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1 Magnetism

2 Non-contact forces A non-contact force acts through a region of space called a force field. In regards to gravity: Gravitational Field When we talk about magnets and the way they interact with objects we need to understand their: Magnetic Field

3 Magnets. I want you to get one of the magnets and the magnetic field plate. Place the magnet on the plate In your book I want you to draw a diagram to represent what you see on the plate. In your books I want you to describe the way the magnet interacts with the metal. Describe what you think the structure of the magnet is.

4 Magnetic Fields A Magnet pulls or Attracts materials containing:
Iron, Cobalt and Nickel Things are only attracted when they are positioned within an objects magnetic field The magnetic field is “The space around a magnet where a magnetic force is experienced” Magnets ends are called “poles”. When placed in water the one that rotates to point north is called the North Pole The opposite end is the South Pole


6 Magnetic Field lines: Show the direction that a compass would point Always run from the north pole to the south pole Do not cross Represent a strong magnetic field when they are bunched together Represent a weak magnetic field when they are spread apart

7 Earths Magnetic Field

8 Attraction and repulsion
Magnetic Poles may be attracted to each other: Complete the following table and then write a statement to describe what is happening. Ends Attracted or Repulsed South and South North and North North and South “Like poles will repel each other away, whereas Opposite poles will attract.”

9 Types of Magnets There are two types of magnets:
Temporary: Those that act as a magnet for a short period of time (Electromagnets) Permanent: Magnets that are magnetic for a long period of time


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