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New Vision Academy’s Strategic Plan Planning the Future.

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1 New Vision Academy’s Strategic Plan Planning the Future

2 OUR MISSION STATEMENT New Vision Academy’s Mission is to provide quality, Bible-based education in a Christian atmosphere and to pursue academic and character excellence around the world.

3 FUNDRAISING MISSION STATEMENT New Vision Academy’s Fundraising Mission is to bridge the difference between what tuition provides and what the school needs to fulfill its Vision, Mission and Objectives.

4 OUR VISION STATEMENT To be recognized as the premiere Christian school for developing well-prepared champions for the faith that impacts the world for Jesus Christ and that all graduates are complete in Christ spiritually intellectually, emotionally, and physically.

5 NEW VISION’S MANDATE New Vision Academy’s mandate is to – – Empower each student in discovering and developing his/her uniqueness and calling – Nurture each student through a foundational learning environment in obtaining the skills needed to make every student a contributing member of society.

6 WHY NEW VISION What your children are taught in school should be a direct extension of your parents views. Proverbs 22:6 is a direct command to parents. It reads, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

7 New Vision’s Planning Foundations Building Foundations for success

8 MEASUREMENTS OF SUCCESS Children graduate as godly leaders, with a deep love for the Lord who make an impact on the people they touch for Jesus Christ. 1.Graduates have profoundly Christian worldview. 2.Graduates openly share their faith and impact other for Jesus Christ.

9 MEASUREMENTS OF SUCCESS MEASUREMENTS OF SUCCESS (Continued) 3.Graduates excel in academics. 4.Graduates have strong biblical knowledge and are able to defend and explain their faith in a hostile culture. 5.Graduates go on to attend major colleges and universities.

10 GUIDING PRINCIPLES 1.Seek God’s truth and righteousness first and all other things will be added. 2.Seek only God’s glory in all things. 3.Nondenominational and grounded in the basic tenets of the Christian faith. 4.Do not favor one of God’s children over another.

11 GUIDING PRINCIPLES GUIDING PRINCIPLES (Continued) 5.Keep tuition affordable for a wide range of income levels. 6.Impact the lives of as many children as possible without sacrificing quality. 7.Maintain strong financial health. 8.Maintain high level of parent involvement.

12 Planning Foundations Serves as the framework through which all decisions and activities at the school must adhere to. Assists in prioritizing competing objectives. If any activity that does not help achieve the school’s Vision, Mission, or Guiding Principles then it will not be undertaken.

13 New Vision’s Goals And Objectives Education with a higher purpose

14 PROGRAMS GOAL New Vision will be a preeminent Christian school known for developing ethically, spiritually, and academically sound students, who are well prepared for life in a secular society.

15 PROGRAMS Objectives – Analysis of curriculum with attention to hands-on and outdoor education learning methods. – Develop and provide extra-curricular programming that allows students to have a balanced experience and enriched spiritual health. – Develop service projects to focus on our local community

16 PHYSICAL BUILDING AND FACILITIES GOAL New Vision’s physical building will provide a safe, comfortable and attractive school environment that encourages and supports excellence in academics, athletics and the arts.

17 PHYSICAL BUILDING AND FACILITIES OBJECTIVES – Secure a building that will accurately reflect the quality of our school. – Acquire safe playground equipment. – Build student desks, scoring tables, and other Learning Center furniture.

18 FINANCE AND FUNDING GOAL The finance and funding efforts at New Vision will develop targeted strategies to generate and manage funds will accomplish this objective through disciplined financial management and aggressive funding generation.

19 FINANCE AND FUNDING OBJECTIVES – Secure partnerships from sources separate from tuition to significantly increase other revenues in support of New Vision’s goals. – Develop a fundraising plan and committee made up of parents.

20 STUDENTS GOAL New Vision will increase enrollment by attracting students of various backgrounds and establish programs to retain them through the school’s maximum grade level. New Vision will actively maintain connections with prior graduates to assist with student success and retention.

21 STUDENTS OBJECTIVES – Determine optimal enrollment and establish target enrollment numbers for the next five years. – Develop recommendations for outreach programs that will attract qualified students. – Develop programs for non-students in hopes that they will become students.

22 FACULTY, ADMINISTRATION AND STAFF GOAL New Vision will recruit, reward and retain a diverse faculty, administration and staff who are committed to the Mission and Strategic Plan. New Vision will continue to identify and promote faculty and staff who inspire students by modeling spiritual and academic excellence while promoting constant learning.

23 FACULTY, ADMINISTRATION AND STAFF OBJECTIVE – Determine staffing needs based on enrollment numbers – Determine optimal balance of faculty, administration, and staff. – Develop and promote a volunteer program to assist administration and staff.

24 COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING GOAL 1 New Vision will maintain active engagement within its communities in an effort to be recognized locally, as a preeminent private Christian school.

25 COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING GOAL 2 New Vision will foster an environment of respect, acceptance and support through open communication and cooperation among all its constituents.

26 COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING OBJECTIVES – Develop and implement a marketing plan – Continue to infuse Mission and core values into all publications, presentations and programs. – Develop a systematic program of communication for students and parents. – Continue to build and foster positive relationships with the community, churches, and seek their involvement.

27 COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING OBJECTIVES (Continued) – Enhance social networking for marketing and communication with families. – Develop a communication program to parents regarding all aspects of school business, to include progress against strategic plan, results of fundraising and where dollars will be used, as well as academic and event updates as needed.

28 THANK YOU! Greater things are yet to come…


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