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Foreign Individuals Guide to GLACIER Version 1.1, 8/20/09.

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1 Foreign Individuals Guide to GLACIER Version 1.1, 8/20/09

2 Contents GLACIER features and benefits Who requires a GLACIER tax record? Payments that require a GLACIER tax record Why is a GLACIER record required? Initial GLACIER Information Form instructions Initial GLACIER Information Form GLACIER Procedures Sample GLACIER e-mail notification GLACIER screens

3 GLACIER Features & Benefits GLACIER is a secure, web based non-resident alien tax compliance system GLACIER is available 24 hours a day from any computer that has internet access GLACIER helps determine your Tax residency Withholding rates Income tax treaty eligibility

4 Who requires a GLACIER tax record? GLACIER Record Required No GLACIER Record Foreign Visitors with A, E, F, H, J, K, L, O, P, TN, or V visa Pending U.S. Permanent Resident Pending Refugee or Asylum status U.S. Citizen or National U.S. Permanent Resident Refugees or Asylum status A nonresident alien working out of the U.S

5 Payments Types Requiring a GLACIER Tax Record Salary / Wages / Bonus Appointment Without Salary Scholarship or Fellowship (Non-Service) Taxable Post Doc Benefits Honoraria or Guest Speaker Fee Consulting Fee Performance Fee Royalties – copyright & industrial Prize or Award

6 Why is a GLACIER Record Required? U.S. tax laws require that U.C. San Diego collect information from non-U.S. citizens to determine their tax status. GLACIER helps foreign individuals and UCSD to collect, store, and print the forms required by law.

7 GLACIER Procedure Your department will complete the GLACIER Information Form, give you a copy, and fax/email a copy to the GLACIER Administrators in the Payroll Office. A GLACIER Administrator will set up your GLACIER record. Youll then receive an email from with your GLACIER UserID and Password, as well as instructions for logging in to GLACIER. This email is not SPAM. Please look for it in your email. Log into GLACIER with the password and user ID given to you. You will be prompted to change your logon information at that time. Complete the GLACIER tax record. You will need your GLACIER Information Form and your U.S. entry documentation. Print sign, date, and submit the required tax forms and supporting documents to the Payroll office via FAX, or mail. You may also deliver it to the Payroll office. If you situation changes in any way, such as a new appointment, a new visa, a new address, etc., please update your GLACIER record immediately.

8 GLACIER Information Form

9 Initial GLACIER Email This email contains your GLACIER UserID and password. It is from support@online-, not a email address. It is not spam. support@online- Use this UserID and password to enter the GLACIER website.

10 Note: The GLACIER screens are produced in direct response to the answers on previous screens. The screens you see may or may not be represented in this document.

11 GLACIER Home Page Click here to log in to GLACIER

12 Welcome Screen – Enter UserID & Password from email Enter the UserID and password contained in the GLACIER email

13 Update GLACIER Login Information After logging in with the UserID and password given to you in the email, you will be prompted to create a new UserID and password.

14 Welcome Screen – Enter the User ID & password you created Enter the UserID and password you created on the previous screen

15 User Agreement, 1042-S Distribution Method Click this box if you would like to receive your Form 1042-S (if any) online through GLACIER Read the User Agreement and choose to Accept or Decline it.

16 What Information Will You Need to Begin? Youll need the documents on this list to complete your GLACIER record. Click Next to continue. You may find the Tax Information & Definitions helpful

17 What Would You Like to Do Today? Choose this option

18 Relationship IMPORTANT: Please refer to the GLACIER Information Form provided by your department, and check the exact same boxes Many GLACIER screens offer online help.

19 Income Type IMPORTANT: Please refer to the GLACIER Information Form provided by your department, and check the exact same boxes.

20 Personal Information

21 U. S. Address

22 Permanent Foreign Address

23 Country of Citizenship / Tax Residency These are drop- down menus

24 Immigration Status

25 Time Spent in the U.S. Please read these instructions carefully

26 Immigration Status

27 Days Present in the U.S. Enter information about each visit here. If you were in the U.S. under different visa types in the same year, enter the visit(s) on separate lines If youve been to the U.S. prior to this visit, check here.

28 Tax Residency Status Summary This is a summary of the information youve entered. If its incorrect, click the Back button to re-enter or update the information.

29 Tax Withholding and Tax Treaty Exemption Review

30 Tax Treaty Exemption Verification If GLACIER has determined that you qualify for at a tax treaty exemption, this screen will appear. Click here if youd like to claim the tax treaty

31 Tax Treaty Exemption Information This information is required in order to claim a tax treaty exemption

32 Tax Summary Report Review GLACIERS assessment and click next.

33 State Tax Withholding Selection

34 View and Print Forms Print, review and sign each form and click Next

35 Finishing and Saving Your Individual Record



38 Tax Summary Report These forms, which GLACIER produces, are to be signed and sent to the Payroll Office, along with the Required Document Copies listed to the right. Where to send these documents and forms? See page 2 of the Tax Summary Report Sign and date

39 Tax Summary Report Instructions Please follow these instructions carefully. Your GLACIER record is not complete until the forms and documents are received and checked by a GLACIER Administrator

40 U. S. Tax Information For Non-United States Citizens / Non-U.S. Permanent Resident Aliens

41 Form W-4 Sign and date

42 Form DE-4 Sign and date

43 Form W-8BEN Sign and date Form W-8BEN is used to claim a tax treaty exemption for scholarship or fellowship income. GLACIER produces this form whether or not its currently necessary.

44 Form 8233, page 1 This form is used to claim a tax treaty for wage and salary income. Not everyone qualifies for a tax treaty exemption.

45 Form 8233, page 2 Sign and date Dont sign here.

46 Additional Statement for Students and Trainees This document explains the details of the tax treaty. Sign and date

47 Paul Rodriguez, GLACIER Administrator I Telephone: (858) 534-3241 Email: FAX: (858) 534-7423 Paul Rodriguez, GLACIER Administrator I Telephone: (858) 534-3241 Email: FAX: (858) 534-7423 UCSD Payroll Division Torrey Pines Center South 10820 N. Torrey Pines Rd., #305 La Jolla, CA 92093-0952

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