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Avaya Aura Conferencing R8.0

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1 Avaya Aura Conferencing R8.0
July 2014

2 Imagine a solution that …
This slide is intended for sales and partners only Imagine a solution that … … offers a customer a payback in less than a year … you can take to more customers than ever before … simplifies our architecture hence simplifies design and deployment … removes solution obstacles that prevents closing the deal

3 Agenda Market Trends & Use Cases Making the Case & Competitive Positioning IT & User Vantage Point Product Overview & What’s New Wrap Up

4 Collaboration Drivers
User demand for collaborative technologies continues to grow rapidly triggered by three drivers that are profoundly altering the business landscape: The ongoing workplace transformation, consumerization, and need for flexible work styles The rapid pace of technology change and speed of innovation among businesses The imperative to improve productivity Source: Frost & Sullivan Nov 2013

5 Evolution of Conferencing
Audio Conferencing Video Conferencing Web Conferencing

6 Evolution of Conferencing
Audio/Web Conferencing Video Conferencing

7 Evolution of Conferencing
Audio/Web Conferencing Video Conferencing content audio video

8 Avaya Aura Conferencing
Avaya Aura Conferencing / Scopia Positioning … based on current offers AAC 8.0 / Scopia 8.3 Audio/Web Conferencing Video Conferencing Avaya Aura Conferencing Scopia clients clients content audio video management management

9 Evolution of Avaya Conferencing
Converged Conferencing content | audio | video clients | management

10 Avaya Aura Conferencing / Scopia Integration
Send 1 invite conferencing Scopia Automatically join conferences

11 Avaya Aura® Conferencing
Makes Collaboration Easier USER IT Budget For Who You can differentiate Avaya Aura Conferencing with these set of value propositions—Easy on IT, easy on the user, and easy on the budget. Avaya Aura Conferencing is… Benefits CIO/IT Easy on IT Easy on IT because it achieves this cost effectiveness through outstanding bandwidth management and dynamic network adaptation based on real-time network monitoring. Adapts to existing network capacity Integrated with SIP based communications platform, Avaya Aura, to deliver all media Interoperates with room based video conferencing systems Enterprise class—highly scalable and high availability options Less taxing on the network Network Simplification Leverages existing systems Business Continuity Scalability COO/CFO Easy on Budgets Easy on the budget because bringing conferencing in-house will reap significant savings on conferencing service provider fees and network trunking costs--You pay once and continue growing usage. But beyond that, Avaya Aura Conferencing’s advanced media cascading techniques enable you to decrease your WAN usage and your WAN costs. Save compared to outsource service provider option Save on WAN Bandwidth costs Save with a software solution versus hardware MCU solution 88% less bandwidth than a similar Microsoft solution 78% less bandwidth than a similar Cisco solution Lowest TCO compared to Microsoft and Cisco LoB Easy on Users Easy on the user because it works with Avaya Flare Experience, which turns any iPad or Windows-based device into an intuitive integrated Unified Communications. People outside your organization can get nearly the same experience through the Collaboration Agent which works on virtually any Windows or MacOS desktop via a browser or on an iPhone. Easy to use communications and collaboration with Flare Experience Access from home, office, …cafe Audio, video, and data sharing on desktops, mobiles. One solution for all modes of conferencing Increased productivity easy easy easy © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

12 Avaya Aura Conferencing Customer Use Cases
Audio Meet-me Conferencing Lower TCO / more secure than service provider Easy to schedule, start, join, manage Web Conferencing More secure / lower TCO than service provider Unified experience with audio and video Remote Control Real time document collaboration PC support Event Conferencing Up to 2,000 participants Cascading media for efficient network bandwidth UC content sharing and ad hoc conferencing Share applications, desktop, whiteboard Multiparty sessions orchestrated through Avaya Communicator

13 Avaya Aura Conferencing ROI / Payback
A per-minute rate paid for every minute, every user Increased costs from: Increased usage Additional users Advanced feature use Unusual circumstances (M&A, emergency, snow, volcanic ash) Network, trunking, facilities required to access external services External Services ROI savings from eliminated external charges No expense with: Increased core usage Expanded user groups Advanced feature usage High capacity absorbs spikes Leverage the corporate network Most users are already “on-net” for telephony Reduced trunking / facilities Avaya Aura® Conferencing

