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2 Aetna Navigator Here. There. Anywhere. Your secure, online source
for personal benefits and health information.

3 Aetna Navigator provides a single, confidential source for online benefits and health-related information – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4 Log in to Aetna Navigator at:

5 As an enrolled Aetna plan member, you can register for a secure, personalized view of your Aetna benefits.

6 When you register for Aetna Navigator, you can:
Check claim status. View online Claim Explanation of Benefits. Access information about your FSA account. View and print temporary member identification information. Change your primary care physician. Request replacement Aetna member ID cards. Contact Aetna Member Services. Utilize tools to manage your health care. Access expert sources of medical and dental health information.

7 Your personal Aetna Navigator home page is your one-stop link to your health information needs.
It’s personalized specifically to your information and plans… with features and topics that are important to you.

8 You can search for a physician, hospital – or other types of providers – through a streamlined version of DocFind®. Aetna Navigator is flexible, giving you options that suit your needs and your health care knowledge. You can also submit a survey on an Aetna participating physician.

9 And it features user-friendly graphics and links to take you easily to the information you need.
You can search for a specialist by body area if you’re not sure of specialist type.

10 You can compare hospitals - based on your personal preferences.
The Aetna Navigator™ Hospital Comparison Tool helps you find several hospital choices based on what's most important to you. It is fast, reliable, and completely confidential. You can compare hospitals - based on your personal preferences.

11 From your Aetna Navigator home page, Who Is Covered summarizes coverage status for you and your dependents – by type of coverage.

12 You can view and print temporary eligibility information instantly – for yourself or a covered dependent.

13 without waiting for a telephone response or for mail to arrive!
You can check the status of medical, dental or pharmacy claims for yourself or any covered family member . . . without waiting for a telephone response or for mail to arrive!

14 You can view and print Claim Explanation of Benefits statements – even before they arrive in the mail!

15 Through the “Take Action On Your Health” links you can:
Compare the estimated average costs for health care services in your area. Review costs for: medical procedures, office visits, medical tests, diseases and conditions, prescription drugs* and dental procedures*. *if offered by your plan

16 At the click of a mouse, you can make changes and submit requests on your Aetna Navigator home page.
Change a primary care physician or dentist. Request a member ID card. Change your home page preferences… and more.

17 Aetna Navigator sends your secure message directly to the Aetna product area that can help and . . .
You can contact Aetna Member Services from your home page with questions and concerns. displays only the phone numbers and addresses of your health plans. You can even contact us in Spanish!

18 Obtain standard Aetna forms, including medical and dental claim forms and a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) reimbursement form, which can be printed and sent to Aetna.

19 “Take Action on Your Health” links to useful information about Staying Healthy and Treating Illness.

20 Staying Healthy links to:
Simple Steps To A Healthier Life® health risk assessment tool. Preventive Health Schedules for health guidelines and screening recommendations based on age and gender. Women’s Health information . . . And more!

21 Treating Illness links to: Aetna InteliHealthSM
Healthwise Knowledgebase Medications . . . And more!

22 Register for Aetna Navigator and get started today!
Here. There. Anywhere. Register for Aetna Navigator and get started today!

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