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WELLNESS REWARDS HealthyLiving-Lessons for Life January 2010 1.

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2 WELLNESS REWARDS HealthyLiving-Lessons for Life January 2010 1

3 NEW Health Insurance Incentives The School District of Palm Beach County cares about your health. We want to help you keep your monthly cost of medical insurance down and reward you for taking steps toward a healthy lifestyle. Our Wellness Rewards program offers active employees covered by United Healthcare the opportunity to earn a monthly incentive of $50/a month on your 2012 medical premiums. 2

4 Who’s Eligible? Who can participate in 2011? ◄ Any employee enrolled in a School District UnitedHealthcare Medical Plan. Who can receive Wellness Rewards in 2012? ◄ An active employee with Palm Beach County School District enrolled in a medical plan at the time rewards are credited. 3

5 Wellness Rewards Wellness Rewards is designed to raise your awareness of potential health conditions of concern and suggest ways to take positive steps to prevent future health problems. To $ave Dollar$ on medical premiums complete the following steps between January 1, 2011 thru August 1, 2011. 4

6 How to Participate Your personal health information is protected and reviewed only by healthcare professionals. The School District will be notified only that you have completed the following steps: Step 1: Biometric Health Screenings Step 2: Online Personal Health Assessment 5

7 Step 1: Biometric Health Screenings The first step toward better health is to know your key measures. Biometric health screenings include:  Height and Weight or Body Mass Index  Fasting Total, HDL and LDL Cholesterol  Fasting Blood Sugar / Glucose  Blood Pressure 6

8 Find a Physician Go to You must use an in- network provider. Click on Find Physician, Laboratory or Facility. Select United HealthCare Choice for providers accepting the HMO and /or EPO plans. Select United HealthCare Options PPO for the PPO plan. 7

9 Doctor’s Office Visit Record your height, weight, and blood pressure on the wallet card you received by mail. There is no penalty for high numbers, only employee awareness. All information is CONFIDENTIAL. Federal Laws prohibit distribution of personal information. Wellness Reward Steps Complete Steps between Jan. 1 – Aug 1, 2011 (Premium Savings Rewarded in 2012 ) Biometric Scorecard (for your Confidential Personal Health Assessment) Step 1: Visit your doctor and obtain a form to have the listed Biometric Health Screenings performed at a LabCorp facility**  Total Cholesterol (fasting HDL/LDL – performed at LabCorp**)  Glucose (fasting blood sugar level – performed at LabCorp**)  Blood Pressure - self reported*  Height/weight –self reported* Step 2: Complete Confidential Personal Health Assessment  Visit – click on Take a Health Step 3: Be tobacco free to avoid a premium surcharge in 2012  Tips to quit and other helpful information can be found at Only LabCorp** data reported directly to UHC accepted. Fasting Total Cholesterol: ______ HDL: _______ LDL: _______ Fasting Glucose: ________ ** Only lab values reported directly to UHC by LabCorp qualify. Visit to view and confirm your lab Self-Reported Data *Height: _____’ _____” *Weight: _________ lbs. *Blood Pressure: _________ /__________ *Enter your data on your Personal Record at 8

10 LabCorp Blood Work Obtain a prescription from you’re physician to go to LabCorp. All Blood work (Fasting Glucose and Fasting Cholesterol) must be done through LabCorp in order to count toward the Wellness Rewards program. 9

11 Step 2: Personal Health Assessment Your next step is to fill out and complete the online Personal Health Assessment. The Health Assessment is a confidential online interactive tool which allows you to assess your lifestyle habits that are directly linked to health status and health care costs. Before beginning your personal health assessment make sure to know your biometric health screening values (on wallet card). Lab work will automatically be sent through UnitedHealthcare claims and can be seen on your personal health record. 10

12 Where is my Personal Health Record? Once you have logged on to MYUHC.COM look at the upper right hand corner and click on Personal Health Record 11

13 Personal Health Record Once logged in, you can view your Health Record which includes: – Lab Results (please note it may take up to 3 weeks to be posted) – Personal Information/ Health Tracking – Medications/Procedures – Much more! 12

14 Personal Health Assessment After you have completed your Biometric Screenings and know your key numbers (written on your wallet card), complete the online Personal Health Assessment (available in English and Spanish). 13

15 Completing the Health Assessment To complete the Health Assessment, go to> Log-in 1 st time users need to register, click register now and enter requested information to create your username and password. 14

16 Health Assessment Once logged in, go to Health Assessment 15

17 How to Complete a Health Assessment It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Your responses will help you learn about your personal health needs and help find ways to improve a healthy lifestyle. 16

18 What Happens Now? Once your Biometrics Screenings and Health Assessment is complete, UnitedHealthcare will notify the School District of program completion. All personal health information will remain CONFIDENTIAL. The rewards don’t stop here! Use the tools and information learned about your health status to make changes and continue taking steps for a healthier you! 17

19 Take steps towards your Wellness Rewards! Keep a Good Thing Going! Make a Healthy Change! For general information on understanding the results of your biometric screening or to find additional support in making health changes please call: Healthy Living-Lessons for Life NurseLine at 1- 888-229-9322 or visit 18

20 Take advantage of Wellness Rewards Remember you have from January 1, 2011 till August 1, 2011 to complete the Wellness steps and receive Wellness Rewards. Rewards will be credited in 2012. Complete all of the steps to reap the Wellness Rewards of $50 per month, a potential savings of $600 per year! 19

21 Need More Information? For more information please visit the Wellness Website: Thank you! 20

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