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Sustainability is Good for Business MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT.

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1 Sustainability is Good for Business MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT

2 Introduction –Our customers are looking for accommodation that is working to improve its sustainability and reduce negative environmental impact –The hotel is making efforts to reduce its water and energy consumption and to minimise the production of waste –All departments are able to contribute to this effort

3 Maintenance – Energy Reduction –Install appropriate low energy light bulbs in all fittings –Label control switches –Provide instructions for use of air conditioner / heater –Install occupancy sensors / key card controls –Carry out frequent checks for faulty equipment, poorly fitting doors, windows, draughts etc. –Respond quickly to issues flagged by other departments

4 Maintenance – Water Reduction –Install low flow showerheads –Showers should consume no more than 10L per minute –Install tap aerators or flow restrictors –Fit dual flush facilities to toilets or water displacement devices to reduce the quantity of water per flush –Carry out regular inspections of toilet fixtures –Respond quickly to any reports of broken/leaking fixtures

5 Maintenance – Waste Minimisation –Ensure bins are provided for different waste streams –Including clear labelling –Keep spare parts for equipment in stock so where possible items can be repaired rather than replaced –Carry out preventative maintenance to increase the life expectancy of equipment

6 Case Study – Riad Al Massarah Riad Al Massarah – Medina of Marrakesh –Action –Installed flow restrictors on taps and showers after an audit and recommendations as part of the Every Drop Counts project –Results –Water consumption at the hotel has reduced by 30%

7 Action Planning –Discuss what options there are for reducing energy, water and waste in your operations –create a list of potential actions –who needs to be involved to ensure that these actions can take place? –how quickly do you anticipate these actions being put into place? –will any further training be required?


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