14 Solution Use Case: Global Conferencing
Click to read Click to watch Business Impacts, Stats 15,000 employees connect in a simplified consistent manner Reduced late meeting starts Reduced external conferencing services by 95% Payback <8 Months Case Study: Video: QUOTES “We looked at what other companies offered, but we decided that Avaya Aura Conferencing was the right solution for us. Avaya Aura Conferencing easily integrated with our Avaya Aura SIP-based infrastructure and offered some great benefits that previously weren’t available to us.” “The Avaya Aura Conferencing solution essentially paid for itself in less than eight months of being deployed. It has been a great return on our investment.” – Robert Miller, AVP of Interaction and Call Center Technologies at Sun Life Financial. Challenge Sun Life Financial has a large global footprint, with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. With a network of operations as established and extensive as this, flawless communication throughout the organization is imperative in ensuring employees are able to provide clients with the best possible financial products and services. That’s why Sun Life Financial knew it had to upgrade its outsourced conferencing system, as the existing solution wasn’t able to facilitate communication at the level that the organization needed it to. “We have more than 15,000 employees worldwide and conference calls are one of the primary ways they stay in contact with each other,” says Robert Miller, AVP of Interaction and Call Center Technologies at Sun Life Financial. “We were using a series of external providers to host our conference calls, which frankly cost us a lot of money for the service we received,” he continues. “As our need to use audio conferencing grew globally, we started to receive an increase in the number of reports of voice quality issues, plus conference calls typically started late since the chairperson didn’t know who had joined the conference call. Privacy was also a concern for us. Leveraging an external third party conferencing system meant there was a risk that non-Sun Life conference participants could accidentally join our conference calls. With a dedicated Sun Life system, this potential could be eliminated.” Also, with large conference calls occurring and many people dialing in from around the world, the available trunk capacity was exhausted; therefore, many Sun Life employees couldn’t receive inbound calls or make outbound calls during peak periods, affecting overall productivity. Solution Knowing a change was needed, Miller and his team turned to Avaya for a solution that would allow them to run their teleconferences smoothly and more affordably. “The Sun Life Financial team wanted a solution where they could exercise more control over their resources and reduce the overall WAN trunking requirements,” says Ross Pellizzari, President and Managing Director, Avaya Canada. “They wanted to streamline the process by bringing conferencing in house, improve the overall quality of their calls and perhaps most importantly, save some money.” “We looked at what other companies offered, but we decided that Avaya Aura Conferencing was the right solution for us,” says Miller. “Avaya Aura Conferencing easily integrated with our Avaya Aura SIP-based infrastructure and offered some great benefits that previously weren’t available to us.” Avaya Aura Conferencing creates easy, real-time conferencing and collaboration, and offers scalable conferencing for businesses of every size. It is easily deployed on premises for audio only, or as an integrated combination of audio, video, and web conferencing. Integration with unified communications applications lets users leverage desktop applications and interfaces for increased conference control. It also allows for media cascading, which aggregates all local streams into a single outbound connection, reducing WAN bandwidth traffic and stress on the central media server – perfect for a company that has offices around the world connecting to a single call. Avaya Aura Conferencing also delivers capabilities like audio and web conferencing, high-definition video conferencing, document-based collaboration, and sharing of desktops and applications. Video-enabled web conferencing offers slide show presentations and document-based collaboration, sharing of applications and desktops, and video streaming. And better still, by eliminating the fees associated with external conferencing providers, the solution helps companies cut costs and realize a rapid return on investment. Benefits Cost Savings Perhaps the biggest benefit of Sun Life Financial’s new multi-modal system is the significant cost savings. Prior to the launch of Avaya Aura Conferencing, the company was spending a great deal on hosting services; however, with the reduction of the overall global WAN trunking requirements, this cost has been greatly diminished. “We reduced our external conferencing cost by 95 per cent – insourcing our audio conferencing service has reduced our global audio conferencing costs by one-third,” says Miller. “The Avaya Aura Conferencing solution essentially paid for itself in less than eight months of being deployed. It has been a great return on our investment.” Simplicity The new solution has created operational efficiencies for all Sun Life employees. The team can now access each other with a seven digit number – something they weren’t previously able to do – and conferences now begin much quicker, as the host is able to track who has dialed in to participate. Everyone has access to the same collaboration resources with the same user experience. “Employees can connect to the conference call simply by using the host’s phone number as the access code, which can easily be found in the host’s signature. Our users love having local access to what is a centralized service. The host is able to organize the call quickly and simply by using a browser, instead of having to take a verbal roll call of who is present and participating, which in the past wasted the first five minutes of our meetings,” says Miller. “Entry tones have been eliminated and we’ve had users report significant improvements in audio quality; having a visual indication as to who is speaking also adds important context to the call.” Security Avaya Aura Conferencing creates a greater level of security than what the previous conferencing solution could provide. “It’s a great relief to know that our calls are now 100 per cent private and confidential,” says Miller. “The new conferencing system offers a web-based Personal Agent that allows the chairperson and participants to see who is on the conference call and who is speaking.” Scalability Because Avaya offerings are versatile and scalable, there are a host of other Avaya Aura Conferencing features that Sun Life is planning on utilizing in the future. “We’re looking at the web collaboration feature, video, and one number access,” says Miller. “There are many capabilities in Aura Conferencing that can make our employees’ jobs easier.” Integrated audio/web/video conferencing Leverage Internal Infrastructure Local access to global network Reduced WAN trunking Greater level of security Significant improvement in audio quality “make our employees’ job easier”

