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The to +infinitive.

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1 The to +infinitive

2 He refused to pay the bill. She offers us to go by bus.
1.To express purpose. He went to university to become a lawyer . We came to the party in order to enjoy ourselves. 2.After certain verbs: agree, appear, decide, expect, hope, plan, promise, refuse, ask, tell, want, offer, fail, expect, allow, arrange, help, learn, manage, persuade, pretend, remind, advise etc. He refused to pay the bill. She offers us to go by bus. My mother advise me to stay on at school. I expect her to be more hospitable. 3. After certain adjectives: happy, glad, sorry, etc. I was very glad to see you. She was very happy too win the prize. 4. After I would like/ would love/ would prefer to express specific preference. I`d like to see the manager. 5. After certain nouns. What a surprise to see him there! 6. After too/ enough constructions. He is too young to have his own car. He is clever enough to do the crossword

3 7. with: IT+ TO BE + adjective (+ OF+ NOUN /PRONOUN )
It was generous of him to offer $ 8. With ONLY to express and unsatisfactory result. She came in only to find Bob had left. 9. after: BE + FIRST/SECOND/ NEXT/LAST/ BEST etc. He was the last t come to work. 10. In the expression: FOR + NOUN/PRONOUN + TO For him to be so rude was unforgivable. 11. In expressions such as: TO TELL THE TRUTH, TO BEGIN WITH, TO BE HONEST etc. To be honest, I don`t like him.

4 1. I am glad …..(meet) you. 2. we hope our mother …(prepare) the dinner. 3. It is so nice …(love). 4. I would like …(go) abroad. 5. The student was the first …(take) the exam. 6. This young man arrives in Moscow ..(enter) the university. 7. My mother wants my sister ..(celebrate) her birthday at home.

5 8. For her ..(be) polite is necessary.
9. My father promises me..(buy) a bicycle for my birthday. 10. He has got enough money ..(live) on. 11. Tim decided … (join) the army. 12. She was sorry .. (lose) her favourite umbrella.

6 The – ing form

7 I suggest going to the cinema. We finish working at 5 o`clock.
1. As a noun. Walking is a good exercise. 2. After certain verbs: admit, anticipate, appreciate, avoid, consider, continue, delay, deny, discuss, enjoy, escape, excuse, fancy, finish, forgive, imagine, involve, mention, mind, miss, object to, postpone, practise, prevent, report, save, suggest, understand, feel like, give up, risk, resist. They discussed selling the company. I suggest going to the cinema. We finish working at 5 o`clock. 3. After: I am busy, It`s no use, It`s (no) good, It`s (not) worth, can`t help, can`t stand, have difficulty (in), have trouble, in addition to, as well as. He has difficulty in doing his homework. It`s worth visiting. I can`t stand listening pop music. 4. after: spend/waste (time/money) He spends his free time watching TV. 5. After prepositions: by, without, for, after, before He earned his money by working day and night.

8 I saw Tim do his homework. I took him an hour.
6. After: look forward to, be/get used to, to dream of, to complain of, to accuse of, to praise for, to blame for, to apologize for, to go on, to depend on, to insist on, to congratulate on, to succeed in, to be interested in, to make progress ion, to feel like, to keep from. I look forward to going to school. He is interested in dancing. My brother insists on his driving us home. I congratulate you on entering the university. 7.After: hear, listen, notice, see, watch to express an incomplete action, an action in progress or a long action. I saw Tim doing his homework. (I saw part of the action. I didn`t wait until he had finished.) 8. BUT: hear, listen, see, watch +infinitive without TO express a complete action, something that one saw from the beginning to end. I saw Tim do his homework. I took him an hour.

9 1.This performance is worth …(see).
2. My friend gives up ….(smoke). 3. We make a progress in …..(study). 4. My sister spends money …(buy) sweets. 5. My brother is afraid of ..(have) a road accident. 6. My cousin is proud of ….(have) a new car. 7. After ..(do) homework I listen to music.

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