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Campus Specific Admission Practices. Fall 2011 Admission 60,107 Applications received 44,901 Freshmen applications 14,751* Freshmen offered admission.

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1 Campus Specific Admission Practices

2 Fall 2011 Admission 60,107 Applications received 44,901 Freshmen applications 14,751* Freshmen offered admission 3,936 Freshmen enrollment spaces 3.73 Average High School GPA 1132 Average SAT (math and critical reading) 4124 Average CSU Eligibility Index * Note: unofficial pre-census data

3 Fall 2012 Admission Process First-time freshmen applicants are admitted to the pre-major (including undeclared) in which they apply. There is a limited number of enrollment slots in each pre-major. Applicants will be ranked by their Eligibility Index, which is a combination of GPA and SAT/ACT test scores. Students must complete the pattern of college preparatory curriculum ("a-g" courses) by the end of spring 2012. First-time freshmen from outside the SDSU service area are required to live in on-campus residence halls their first year. Students are in SDSU's service area if they graduate from a high school in San Diego County located south of state route 56 and extending eastward AND Imperial County high schools.

4 Fall 2012 Admission Process Early Start Summer Program All admitted CA resident first-time freshmen to the CSU system that have remediation needs in English and/or math are required to enroll in a remedial course in summer 2012 prior to attending a CSU campus in fall 2012. Students may complete remediation at SDSU, other CSU campuses or the community colleges. Information to applicants about the ESP program will be sent out after November 30 th. ELM/EPT must be taken as early as possible and no later than May 5, 2012.

5 Fall 2012 Admission Process CSU Grade Point Average All grades earned in the 15-unit college “a–g” preparatory pattern of approved courses taken in 10 th –12 th grades are used to calculate your grade point average. Honors points for “A,” “B” and “C” grades will be awarded for a maximum of eight semester courses taken in 11 th and 12 th grades, including up to two IB or AP courses, or honors courses with 11 th or 12 th grade content taken in the 10 th grade.

6 Fall 2012 Admission Process First-Time Freshmen Eligibility Index The Eligibility Index is the combination of the high school grade point average and test score on either the SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT. The Eligibility Index is calculated by multiplying the grade point average by 800 and adding the combined critical reading and math score on the SAT Reasoning Test. For the ACT, multiply the grade point average by 200 and add ten times the composite score from the ACT. SDSU does not include the writing scores from either tests in the computation of the Eligibility Index.

7 Fall 2012 Admission Process Fall admission is based on self-reported information and the major to which students apply. Students cannot change their major during the application process. Students applying to Music or Dance will be required to complete an audition, and their admission decisions will be contingent upon successfully passing that audition. Admission is provisional pending verification of the self-reported information on the application from official transcripts. Admission may be rescinded if the GPA, test scores or course grades are lower than what is reported on the application. Students must receive "C" or higher grades in all coursework taken during senior year or their admission will be rescinded.

8 Fall 2012 Admission Communication Process Applicants receive the following notifications: E-mail from SDSU within two weeks after CSUMentor application is filed. This e-mail contains their SDSU RedID that students will use to set up their SDSU WebPortal. Students can check the status of their application in the “Admission Status” section of the SDSU WebPortal. Applicants are encouraged to read the SDSU “I Have Applied” Web site for “next steps” in the admission process. Admission and denial notifications–along with enrollment instructions–will be sent via hard copy letter in March. Students required to participate in the Early Start Program will be notified on their WebPortal in March.

9 Appeals Due to the number of applications SDSU receives, it is unlikely an appeal will be granted. However, SDSU will accept appeals, especially for extreme circumstances. If a student thinks their situation qualifies for an admissions appeal, a letter from the student and any supporting documentation should be sent to the following address: University Admission Appeals Committee San Diego State University 5500 Campanile Drive San Diego, CA 92182-7455 Students will be notified in writing of the appeal decision. Fall 2012 Admission

10 Fall 2012 Admission Timeline October 1 to November 30, 2011: Apply electronically at November 2011: Last month to take the SAT/ACT for fall admission January 1–March 2, 2012: File FAFSA (financial aid application) Early February 2012: First deadline to apply for SDSU scholarships March 2012: Admission decisions sent March 17, 2012: Explore SDSU Open House May 1, 2012: Deadline to submit Intent to Enroll $400 deposit, official transcripts with fall 2011 grades and official test scores May 1, 2012: Deadline to submit housing license agreement and $800 initial payment (for student required to live on campus) Early May 2012: Second deadline to apply for SDSU scholarships July 16, 2012: Deadline to submit final transcripts with spring 2012 grades July–August 2012: New Student Orientation

11 Fall 2012 Admission Costs of Undergraduate Attendance – 2011/12* Registration Fees $6,578* Books and Supplies $1,661 On-campus Housing and Food$11,549 Transportation $1,338 Miscellaneous Costs $2,694 Total Costs$23,820 Non-California residents pay tuition of $372 per unit in addition to these fees. *As of August 2011. Cost subject to change.

12 Services and Activities Financial Aid and Scholarships On-campus Housing Academics: Academic Advising Center, Study Abroad, EOP, University Honors Program Health and Wellness: Student Health Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Disability Services Student Involvement: Student Life and Leadership, Greek Life, Student Government, Athletics New Student and Parent Programs: Orientation (students and parents), Welcome Week, New Student and Family Convocation, Aztec Nights, Family Weekend

13 Contact Information Office of Admissions / Prospective Student Center Students: (619) 594-6336 Counselors: (619) 594-6966* E-mail: *This is a counselor line only. Thank you for not giving this number to students.

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