15 Total Cost of Ownership (3 Years)
Lowest TCO See the whitepaper Avaya has the lowest TCO for pervasive desktop video conferencing versus other UC vendors Avaya Aura Conferencing distributed architecture with media cascading Total Cost of Ownership (3 Years) Source: Constellation Research, “Pervasive Video in the Enterprise”, 2012 # of Users The Bottom Line: Up to 58% lower than Microsoft Up to 71% lower than Cisco © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

16 Cisco: 40%+ Lower TCO or <10 Month Payback
RTP/RTCP 7 At Least 40% Lower TCO or 10 Months Payback for a Conferencing Solution The Avaya Aura® Conferencing Turnkey solution is an enterprise conferencing and collaboration solution providing on demand audio, video, Web conferencing and advanced conference controls for a seamless unified Communications experience. This solution is available for all deployment models on a virtualized environment and so is suited to small (SMB), medium, and large enterprises. With these scalable models range from single server systems to large multi- server systems, customers can increase the number of Media servers and Web Conference servers, independently of their Conference server. The Avaya Aura® Conferencing video conferencing supports high-definition resolutions. The distributed architecture of Avaya Aura® Conferencing utilizes advanced bandwidth management and optimization techniques where Avaya Media Servers are deployed at the edge of the network to optimize the WAN bandwidth usage. This supports large scale, high quality audio and video conferencing in an enterprise network. Cisco WebEx has two different options, the Cloud and the On-premise solution. For the WebEx Cloud solution, Cisco has a complex offer with five different licensing models based on the employee count, active users, named users and concurrent ports. However, customers always need to think about the add-on features that have an additional cost such as; webex audio, cloud storage, federation, video integration, hybrid deployments when the CUCM is on-premise, and advanced services for configuration and deployment with the customer applications. Also, when WebEx cloud is planning to be integrated as part of the collaboration solution, the customer also needs to consider the amount of bandwidth to be used across the private WAN and the amount of internet traffic from the his data center to the WebEx datacenter. For large deployments Cisco has a solution named WebEx node which is a shared port adapter (hardware module) for the ASR Architecturally, the WebEx Collaboration Cloud manages the adapter as just another part of the cloud whose capacity is dedicated to a private enterprise. Together, the WebEx Collaboration Cloud and the WebEx Node for the ASR 1000 Series (an advanced services router) form a high-performance distributed collaboration solution by installing the WebEx Node and the ASR 1000 on premises in the customer datacenter so that the internal meeting participants can join the meeting zone (or collaboration server) that resides on the enterprise side and only one stream per conference is sent to the WebEx Collaboration Cloud. When the customers require an on-premise solution, Cisco has the WebEx Meeting Server which is a virtualized solution that runs only on the Cisco UCS Servers and VMware.  But keep in mind that this solution does not support cascading media servers for reducing the amount of bandwidth used in each session where remote participants are required. In summary Avaya Aura Conferencing extends multimodal capabilities to tens of thousands of users while offering a solution with a payback in less than 9 months when competing against WebEx Cloud. Capacity in the Core 7,500 concurrent conferences per application server 15,000 concurrent SIP sessions per application server 150,000 employees w/1:10 ratio Distributed Scale Up to 64 Media Servers attached to 1 Application Server up to 150 HD (720p) video endpoints per Media server Up to 3000 G.711 audio endpoints per Media server CISCO AAC8.0 CWMS 2.0 (On Prem) Video-Audio cascading Event conferences Up to 2,000 users Up to 250 users Deployments on 3rd party servers Avaya Aura Conferencing extends multimodal capabilities to tens of thousands of users while offering a solution with a payback in less than 10 months when competing against WebEx Cloud. 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

