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Sustainability is Good for Business FOOD AND BEVERAGE DEPARTMENT.

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1 Sustainability is Good for Business FOOD AND BEVERAGE DEPARTMENT

2 Introduction –Our customers are looking for accommodation that is working to improve its sustainability and reduce negative environmental impact –The hotel is making efforts to reduce its water and energy consumption and to minimise the production of waste –All departments are able to contribute to this effort

3 Food & Beverage – Energy Reduction –Turn off lights in restaurant and adjust heating / cooling between meal services –Turn off kitchen and restaurant equipment when not needed (i.e. Plate warmers, coffee makers, toasters etc.) –Use dishwashers for full loads only –Keep condensing coils of refrigeration equipment clean

4 Food & Beverage – Water Reduction –Don’t let taps run unnecessarily –Install aerators / flow restrictors on taps where high flow rate is not required –Use a mop and bucket rather than a hose to clean floors –Thaw frozen food in fridge (not under running water)

5 Food & Beverage – Waste Minimisation –Avoid disposable / single use items: plates, cups, cutlery, plastic straws, aprons, hats, heating fuel cartridges etc. –Avoid use of single serve items, provide bulk dispensers instead –Use storage containers with lids in preference to plastic wrap, foil etc. –Separate waste into reusable, returnable and recyclable items –Collect food waste for composting

6 Case Study – Sri Lanka –Hotel Sigiriya –Action –Kitchen water is passed through a grease trap –Plastic water bottles are only provided for packed lunches. Plastic cutlery is not used –Stewards offer straws in drinks but advise guests that the hotel is trying not to use them –The dining area has natural lighting during the day and natural ventilation –Impacts –Solid grease is sold to a local dealer for use in the manufacture of soap. –Number of straws used per month reduced from 5000 to 3000 –Through a combination of all of its environmental procedures, the hotel saved in the region of $40,000 US in 2009

7 Action Planning –Discuss what options there are for reducing energy, water and waste in your operations –create a list of potential actions –who needs to be involved to ensure that these actions can take place? –how quickly do you anticipate these actions being put into place? –will any further training be required?


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