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Magnets What do we already know?.

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1 Magnets What do we already know?

2 What are we going to learn today?
What the characteristics of magnets are That magnets can repel and attract each other How magnets behave What happens when you put two magnets together

3 What are the characteristics of magnets?
They can attract some materials They can also repel other magnets They are usually made of iron They have two ends called magnetic poles

4 What do all these new words actually mean?
Magnet A stone or a piece of metal that attracts some other metal. Attract To pull towards each other. Repel To push away from each other. Poles The ends of a magnet.

5 What do the poles do? When a magnet is held from a string:
The north pole points north The south pole points… can you guess? How do we know this? We can measure it with a compass! On school magnets, the RED pole is the north pole and the BLUE pole is the south.

6 But what happens if you put two magnets together?
Talk to your partner- what do you think? So let’s try it. First of all, north to south… south to north… north to north… south to south…

7 What did we find out? So now we know that “like” poles repel each other… and that “opposite” poles attract each other. They do this because there is a FORCE between them.

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