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Avaya UC Clients.

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1 Avaya UC Clients

2 The Enterprise is Transforming
ACCESS COLLABORATION DEPLOYMENT 40% of employees spend 20% of time away from desk 500,000+ Applications for iOS platform 60% Anticipate 1/2 of apps will run in the cloud within 12 months 80% of Fortune 100 deploying iPhones and iPads* 400, Applications for Android platform 25% Expect video will consume half of all bandwidth in 12 months Storyline: The enterprise is transforming. There are more devices and device choices streaming into the enterprise, like it or not The need and demand for collaboration applications are high, driven by the need for increased productivity and the availability of consumer grade capabilities Support for these applications and devices are shaping today’s architectures, while enterprises struggle to make them fit within their current legacy environments Conversation – Discussion around what is happening in their business,etc. . INFO ON STATS Enterprises need to address the transformation of how enterprise works 500,000+ apps – 400,000+ Android apps – Time / Techland 30% reduction in IT budget – Gartner (pulled from notes of trends slide in EAC overview deck) Mobility – mobile applications, outpacing the Desktop 4:1* (march 2012) New research forecasts that videoconferencing and telepresence spending will reach a cumulative $22 billion in the next five years. The research, from Infonetics, said fourth quarter sales globally were up 15 percent in the quarter sequentially to $882 million. The $882 million was a record for any quarter, the company said. But, that growth was overshadowed by the full year's numbers. Infonetics said 2011 sales of videoconferencing and telepresence equipment was $2.99 billion, a 34 percent jump from 2010. Read more: Study: $22B spending on videoconferencing, telepresence through FierceEnterpriseCommunications Subscribe: Study Highlights Moving apps to the cloud: 60% anticipate half of their apps will run in the cloud within 12 months Video is mainstream: 70% will implement video conferencing within a year Bandwidth demand driven by video: 25% expect video will consume half of all bandwidth in 12 months Chief application challenge: 83% were most challenged by identifying the problem source Increased bandwidth demands: 33% expect bandwidth consumption to increase by more than 50% in next two years. The results were based on responses by network engineers, IT directors, and CIOs in North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and South America. Responses were collected from October 22, 2011 to January 3, 2012. 72% of organizations permitting employee-owned devices* 34% jump in videoconferencing sales from 2010 to 2011 30% Reduction in IT Budgets increasing the need to do more with less * Source: Gartner Group and Industry Analysts and Media reports Collaboration

3 Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7.x
Leveraging the Power of Avaya Aura® Avaya Aura® Conferencing + Avaya Flare® Experience Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7.x Avaya Aura® There is a strong set of ideas behind Avaya Aura Conferencing 7.0 That it  is a multi-modal multimedia conference  product What a moderator creates and participants join is a conference session (not an audio  conference, or a web conference or video..) Every conference session can be created with any media type (audio, web or video) and other media can be added to or subtracted from  the conference while it is in progress All conference controls apply to the conference session– and translated as applicable to the media active in the conference That the concept of cascaded conferences  (with any/all media) is central to Avaya Aura Conferencing 7.0 and every conference is by default treated as cascaded unless the deployment topology itself prevents that. Standout features relevant to Audio/Web Highly Scalable – Can support up to 150,000 provisioned users of which up to 7,500 can be active concurrently. Distributed Architecture  for Audio conferencing – allows on-premise system deployment with significant bandwidth savings for a large multi-site organization. Integrated Voice+Content Collaboration – eVoice (enhanced Voice) conferencing with content sharing enabled with variety of clients (Flare on Windows/iPad, Collaboration Agent on Windows/iPhone) Multiple Deployment Options – Of note a single server deployment can support up to 500 concurrent audio and 500 concurrent web sessions. Stateful Failover – The Application Server (control server) can failover while preserving the state of all active conferences Dynamic Bandwidth Management -  (based on user priority and real-time re-allocation of bandwidth between conference participants) User Interface/Experience – Drives the compelling Flare User Experience Session Based, Unified Audio, Web & Video* Collaboration Supports BYOD Scale to Thousands of Desktops Highly Efficient Bandwidth Management * Audio & Web Summer 2012, Video Fall 2012

4 Avaya Mobile Collaboration Solution Solution Components
Avaya Aura® Avaya Aura Conferencing 7.0 Avaya Flare® Experience for iPad and Windows Avaya one-X® Avaya Session Border Controller (SBC) Avaya Identity Engines and WLAN 8100 Avaya Professional and Managed Services Internet

5 Benefits of Mobile Collaboration
Today With Avaya Mobile Collaboration Identity Separate/private number revealed. Single number rings office, mobile and others. Mobile # hidden, office CLID. Advanced Services Enterprise Presence is not known, no enterprise logs, separate vmail User’s Enterprise Presence is updated, enterprise call logs, enterprise visual vmail. BYOD Billing Compliance Separate billing for business mobile calls, and office calls. One CDR log for both office and mobile use. BYOD Usage Compliance No user restrictions Enterprise policy restrictions apply to mobile calling. BYOD Recording No recording of business calls. Recording for business calls. Toll charges Cellular long distance rates apply ($$) Least-cost routing of enterprise network bypasses long distance toll charges Roaming charges Full-rate roaming charges apply for all calls ($$$) Least-cost roaming by converting the outbound call to an inbound call. BYOD Device Charges Large numbers of corporate issued and pay for devices. Employees bring their personal devices to the enterprise.

