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MAGNETS By: T. Goodson.

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1 MAGNETS By: T. Goodson

2 Standards and Elements
S3P2 – Students will investigate magnets and how they affect other magnets and common objects. a. Investigate to find common objects that are attracted to magnets. b. Investigate how magnets attract and repel each other.

3 Essential Questions 1. Why are some objects attracted to magnets?
2. Why does a magnet repel? 3.Why do magnets attract some materials and not others?

4 Magnets come in many shapes and sizes
compass Arch magnet

5 The ends of a magnet are called poles and are labeled North and South.

6 Like (similar) poles repel each other.

7 Opposite (different) poles attract each other.

8 Magnets will attract metals made from iron.

9 Magnets do not attract all metals

10 Magnets can be found in some unusual places

11 What uses can you think of for a magnet?

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