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A Commitment to Excellence: SUNY Cortland 2010-2020 Update on Strategic Planning.

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1 A Commitment to Excellence: SUNY Cortland 2010-2020 Update on Strategic Planning

2 Goals of Strategic Planning Initiative Revise the campus mission statement Create a vision statement Clarify organizational values Identify strategic areas of focus that will guide the work of all areas of campus Ground all work in the multiple perspectives of campus community Maintain institutional focus

3 Current Status of Strategic Planning Completed –Mission statement revision –New vision statement –Key campus values articulated –Strategic Goals identified Next Steps –Refine and operationalize institutional goals –Articulation of goals to department/programs

4 Methods Identify working definitions of mission, vision, values to use consistently Provide a range of opportunities and venues for campus input –Two surveys –Five open meetings for faculty and staff –Student government meeting –President’s Retreat Use appreciative inquiry and qualitative analysis to organize feedback

5 Common Themes Operate as a unified organization with a strong sense of identity and pride in what we do and respect for each others’ roles Clear vision, shared values, and common goals Maintain focus on academic excellence and student achievement People and community are a priority Strong leadership and accountability to mission and goals Fiscal stability

6 Mission: Why we exist SUNY Cortland is an academic community dedicated to diverse learning experiences. Through outstanding teaching, scholarship and service, students grow as engaged citizens with a strong social conscience.

7 Vision: Defining our Future What will SUNY Cortland be in ten years? Aspirational goals Build on our strengths Three parts

8 SUNY Cortland will be a college of opportunity where students graduate with the knowledge, integrity, skills, and compassion to excel as leaders, citizens, scholars, and champions of excellence. Vision: Part 1

9 Vision: Part 2 The college will be a top choice for prospective students and employees who are drawn to the nationally recognized academic programs, infusion of innovation and experiential education, and the rich intellectual, social, and athletic life of the college.

10 Vision: Part 3 SUNY Cortland will be a center for intellectual, cultural, and economic growth distinguished by successful partnerships with organizations, agencies, and businesses throughout the region and across the nation

11 Values: Guiding Principles Focus on the Students Integrity Intellectual Life

12 Strategic Goals Institutional goals to which all of us contribute in different ways Build on our strengths Provide focus for decision-making and resource allocation Provide direction for the sustainment or initiation of projects and initiatives

13 Goal 1 SUNY Cortland will be a national leader in educational innovation and experiential education. –Every student will participate in skill-enhancing experiential learning in and beyond the classroom –Intellectual and cultural life will be integrated, and supported, in the classroom and throughout the campus –Expansion of interdisciplinary work and scholarly collaboration among departments, faculty, and students

14 Goal 2 SUNY Cortland will be recognized for programs of academic excellence. –Students and faculty will be recognized for achievement and contribution to their disciplines and community. –The college will have a comprehensive model to describe and articulate programmatic excellence and efficiency –Higher levels of teaching effectiveness –Increase the percent of courses taught by full time faculty

15 Goal 3 SUNY Cortland will be a national role model for the integrated promotion of wellness that encompasses the intellectual, physical, emotional, cultural, and social well-being of all community members. –Implement a measurable, sustainable and comprehensive wellness model for students, faculty, and staff –Students will have cross cultural experiences that develop intercultural competence

16 Goal 4 SUNY Cortland will maximize organizational resources so that structure, decision-making, and processes all work towards institutional goals, responsiveness to change, and organizational effectiveness and sustainability. –Significantly increase the endowment –More fully integrate alumni into the life of the college –Pursue alternative revenue and support entrepreneurial ventures –Align facilities, curriculum and campus with commitment to sustainability –Establish a model for assessing program needs and sustainability –Enhance the effectiveness of administrative and governance structures and processes

17 Next Steps Stage One: Fall 2009 Refine the four institutional goals by looking at ways to: –Clarify –Strengthen –Identify measurable indicators of institutional progress –Feedback from across campus via survey and discussions Stage Two: Spring 2010 Articulate how our respective work resonates with each goal and how the work of individuals, departments, programs and initiatives contribute to the collective progress of SUNY Cortland Use expertise and experience of departments and offices to determine their initiatives

18 Examining the Goals How could this goal be clarified? How could it be strengthened to be more useful as a strategic guide? What indicators could be used to show institutional progress on this goal?

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