17 Microsoft: 48% lower TCO Similar with some +/- User capabilities
Up to 9/4 video windows (Avaya Communicator/Browser) vs 5 (Microsoft) H.264 SVC temporal and spatial scaling … reduces network bandwidth and CPU load on the PC Video Greater resiliency Cascading media Event conferencing capacity 2,000 (vs 1,000 for Lync) Architecture

18  Enterprise Class Massive Scale, High Availability
Capacity: up to 15,000 concurrent conference sessions Max Meet-me /Adhoc : 250 participants Max Event: 2,000 participants 150,000 provisioned users Enterprise Class Active/standby failover mechanism for application servers Active/active failover mechanism for web servers N+1 redundancy for media servers

19 Top 10 … why as a user Aura Conferencing is Awesome
Meeting context 2 Manage interruptions 3 Recording & Playback 4 Content Sharing 5 Fast Start / Continuation 6 Mobility 7 Audio Quality 8 Note Taking 9 Scheduling / Joining 10 Internet & International Support

20 Avaya Aura Conferencing at-a-glance
Architecture Single platform for audio, web, video conferencing; meet-me, event, and UC use cases Scale up to 15,000 simultaneous sessions, 250/meet-me, 2,000/event 500 sessions / 5,000 users on a single server VMware support Cascading audio and video media to reduce network bandwidth requirements Licensed per hosted user (vs per port) User Connect via dial in, callback, or VoIP through browser or mobile client Roster controls / identify speaker Content sharing: desktop, application, portion of screen, whiteboard, library, remote control Calendar integration to schedule / join Recording with robust unified playback (audio, content, notes, speaker identification, timeline) Solution Ecosystem Conferencing services for Avaya Communicator Mobile applications for iOS and Android Browser Avaya Aura Platform Integrates with IP Office, CS1000, older releases of Communication Manager Integrated with Scopia to auto join conferences

21 R8.0 What’s New Platform and Application Enablement
Feature Why it matters Automatic disaster recovery Automatic disaster recovery. If primary system goes down, all conferences are lost, but can be reestablished on the backup server. Virtualization and simplified installation Support for VMware. Single server configuration Reduced cost and complexity. Support for up to 500 concurrent sessions of audio/web/video and 5,000 users in a single server. Perfect for mid-market to small enterprise. Leverage customer provided HTTP proxy server in DMZ Reduced cost and complexity. Eliminates the need for an AAC server in the DMZ to support external access. Over the Top (OTT) solution for IPO, legacy CM and CS1k Broaden addressable market. Eliminate the need for Aura Session Manager. Collaboration APIs to allow customization and application integration Application integration. Creates opportunities to embed conferencing into other applications.

22 R8.0 What’s New Enhanced user experience and productivity
Feature Why it matters Remote Desktop control Improved collaboration. When sharing desktop or document, allow a participant to take control. Uses cases include providing remote support to PC users, and collaborating over a document. Private Chat Improved collaboration. Allows for chat to be designated private between two participants. Video continuous presence over web CA Improved collaboration. Provides video of most recent speakers . (Avaya Communicator – 4, Browser – 9) Voice & Video via mobile application VoIP and Video through iOS & Android mobile apps. Video Quality Improvements Improved video experience. TMMBR, Netsense for cascading, FEC support. Out dial / Callback Improved collaboration. Improve the ease of joining a conference by connecting to the web conference, and have the conference server call the user with no further authentication required.

23 Avaya Aura Conferencing – Competitively Superior
Single Platform enabling UC workflows and over the top meet me conferencing Cascaded media server enable lower TCO vs Cisco/Microsoft (50%+ savings in bandwidth) Scale from single box serving up to 5000 provisioned users to large up to 150,000 users No licensing for participants and no added cost for recording Avaya Aura® Avaya Aura® Conferencing + Avaya Communicator Start with p2p, ad-hoc or meet me audio conferencing Add video conferencing when you are ready Add Web conferencing

24 Summary 1000’s of Users Integrated UC Low WAN Usage Easy on IT
Massively scalable desktop audio, web, video conferencing capabilities Integrated UC One stop communications, multimodal collaboration, IM, and presence Low WAN Usage Media cascading reduces WAN bandwidth usage Easy on IT Easy on Users Easy on Budgets Adapts to Network Intelligence built in to monitor network bandwidth and adapt BYOD Avaya Communicator for Windows & iPad. Collaboration agents for browsers, mobiles Lowest TCO 100% on premise solution eliminates service provider fees


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