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2 Survey Participants 2

3 Consistently Reported Themes Strengths Extracurricular and co-curricular programs Facilities are in adequate to excellent condition (no portable classrooms) Jefferson has the potential to be the best school system in the state Jefferson is a destination county, historic, recreation abounds, great location, access to DC and Baltimore Long term and committed employees, support staff, teachers and administrators 3

4 Consistently Reported Themes Strengths Personalized attention is possible and often achieved in JCPS Rural life is embraced and valued Small community atmosphere is a “unique” lifestyle of Jefferson County Supportive parents and a good place to raise children Jefferson is a growing community, 1.5% a year 4

5 Consistently Reported Themes Challenges/Concerns/Issues Finance – revenue from impact fees and gaming industry is diminishing School Board and Superintendent must establish clear roles and responsibilities, the perception is that the Board has been too involved in the day to day operations Division communication and transparency need improvement to overcome negative and incorrect assumptions about JCPS Facility focus of the last few years have overshadowed an academic focus WVDOE changes in testing and curriculum are intrusive and not being communicated to parents 5

6 Consistently Reported Themes Challenges/Concerns/Issues A culture of excellence is not consistent from school to school Best practice instruction and curriculum consistency must become a JCPS priority Resistance to change Parents and staff are concerned that counseling resources throughout JCPS are stretched thin Strategic plan and vision needed for long term direction Recruiting, selecting and retaining high quality teachers must be a priority Technology and professional development need more resources and a strategic implementation plan 6

7 Consistently Reported Themes Desired Characteristics Ability to build trust and strong relationships with all constituencies Approachable and visible Champion high expectations for employees and all students Coalition builder—inspires through vision and can communicate a passion for education Educationally experienced with exceptional skills and knowledge of academics Excellent communicative skills High integrity, honesty and ethics Supervision for accountability Knowledgeable of West Virginia DOE code and regulations Embrace the community and culture of Jefferson County and West Virginia 7

8 On-Line Survey Participants 8 Stakeholder Group FrequencyPercent Central Office/School Based Administrator517% Community Member10013% Parent34545% Support Staff7410% Teacher19225% Total762100%

9 9 Percentage of Respondents Who Selected Each Item (By Subgroups) Number indicates rank order by overall results National HYA BenchmarkALL (762) Admin (51)Comm. (100)Parent (345)Staff (74)Teacher (192) 1 Listen to and effectively represent the interests and concerns of students, staff, parents, and community members. 38%59%29%48%66%69%58% 2 Foster a positive professional climate of mutual trust and respect among faculty, staff, and administrators. 40%50%76%59%34%54%66% 3 Recruit, employ, evaluate, and retain effective personnel throughout the District and its schools. 36%46%39%36%51%50%41% 4 Promote high expectations for all students and personnel. 38%43%57%43%48%35% 5 Hold a deep understanding of the teaching/learning process and of the importance of educational technology. 35%42%37%39%41%32%48% 6 Identify, confront, and resolve issues and concerns in a timely manner. 35%39%27%32%40%53%38% 7 Have a clear vision of what is required to provide exemplary educational services and implement effective change. 36%38%45%40%38%31%37% 8 Increase academic performance and accountability at all levels and for all its students, including special needs populations. 30%32%22%39%41%24%19% 9 Be visible throughout the District and actively engaged in community life. 28%32%49%27%30%31%33% 10 Lead in an encouraging, participatory, and team-focused manner. 27%32%49%26%29%24%38% 11 Guide the operation and maintenance of school facilities to ensure secure, safe, and clean school environments that support learning. 26%31%25%28%32%39%30% 12 Strive for continuous improvement in all areas of the District. 27%29%35%23%33%36%21% 13 Hold a deep appreciation for diversity and the importance of providing safe and caring school environments. 23%26%22%36%28%22%

10 10 Percentage of Respondents Who Selected Each Item (By Subgroups) Number indicates rank order by overall results National HYA BenchmarkALL (762) Admin (51)Comm. (100)Parent (345)Staff (74)Teacher (192) 14 Provide meaningful guidance for systematic and comprehensive district- wide curriculum, instructional services, assessment programs, and professional development. 23%26%33%28%26%15%28% 15 Seek a high level of engagement with principals and other school-site leaders. 22%26%31%19%28%24%26% 16 Encourage a sense of shared responsibility among all stakeholders regarding success in student learning. 36%26%25%29%25%19%28% 17 Align budgets, long-range plans, and operational procedures with the District’s vision, mission, and goals. 28%25%35%28%23%27%23% 18 Involve appropriate stakeholders in the decision-making process. 26%23%29%16%18%16%39% 19 Effectively plan and manage the long-term financial health of the District. 34%23%29%26%19%20%28% 20 Be an effective manager of the District’s day-to-day operations. 20%22%24%31%17%31%25% 21 Maintain positive and collaborative working relationships with the school board and its members. 31%22%29%20%21%19%26% 22 Communicate effectively with a variety of audiences and in a variety of ways. 27%20%25%21%20%19% 23 Develop strong relationships with constituents, local government, area businesses, media, and community partners. 20%16%29%30%15%11% 24 Utilize student achievement data to drive the District’s instructional decision-making. 19%14%18%12%16%11% 25 Act in accordance with the District’s mission, vision, and core beliefs. 25%12%29%9% 15%13%

11 Jefferson County Public Schools Desired Characteristics After seeking input from its Board members, parents, staff, students, and community via focus groups, interviews, and an online survey, the School Board of Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) seeks a strong educational leader who possesses the following characteristics: Is willing to make a long-term commitment to JCPS Possesses financial experience and savvy Possesses the ability to build relationships and trust with all constituencies in Jefferson; community, parents, teachers, central office, higher education and the business community Is a strong communicator who can listen and be empathetic Possesses a strong vision for education and provide the leadership, courage and management to achieve that vision Recruits, develops, evaluates and retains outstanding staff members at all levels Demonstrates fairness, ethics and honesty Is both collaborative and decisive, demonstrating both creativity and risk-taking skills Fosters trust and transparency Understands the complexity of achieving excellence in a rural and small community 11

12 Jefferson County Public Schools Desired Characteristics With regard to leadership experiences and accomplishments, the successful candidate : Is or able to be certified as a West Virginia superintendent Possesses deep knowledge and experience with providing a comprehensive curriculum for all students Demonstrates a solid track record of increasing responsibilities and success Has experience as a teacher, school based administrator and central office administrator. Possesses doctorate (preferred) 12


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