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College Credit Plus– (formerly PSEO/COPP) – LCCC site courses – High school site courses – On-line courses Credit-in-Escrow.

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2 College Credit Plus– (formerly PSEO/COPP) – LCCC site courses – High school site courses – On-line courses Credit-in-Escrow

3 Free tuition and books Counts on high school transcript and college transcript Must be taken during the academic year Fall deadline for application – June 15, 2015

4 Paid for by student and parents Counts on college transcript / May also be used for high school credit Classes can be taken during the summer as well as the academic year Deadline for application – 3 weeks prior to start of term

5 Submit application, including high school transcript Assess at college level in at least one of three areas: – English, Reading, or Math Students submit appropriate ACT, SAT, or COMPASS scores to verify college readiness ENGLISHMATHREADING ACT 182221 SAT 430520490

6 All classes taken through College Credit Plus must be part of a certificate or degree program – Students may choose courses from the state transfer module (general education or core courses) that are guaranteed to transfer to state colleges and universities – Students may also choose courses that they find interesting or that are not available at the high school to further career exploration – Students must meet pre-requisites for specific course

7 All Allied Health Clinical Courses EDCT 111, 171 ECED (all courses) EMSB & EMSP (all courses) PEFT 151 (minimum age 13) All developmental courses

8 Students can take a maximum of 30 credit hours per year – Students can earn a maximum of 120 hours throughout their entire period of participation Students must work with their high school counselor to determine the exact amount of credit hours they have available each year

9 Count the number of secondary units for which the student is earning only high school credit Multiply that number by 3 Subtract that number from 30 EXAMPLE: Student is enrolled for 4 secondary units 4x3=12 30-12=18 Student is eligible to take 18 college credit hours during the current academic year

10 ALL STUDENTS: – Notify middle/high school of intent to participate by April 1, 2015 Get intent to participate form from your middle/ high school Complete application AS SOON AS YOU DECIDE TO PARTICIPATE – Turn completed application into your middle/ high school immediately! Discuss college course selections with your high school counselor to complete section 2 of the application and forward to LCCC along with your high school transcript – Include ACT/SAT scores, if applicable Complete the COMPASS assessment, if necessary – Visit for sample


12 Submit your application for admission, including high school transcripts Take the COMPASS assessment OR submit ACT/SAT scores o You will not be admitted until LCCC receives scores that reflect college readiness After admission, new students must complete a mandatory LCCC Orientation

13 High schools with classes on their site will hold a session at each high school site in spring If you miss the date at your high school, or your high school doesn’t offer a session, you must attend an orientation at LCCC or complete one online Sign up at

14 LCCC SITE STUDENTS: – CSI is an online assessment that helps to identify strengths and weaknesses in academic preparation, motivation, and career decision making to provide a career advantage – This assessment is administered as part of the orientation session on the LCCC site – High school site students may take the CSI by logging in to their MyCampus account

15 Take the COMPASS Assessment before school lets out – You will not be admitted to CCP until you assess Check for sample questions and lab Or…submit ACT/SAT scores to LCCC

16 ALL STUDENTS: – All students may take their LCCC schedule to the Bass Library Building to get their college I.D. Students, to get your class schedule create a MyCampus account, login, and print your schedule LCCC SITE STUDENTS: – Students will schedule campus courses during their advising session at LCCC – Students can pick up books at the College Bookstore 3 weeks before class HIGH SCHOOL SITE STUDENTS: – Students will be registered for classes by LCCC staff over the summer – Books are provided by the high school

17 Meet with LCCC Academic Advisor and schedule your classes – All CCP students will be assigned an academic advisor Advising Sessions will be held at some local high schools and in the Mike Bass Library and Community Center at LCCC Enrollment Services Hours: Monday & Thursday 8:30am – 7:30pm Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm NOTE: – Avoid waiting in line and getting closed out of courses by applying for CCP and meeting with advisors EARLY(before summer break)!


19 ALL STUDENTS: – Attend college classes while still in high school – Count credits for both high school and college – Complete college degree in fewer terms and with greater flexibility – Students retain entering freshman status toward federal and state financial

20 Transfer CCP credits to LCCC or another higher education institution – – –

21 Reduce overall cost of college education! Average Ohio Tuition and Fees – (Per Year) Independent Colleges:$27,021* University Main Campuses:$9,608** University Regional Campuses:$5,410 ** Community Colleges:$3,484 ** Lorain County Community College:$3,076** *Tuition rates from 2012 **Tuition rates from 2014

22 HIGH SCHOOL SITE STUDENTS: – Student remains in the high school environment – Students will not have conflicts with high school extracurricular activities LCCC SITE STUDENTS: – Take courses not available at the high school – Increase opportunities for career exploration – Experience diversity by exposure to students of different backgrounds, ages and beliefs

23 ALL STUDENTS: − Access to LCCC Student Services – no matter where you take your classes − Computer labs − Physical education facilities − Career development services − Advising and counseling services − Free tutoring services − Use of the library/Ohio link

24 LCCC SITE STUDENTS: – Student is removed from the high school environment – Students may miss out on high school activities – Students may not have the maturity for the college atmosphere – Students will follow LCCC calendar which mean breaks, days off and finals may differ

25 ALL STUDENTS: – Grades earned in college coursework may affect high school class rank – College grades are computed into GPA – Students will be exposed to course work geared toward adult learners – College transcripts are permanent records – School districts may seek financial restitution if student fails a course

26 ALL STUDENTS: – High school graduation may be jeopardized if a student fails or drops a college course that is also being used for high school credit Work closely with high school counselor Give your absolute best effort Talk to your instructors! Get help/tutoring if necessary

27 Thanks for coming out this evening!

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