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Definitions and elements

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1 Definitions and elements
Cooperative learning Definitions and elements

2 Cooperative learning Cooperative learning is structuring positive interdependence Students work in groups to complete tasks collectively toward academic goals They take advantage of one another’s resources and skills The teacher’s role changes from giving information to facilitating student’s learning. Everyone succeeds when the group succeeds Tasks should be intellectually demanding, creative, open-ended and involve higher order thinking skills.

3 Cooperative learning Cooperative learning is different to collaborative learning.

4 Cooperative vs Collaborative
Cooperative learning Collaborative learning Different levels of ability Use variety of learning activities to improve understanding of a subject Each is responsible for learning but also helping team mates learn Each person is responsible for a portion of the work Wikispaces Learning is a naturally social act in which the participants talk among themselves It is through the talk that learning occurs Participants work together to solve a problem Sharing experiences with each other Plus+ program!

5 Key Characteristics of cooperative learning
Brown and Ciuffetelli Parker (2009) and Siltala (2010) show that there are 5 basic essential elements to cooperative learning: 1. Positive interdependence Students must fully participate and put in effort within their group. Each group member has a task/role/responsibility – they must believe that they are responsible for their learning and that of their group.

6 Key Characteristics of cooperative learning
2. Face-to-face promotive interaction Members promote each other’s success Students explain to each other what they have or are learning and assist each other with understanding and completion of assignments 3. Individual and Group accountability Each student must demonstrate mastery of the content being studied Each student is accountable for their learning and work

7 Key Characteristics of cooperative learning
4. Social skills Social skills need to be taught in order for successful cooperative learning. Skills include effective cooperation, interpersonal and group skills. Leadership Decision-making Trust-building Communication Conflict-management skills

8 Key Characteristics of cooperative learning
5. Group Processing Every so often groups must assess their effectiveness and decide how it can be improved.

9 Summary Cooperative learning must have students moving towards a group goal and success must be reliant on each individual’s learning. Students must know exactly what their responsibilities are and that they are accountable to the group. Each member must have a task that they are responsible for which cannot be completed by any other group member.

10 What does cooperative learning look like in the classroom?

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