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Plastic Reduction in Hotels Simple and practical solutions.

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1 Plastic Reduction in Hotels Simple and practical solutions

2 We are taking action to reduce plastic use in our hotel Plastic never degrades Its use is unnecessary in many of our operations We will take steps to reduce plastic use, which will:- benefit the environment reduce staff time and overall costs show our customers that we care for the environment Reducing Plastic Use

3 Housekeeping: Plastic Reduction Guest Rooms Where possible, use guestroom rubbish bins that don’t need disposable plastic liners. Only use liners in bathroom bins and change only when soiled Ask guests to put messy waste in these bins Room bins can just be wiped over Upturn bathroom glasses - they do not need plastic wrapping Display fruit in reusable baskets or bowls Only replace empty toiletries If provided, refill dispensers of hand soap, shower gel or shampoo, rather than providing individual bottles of toiletries

4 Return guest laundry in baskets, rather than plastic bags Transport or collect guest linens on trolleys or in canvas bags, rather than plastic ones Cleaning products Purchase concentrated products in bulk Required dilution rates are typically very high (typically 1:50 to 1:200) Always follow manufacturer’s recommendations for dilution Laundry and Cleaning: Plastic Reduction

5 Food & Beverage: Plastic Reduction –Avoid disposable items: plates, cups, cutlery, plastic straws, aprons, hats –Replace plastic cups with reusable cups for use around pool areas –Avoid use of single portions of food such as butter or jam and provide bulk dispensers instead –Use storage containers with lids, rather than covering them in plastic wrap, foil etc. –Buy beverages packaged in refillable containers such as water –Provide straws only when requested by hotel guests –Avoid using plastic in food displays –Encourage suppliers to provide their goods in returnable containers

6 Don’t use plastic bags to collect garden waste Where possible, use rubbish bins that don’t need plastic liners Ensure that rubbish and recycling bins are not overflowing When required, advise guests on our recycling facilities and how to use them Gardens and maintenance: Plastic Reduction

7 We will involve our customers to explain why we are reducing plastic use We will communicate through noticeboards and letters in the guest rooms We will talk to customers about reducing plastic and how they can help us Involving Our Customers

8 Case Study - Cyprus –Impacts –100,000 fewer plastic cups disposed of than in the previous year –saving of almost €2000, therefore paying off the investment in a matter of months –Purchased 50% fewer bin liners, saving over €300 –A survey of over 100 guests showed that no one found that the project had a negative impact on their holiday experience Ascos Beach Hotel, Paphos –Actions –Aimed to reduce plastic waste across the hotel –Purchased 3000 durable plastic cups (at a cost of €867 ) –Stopped using bin liners in guest room bins, only in bathroom bins

9 Thank you

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