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EPOS - Point of Sale RES - Table Reservations STOCK - F & B Inventory Control CRM – Customer Relationship Mgmt. PMS – Property Management System.

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1 ePOS - Point of Sale RES - Table Reservations STOCK - F & B Inventory Control CRM – Customer Relationship Mgmt. PMS – Property Management System

2 Operating in some of the worlds finest restaurants.

3 Supplying quality systems to the hospitality industry for more than 10 years. “You can’t believe how it has changed our lives, how precise and clever the system is.” Charles Morgan, Operations Director, Hotel du Vin Group.

4 QuadraNet Systems has a suite of products which will cater for all aspects of hotel and restaurant management. Whether it be our ePos Point of Sale system with fully integrated reporting using Crystal, or our unique eRes, the award winning web enabled, table and function room reservation system, QuadraNet has what you require. All of our products are fully integrated or can be used as individual modules. Imagine the benefits of being able to track a customer from when they book a table on your web site, from the comfort of their own home, to seating them in your restaurant, right up until they pay their check. How many other systems can provide you with information such as to who visited more than five times in the last month, spends over three hundred dollars and drinks Moet Chandon Champagne? QuadraNet can and our customers are seeing the benefits.

5 You are about to view some of the many functions of the QuadraNet ePos system. The Show will start automatically, you can either let it run through manually, or click your left mouse button to advance to the next slide.

6 Presenting ePos – QuadraNet’s Point of Sale System Single or multi-terminal systems Hand held terminal options Full integration with QuadraNet’s suite of products Simple and easy to use for front and back of the house functions Full reporting suite included

7 Would you like your POS system to, Be configured to your operational requirements? Track the time and detail of every transaction? Handle happy hour or timed price changes? Handle multiple currencies.? Handle multiple payment methods? Be simple and easy to use for staff and management?

8 Click here to view table plan

9 Up to Four Configurable Locations Up to Eight Stations per Location Thirteen tables per Station

10 Easy to view available tables Table info displayed automatically Click Here to open Table 92

11 System requires input for number of covers at table. Click here to enter two covers.

12 User Definable Main Buttons. Add a message to the order. Order Items by Bin Number. Click here to order food

13 24 screens per Main Button. Click here to view Appetizers.

14 32 Items Per Screen. If you run out of any items, staff cannot order them. Quick links to other Screens.

15 Items ordered appear on pad. Running total of customer check. Screen name appears for easy navigation.

16 Items automatically sorted by Category. Keypad entry for multiple items Click here for an item with a forced modifier.

17 Forced modifiers for controlled kitchen prep. Click here to order Rib Steak medium-rare. No limit to the number of Modifiers. Modifier screens can be linked for multiple server instructions.

18 Once all items are ordered simply Send Order. Items will print in up to 16 prep locations

19 Adding new items to the order is quick and simple. Add a message to an item. Items already sent are in black, only a manager can delete them.

20 Deleting and discounts are management protested. Adjust the price of an item, or duplicate tricky orders.

21 Reasons must be given for all ammendmants. These are recorded for reporting purposes and greater control.

22 Select any of the pre-configured messages or use the keyboard to add your own.

23 By pressing the Info button this detail is displayed. System records all transactions on the table.

24 Payment screen options are easy to understand. Click here to enter payment details.

25 Click here to enter amount of the payment

26 Multiple currencies are handled with ease. Exchange rates configurable on a daily basis.

27 Simply choose the payment type. Post to a room or close to account.

28 No limit to number of Accounts, just select the one you want.

29 Once payment is confirmed, simply close the check.

30 The check is now closed and the table free for use again. Now lets look at some more features of QuadraNet’s ePos.

31 Monitoring of tables is simple for Hosts and Managers.

32 Inform the kitchen when you are ready for the next course.

33 Chit automatically prints where you designate. Click here to return to main screen.

34 Click here to view transferring of items between tables.

35 Simply select the table where you wish to transfer the check.

36 Then either select individual items or the entire check.

37 Select for split checks.

38 Checks can be split by position number.

39 Or by individual item, each person gets their own check.

40 Set position numbers for more efficient service.

41 Simply select the item you wish to change position of. Then click on the required position number.

42 Servers and runners now know who has ordered what item.

43 Management functions are secured by a password.

44 Redirect printers during quieter periods. Add new users from any terminalView bartender open checks.

45 Recall old checks from Front of the House terminals.

46 Select the check you need to reprint. Change the date for historical information.

47 Run out of something, or just getting low? Set the item out of stock or add a counter.

48 As items get ordered, the quantity on hand counts down. When the last one is ordered the item is set out of stock.

49 Cashing out is quick and easy to understand.

50 Select a session or select all day. Choose what you want to cash out -or see what you have sold.

51 We hope you enjoyed the presentation. If you have any further questions, or would like to arrange a full demonstration to show exactly what ePos, or any of QuadraNet’s suite of products, can do for you and your establishment, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team at 1-877-778-2859. Helping some of the Worlds Finest Restaurants concentrate on what they do best.


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