The elfa® Standards and Brackets
This approach is quick and in most cases ensures that you will not have to redo placement of brackets due to incorrect placement. A. Hang all standards needed to complete stretch of wall and group together. B.-D. Refer to your drawing and place brackets into slots. Use a tape measure as shown, or count slots in order to find precise placement. Spread standards to specified widths or 2 ft. centers to accommodate the ventilated shelves. E.

6 Installing The elfa® Ventilated Shelf
• Ventilated Shelves have a top and a bottom - the middle support wire is connected at the bottom of the shelf • Install the Ventilated Shelves from shortest to longest, regardless of their location in the space. This will help in measuring. • Lock the Shelf into place by pressing down on the middle of the Shelf and pushing toward the wall. (Figure E) To Remove A Shelf • Hold the Hanging Standard steady with one hand. Place the other hand at the back of the Shelf. Pull up and forward on the shelf to release.

7 Installing The elfa® décor Fascia
Position the Fascia with the opening facing the ventilated shelf. The notch in the Fascia that hooks onto the front support wires of the ventilated shelf should be at the top. Hook over top wire with a downward motion, secure it to the front of the shelf. Use the included clips to secure the Fascia to the ventilated shelf – the top of the clip has a groove that holds one shelf wire. B. Once it is attached to the underside of the shelf wire, slide it all the way to the front of the shelf and into the opening of the Fascia for a secure hold. C.

8 Installing The elfa® décor Hanging Drawers and Gliding Pant Racks
A. Install the U-Shaped Metal Glide – all décor gliding components utilize the same U-Shaped Metal Glide. This piece has three metal tabs and a metal knob on each side (on the top) that locks the glide into the Bracket. Begin with the left Bracket. Align the metal tabs on the Glide with the cut-out notches of the Bracket. When aligned, hold the front of the bracket and press on the Glide at the back rounded corner until you hear it lock into place – then repeat on the right side. B. To remove the glide, place one hand at the back of the Glide, with your thumb on the hanging standard, gently push the glide forward with your fingers. Insert and twist a small flat head screwdriver between the Bracket and Glide – it should pop out from the Bracket.

9 Installing The elfa® décor Hanging Drawers and Gliding Pant Racks
Install the Gliding Accessories Align the rollers on each side of the frame with the openings in the U-Shaped Metal Glide. Slide the wood frame into the glide. Drawers Always start with the bottom drawers and work up. Insert the Drawer in the frame opening and attach it to the left and right side of the wood frame with the Drawer Clips provided. If you would like more space between the drawers, just move them to the desired position.

10 elfa® Ventilated Shelf System, Accessories and Finish Pieces
The elfa system has many accessories and finish pieces that add to the overall functionality and design. A few of these are shown in the photos: A. Closet rod holders that fit into the bottom of the ventilated shelf bracket. B. Placing shelf bracket covers for a clean look. A. B. C. Placing ventilated shelf liners used to keep items from slipping through wires. D. Placing Top Track Covers which hide screw heads. E. Drawer liners relieve “waffle effect” on clothing in drawer. C. D. E.

11 The Completed elfa® Project With Drawing
As you can see, the placement of some items changed – easy to do with elfa® modular system – on 2’ centers, many parts are inter-changeable. BEFORE AFTER

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