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The FastTrack Collegiate High School at BCC _______Campus 1.

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1 The FastTrack Collegiate High School at BCC _______Campus 1

2 What is the FastTrack Collegiate High School (ColHS)? A program for students who want to graduate from high school with a university-transfer Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree and ready to enter a four year university as a junior in their selected major. 2 Four-year College or University

3 What is an Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree? Designed for students planning to complete a bachelor’s degree or higher at a university. Equivalent to freshman & sophomore years at a state university. Requires a total of 60 college-level credit hours. Combination of general education and elective courses chosen to meet selected major prerequisites. 3

4 How is the FastTrack Collegiate High School (ColHS) program organized? INDIVIDUALIZED 2 year program of study leading to A.A. degree. BCC campus classes & high school classes during the 11 th grade year and Early Admissions 12 th grade year. College credit summer coursework required. College credits satisfy both A.A. degree and high school graduation requirements. 4

5 FastTrack ColHS and SSNP Individualized Program of Study Career goal College plans Accelerated programs

6 What is the Program of Study? A.A. Degree requirements Major prerequisites – University transfer


8 What is the FastTrack Collegiate High School Program of Study? Summer before Junior Year Success Strategies for College and Life (Required) – SLS 1101 Fundamentals of Speech – SPC 2600 8

9 What is the FastTrack Collegiate High School Program of Study? Junior Year Fall semester – 3 BCC classes – 4 high school classes Spring semester – 3 BCC classes – 4 high school classes

10 What is the FastTrack Collegiate High School Program of Study? Summer before Senior Year 2 BCC Classes

11 What is the FastTrack Collegiate High School Program of Study? Senior Year Early Admissions* Fall semester – 4+ BCC classes Spring semester – 4+ BCC classes *Required if FastTrack Collegiate High School are the only college credits earned.

12 Early Admission Requirements State cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.0 Passing FCAT scores and college placement test scores Completed all High School graduation requirements with the exception of up to: – 1.0 credits in English, math, science, and social studies, and – a.5 credits in performing arts.

13 The FastTrack Collegiate High School & Dual Enrollment - What’s the difference? FastTrack COLLEGIATE HIGH SCHOOL goal: Enable students to complete a university-transfer A.A. degree by graduation. Special admission criteria and application process. Only for A.A. degree seeking students. Individualized 2 year program of college study. DUAL ENROLLMENT PROGRAM goal: Enable students to earn college and high school credit at the same time. Several program options (A.A., A.S./A.A.S., C.C.C. & P.S.A.V.) Admission criteria depends on program. Doesn’t require program completion commitment. 13

14 ColHS FastTrack may be for you! A two-year program for students who want to graduate with an A.A. Degree. Eligibility includes: 1.Completion of fall semester of 10 th grade 2.26 credit diploma option 3.An unweighted cum. GPA of 3.0 or higher 4.Completion of Geometry by the end of 10 th grade 5.Passing scores on FCAT 6.Passing CPT Reading & Writing scores 7.Early Admission in 12 th grade 8.Meeting other program requirements. 14

15 Testing Anxiety?? Get prepared!!! 15 Take a practice CPT! 1. Visit the BCC website – 2. Click Current Students 3. Scroll down to Testing 4. Click on Testing, then scroll down to Accuplacer Sample Questions for Students 5. For additional help, scroll down to Testing Anxiety & to Online Study Links

16 Difference between CPT & FELPT CPT - Computerized Placement Test 1. Untimed 2. Computer- adaptive 3. Fewer questions 4. Can’t skip questions 5. Immediate scores FELPT - Florida Entry Level Placement Test 1. Timed 2. Paper & pencil 3. More questions 4. Can skip questions 5. Delay in getting scores 16

17 Minimum Scores for Placement in Selected College Credit Courses READING WRITING MATHEMATICS CPT/FELPT Reading 83 Sentence 83 Algebra 72 SAT CR 440 CR 440 Math 440 ACT Reading 18 English 17 Math 19 For MAC 1105: CPT Algebra = 95+; SAT Math=520; ACT Math=20 Or 2 years of high school Algebra with C or better and passing Math scores 17

18 What are the requirements to “stay” in the FastTrack Collegiate High School?  “C” or higher in Gordon Rule* classes.  Maintain state cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Earn score of 300 or higher on most recent FCAT.  “Term” GPA of at least 2.0 in college courses.  On track to receive A.A. degree at graduation.  Meet math cut score on CPT by end of the 11 th grade. 18 *In the A.A. degree program, the Gordon Rule writing requirement applies to English, humanities and social/behavioral science courses. The Gordon Rule mathematics requirement applies to all mathematics courses that can be taken to fulfill the AA degree mathematics requirement. When scheduling their courses, students should be aware of how many Gordon Rule writing courses they are taking.

19 What are key considerations for students?  Additional study expectations with college coursework.  Courses designed for adults – no modifications/adjustments.  Identification of university major in 11 th grade.  BCC grades on permanent college & HS transcript.  Summer classes needed to earn degree by graduation.  Balance college, high school & extracurricular demands.  Must meet HS and A.A. degree completion requirements.  Transportation for classes outside ColHS day. 19

20 Key considerations for parents…  Student’s permission required to talk to BCC staff.  Families under school district and BCC calendars..  Balancing BCC courses & extracurricular obligations!  Attendance at FastTrack ColHS Orientation required. 20

21 Getting Started… 1.Attend the ColHS Information Session. 2.Submit the Student Interest Form by the deadline. 3.Review the practice CPT test available on the BCC website – 4.Take the CPT/FELPT either at your school or BCC. 5.Meet the minimum scores in Reading & Writing 6.Meet the minimum GPA requirement. 21

22 And once you receive your acceptance letter…. 1. Attend the mandatory ColHS Orientation with parent. 2. Complete BCC Admission Application & Student Agreement. 3. Complete Accelerated Education Application with counselor. 4. Visit to explore university 4. Meet with the BCC advisor to plan your schedule. 22

23 Two years from now - if you stay on track you’ll be graduating with… The lower level pre-requisites for your intended university major completed. Your general education requirements completed. Your high school diploma and university-transfer A.A. degree in hand, ready to continue your education at a four-year university as a junior. 23

24 The Collegiate High School - A Partnership that Pays Off! 24 Reduction in the time needed to complete your college education! Savings of over $20,000 compared to 2 years of tuition, books, and housing at a Florida public university!

25 Questions…… When do the BCC classes meet? Varies according to student’s selected coursework and major. Can ColHS FastTrack students ride the bus to BCC? Yes, provided classes meet at this time. Students entering the program through FastTrack are considered ColHS students. Are 11 th and 12 th grade students required to stay at the high school on Fridays? No 25

26 Important Dates ???? CPT/FELPT testing TBA FastTrack Collegiate High School Orientation Month of June: Meet with BCC advisor to plan fall schedule & pre-register for fall term BCC classes 26

27 The FastTrack Collegiate High School Program An accelerated education program for students on the college fast-track! 27

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