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Transforming the World of Employee Benefits For Our Policyowners

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1 Transforming the World of Employee Benefits For Our Policyowners

2 Introducing the Regence Life and Health “Portal”. A customized site that allows our policyowners any time, any place access.

3 Use the Internet to: Enroll your employees in Regence Life benefit programs Review and pay your premiums Make changes to employee eligibility and benefit selections “Click and print” policy documents and forms Learn about the innovative products and services we offer

4 To get started, just click on the Group Insurance Administration link on the Home Page

5 We’ll provide you with a special user identification and password. This is part of our emphasis on security and protecting your and your employees’ information

6 Next, you’ll be taken to the Option Menu. From here you can update and review your company and employee information, review and pay premiums and manage your Regence Life insurance program.

7 The Enrollment and Administration page is one of the most important. And, like all of the system, it’s easy to use. This is where you will enter new employee information. For current employees, this page will allow you to make changes to their status, salary and other information.

8 It’s fast and easy to “fill in the blanks” when you submit group information and employee data. Edits will help make sure nothing is missing

9 Add a new employee or “click” on current employees to update their records.

10 The technology makes it easy to organize your insurance plans and employee information by division, department or work group. This is especially helpful for larger employers and school districts with many locations.

11 You’ll have complete information about your Regence Life plans, their effective dates and coverage amounts.

12 Take the mystery out of premium adjustments and calculations. After you have checked and updated your employee information, the system automatically calculates your premium for you.

13 You can then view your online premium statement. Just print the statement and send it along with your payment. Easy. You pay the right amount. No confusing adjustments or reconciling old statements.

14 However, we also provide a history of premium payments. Using the Internet makes administering your Regence Life insurance plans more convenient than ever.

15 You can even access and print your policy documents right from the “web”.

16 Making sure that everyone has completed required health statements can be time consuming. We help take the “hassle” out of administering Evidence of Insurability because the system identifies employees who need to submit evidence. You can even print the required forms right from the Internet.

17 Like you, we are very concerned about insuring the privacy of information sent to us via the “net”. Policyowners only see their information. This is all controlled through security and passwords that we administer.

18 Customer Service Phone Numbers Claims: 800-286-1129 Billing: 888-777-9368 Home Office Address and Phone Numbers 503-721-7161 or 800-794-5390 PO Box 1271, MS E3A Portland, Oregon 97207-1271 Click here, for billing questions. Click here General Forms 2002 Administration GuideGeneral Forms 2002 Administration Guide, for list bill clients About Regence Life and Health About Regence Life and Health The portal is also your one stop point of contact for help, forms and other information.

19 RegenceLifeWebBenefits is based upon a unique and proprietary database design. Powerful. Yet easy to use. Built by people who know the employee benefits business and how to develop practical technology solutions. Contact us at to learn more about how we can help you use the power of the Internet.

20 Transforming the World of Employee Benefits For Our Policyowners

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