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The Path to Healthier Business Improve employee health and productivity with Kaiser Permanente HealthWorks.

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1 The Path to Healthier Business Improve employee health and productivity with Kaiser Permanente HealthWorks

2 2 Help employees be healthier with resources included in coverage My Health Manager Behavioral change  Healthy lifestyle programs  Total health assessment Managing health  Email your doctor’s office  View most lab results  Refill prescriptions  Health reminders  Schedule routine appointments  Act for a family member Health education At facilities  Health classes  Support groups In the community  Farmers’ markets  Healthy Eating, Active Living Behavioral change  Health coaching Educational tools at Encyclopedias  Health  Drug  Natural medicines Lifestyle change  Featured health topics  Health calculators and surveys  Healthy recipes Managing health  Symptom checker  Treatment fee tool Multimedia  Podcasts and widgets  Videos

3 Resources supporting healthy pregnancy Remind employees that the following are available to them Healthy pregnancyHealthy living  Health education classes and counseling:  Prenatal nutrition and exercise  Postpartum care  New mother support  Breastfeeding  Pregnancy center ( online tools, resources, and podcasts for pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting  Educational outreach and interactive toolkit: preparing your body for pregnancy  24-hour nurse line and e-mail your doctor  Preventive care visits and screenings: well-woman and well-baby care  Online ( wellness centers on healthy eating, weight management, fitness, children’s health, mind/body health and more  Online services including test results, electronic medical record, e-mail your doctor, prescription refill order, make/ cancel appointments, immunizations, past visit information, and act for a family member

4 4 Online health assessment  Receive a personalized health plan based on confidence and readiness to change and prioritized health opportunities  Receive follow-up emails to promote behavior change*  Can be extended to non-KP members Health information is 100% confidential^, and KP members have the option to share it with their physician if they chose. Total Health Assessment *Sternfeld 2009 in Kaiser Permanente Research Study ^Employer does not have access to individual health information Available in Spanish

5 5 Healthy Lifestyle Programs - Promoting health The THA links directly to ten online interventions:  Balance ™ —weight management*  Breathe ™ —smoking cessation*  Nourish ™ —nutrition*  Relax ™ —stress management*  Care ™ for Your Health—chronic conditions  Care ™ for Pain—pain management  Overcoming ™ Insomnia  Overcoming ™ Depression  Care ™ for Diabetes  Care ™ for Your Back Based on the participant’s health priorities and stage of change, HealthMedia sends a tailored email directing them to the appropriate follow-up intervention. *Available in Spanish

6 6 Reporting capabilities Participant Activity Report (monthly)  Provides an aggregate number of people who have completed the THA and HLPs  100 eligible participants THA Executive Summary Report (annually)  Provides aggregate data on those who complete the THA:  Demographics  Health risks, behaviors, and stage of change  Nine other health-related areas such as nutrition, physical activity, alcohol, tobacco, stress, and weight management  100 employee/dependent minimum required  Useful as a tool to begin planning wellness interventions for the population

7 7 Skilled Experts Coaching teams are health professionals including: Licensed counselors Social workers Clinical health educators Nurses Registered dietitians All have specific training in Brief Negotiation Counseling Coordinated Care Delivery Coaches have access to clinical records and the ability to link to other Kaiser Permanente resources: Remind members about scheduling preventive services Facility resources Online programs Tools to assist in changing behavior Disease management Smoking Cessation Physical Activity Weight Management Healthy Eating Stress Management Topics Health coaching Better health is a phone call away

8 8 Workplace Programs Thrive Across America Track participation along virtual trails through the U.S. Team competition  4–10 members  8-week program Individual workouts  Complete at their own pace

9 9 Motivate Participation Reward programs  $10, $15, $25, $40, $50, $75 and $100  available only to Kaiser Permanente members  this reward may be earned only once per lifetime  $10, $15, $25, $40, $50, $75, $100, $150, and $200  available to Kaiser Permanente members  available to nonmembers for an additional fee  reward up to four programs: $10, $25, $40, and $50  reward up to two programs: $75 or $100  available to members and nonmembers who take any one of the online Healthy Lifestyle programs registration* Rewards available for the following programs: THA completion † Healthy Lifestyle program completion *Participants must be 13 years or older. †Participants must be 18 years or older.

10 10 General package More than 30 retailers from which members may select reward cards, including:  AMC Theatres  Barnes & Noble  Kmart  Lowes Home Improvement  Disney  Sears  MasterCard reward cards can be added to the retailer list or can be offered as the only reward card option. Motivate Participation Reward options Healthy package More than 20 retailers to select from including:  GNC  Nike  Callaway Golf 

11 11 Motivate Participation Communications - Company Microsite Keep your employees up to date with information at the click of a button

12 12 Motivate Participation Communications Attractive and visible communications are a key component in successful worksite health promotion programs. Materials include: Flyers Posters Postcard mailings Payroll stuffers Ready-to-send emails

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