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Optimum Round Pool Instructions. Prepare the pool site Remove all the grass on a surface 2’ wider than the size of the pool Level the ground.

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1 Optimum Round Pool Instructions

2 Prepare the pool site Remove all the grass on a surface 2’ wider than the size of the pool Level the ground

3 Main drain (optional) If you are to install a main drain, determine its location and install it first

4 Main drain (optional)

5 Prepare the pool site Add crushed stone all around the perimeter, 18’’ wide and 2’’ thick to lay and level the bottom track on it Be sure that the ring of crushed stone is levelled and compacted

6 Patio block installation (optional) In some installations patio blocks are recommended under each post It is very important that the blocks be levelled That type of installation is optional, it is not prescribed or indispensable

7 Tracks and bottom plates Insert all the tracks into the bottom plates The space between the two tracks in the middle of the plate may vary in size, from 1\4’’ to 3\4’’ (5mm à 25mm)

8 To prepare the pool site Before installing the last bottom track prepare the bottom of your pool with sand 2’’ of sand is necessary to protect the liner against small rocks or any other foreign objects that can puncture it Sand will also be necessary in order to install the cove later

9 Tracks and bottom plates Carefully measure to verify the roundness of the circle Be sure to know the diameter of the pool. Example; the exact diameter of an 18’ Optimum is 18’ 2’’…

10 Wall installation Some prefer to install the uprights before the wall

11 Wall installation Others prefer to install the wall before the uprights If you use the second method be sure that the wall is maintained in place by stakes set into the ground and attached to the wall Temporary install the top tracks to maintain the wall in place

12 Wall installation You must read the notice on the wall It is very important that the two bars be installed as indicated

13 Wall installation There are two other different types of wall bars

14 Wall installation (other picture) In the case of the Optimum pool, because the wall joint is thicker at each end of the wall, you must cut the track where it will be installed in order to give it enough space The same step will have to be taken later for the top track

15 Wall installation Start installing the wall where the cut was made Be sure that the wall is secured into place

16 Wall installation Join the two bars as indicated on the note Install the bolts and screws into all the holes (you must have the corresponding amount of bolts and screws as there are holes) The screws heads must be inside the pool

17 Wall installation Cover the heads of the bolts against any of them being scratched Use duct tape or a backwash hose maintained by tape

18 Wall installation At this stage, it very important to check for the roundness of the pool Using a measuring tape check the diameter at the bottom of the wall from the center of a bottom plate and to the opposite side between two bottom plates

19 Cove installation (sand) This step is to protect the liner from any contact with the bottom tracks and plates Lay the sand at the inside base of the pool

20 Cove installation (sand) Built a slope with the sand as demonstrated on this picture. The slope can be raised more or less but must have a minimum height of 3’’ against the wall The lenght of the slope may vary

21 Cove installation (sand) This picture demonstrates the protection of the liner against the bottom tracks and plates

22 Cove installation (sand) Lay the sand equally for a flat surface

23 The liner installation After the sand is all leyelled and compacted you install the liner Take the liner out of the box and unroll it in order for the bottom seam to be placed against the wall of the pool at more or less 4’’ between the wall and the bottom of the liner, when the liner is all spreaded out

24 Beaded liner installation If you have a beaded liner hang it at the top of the wall making sure that it is vertically hanged. Hanging the liner too much towards the right or the left will cause wrinkles to show on the wall of the pool As the bead is being installed, replace the top wall channel as you work around the circumference of the pool making sure that it is well positioned in between the uprights

25 Overlapping liner installation Overlap liner may also be used by the dealers Overlap the liner at the top of the wall leaving 6’’ to 8’’ outside the wall (enough to strech the liner out) Use plastic copings to hold the liner

26 Overlapping liner installation To prevent the liner from being visible on the outside of the pool, fold it towards the inside before installing the top wall channels

27 The liner installation In order to facilitate the liner installation use a vacuum to block the water return entry, using adhesive tape also blocking the skimmer which will aspire the air out and the liner will take its place at the same time

28 The liner installation: This is the result

29 Top plates installation The top plate is used to join together the top track and the upright The plate should be inserted between two tracks and clipped to the upright

30 Top plates installation After the top plate is well in place, insert two screws on each side to secure the plate on the top of the upright

31 Top seats installation Before installing the top seats make sure that the uprights are levelled with a carpenter’s level The top seats must be centered between the uprights and secured with screws in the holes already pierced in the top plates

32 Seat cap installation Insert the bottom tab of the seat cap in the hole located on the top front of the upright Push the front part towards the inside of the pool and secure with a screw

33 Seat cap installation Install the small rear part by inserting the two small tabs into the plate and push

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