6 Empowering the Mobile Collaborator Faster collaboration, smarter decisions, better business
Maureen - customer relationship manager Travelling with her iPad, key client calls Accessible and able to quickly find experts Quickly shares knowledge and presentations about customer and situation with her team Executes transaction for client using iPad business apps and Tom’s and Bob’s support Bob - back-office support (may be in his home office!) Integrated desktop & bizapps Quickly shares materials and knowledge with Maureen Leverages presence and IM to get right people engaged Efficiently supports the team Tom – mobile expert Indicates his availability and easily communicates with his smartphone Joins web and audio conferences from iPhone Professional & Support Services Managed Services Avaya Aura Conferencing 7 Security & Networking The right experience for every person 6

7 One Stop Collaboration at your Fingertips
Roster, Contacts Conference Controls Ad-hoc & Meet-Me Video Presence, IM Collaboration Avaya Flare experience on iPad provides full mobility of a user’s enterprise communication channels. Quote from a reference: “I can take my communication with me wherever I go, without the hassle to disconnect or connect equipment from one place to another. I ts intuitive interface helps manage any number of conference calls, and allows me to jump back and forth between them. When I want to initiate a conversation, all I need is to drag and drop a contact into the spotlight, where it is always clear what communication is active in the foreground. The Avaya Flare Experience sets up the call and there is no need for manual dialing. The consolidated address books of social media channels, PC, and smartphones make the contact management seamless, thus it is very easy to browse through the full contact list, and find the appropriate contact and review the contact history with the relevant contact. With the visualization of the contacts presence status any collaboration is made easy, and accessible from the office, road or home has increased the time spent on productive communication, rather than the establishment of the communication channels.”

8 Flare w Video – Release 1.1 (target CY Q4 CY 12)

9 Collaborate from a Web Browser – Delivered w AAC 7.0
Roster See who has joined See active speakers Mute/Add/ Promote Desktop sharing Application sharing White- boarding Minutes, Messaging Attendance report Personal reports Personal file share

10 Web Collaboration for iPhone Users – Delivered w AAC 7.0 SP1
Slide navigation Roster Messaging Whiteboard Document sharing Screen sharing Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7 is also bringing the Avaya Web Collaboration Agent app for iPhones. iPhone users will be able to collaborate with co-workers as well as customers over any Wi-Fi or 3G cellular connection using many of the capabilities of the Avaya Aura Conferencing Collaboration Agent. This app can help you respond to customer issues more rapidly. For instance you can: Invite colleagues to a conference call to respond to an urgent customer request See a roster of conference participants See who is the active speaker Share content with other attendees who also are using Avaya Aura Conferencing. Share documents stored in your document library View desktops, portions of the screen, applications, or files being shared View white boarding sessions Send an or text message with a URL link to invite conference attendees Connect to the conference from a link in an or a calendar event Receive or send messages to conference participants Preview documents before sharing If you are the conference moderator you can also: Manage the conference Promote/Demote presenters Mute noisy participants View and control the presentation Prerequisites needed for launching this app from the appstore: WiFi connection or 3G cellular connection iOS 4.3 or greater

11 Mobile Accessibility on the Road Avaya one-X® Mobile Avaya Aura 5
Mobile Accessibility on the Road Avaya one-X® Mobile Avaya Aura 5.2+, H.323 or SIP. TODAY Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian clients Your mobile cellular smartphone becomes your office phone Integrated smartphone client with One-number accessibility (your business #) One-number call-out identity (your business #) Use corporate international/LD calling plans Call screening Visual voice mail Enterprise directory search Unified call logs (with phones & desktop client) Rapidly collaborate with the best available person Control your availability and see presence of enterprise contacts

12 Avaya Flare® Experience Deployment
Flare™ Experience on iPAD and Windows 1.0 (audio/web/video*conf) – Aura 6.2, AAC 7.0 Flare™ Experience ** (Aura 6.1+ for basic VOIP & IM) AAC web Client Flare™ Communicator Windows and iPad AAC Web Server SIP SIP AAC App Server AAC Media Server Flare Communicator and Flare Experience register through Avaya Aura Session Manager as SIP endpoints gaining access to various application servers. Flare Communicator gains access to VOIP, Presence and IM capabilities through the Avaya Aura Core. Flare Experience extends these capabilities and provides audio, web and video conferencing via Avaya Aura Conferencing. SIP MS OCS & Lync Interop *Video with Flare R1.1 Session Manager Presence Server XMPP LDAP Enterprise Directory Communication Manager System Manager 3rd Party Avaya Aura™ Core ** Note: Flare Experience R1.1 replaces Flare Communicator. © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

13 Mobile Collaboration on Microsoft Desktop via Avaya ACE Avaya Aura 5
Mobile Collaboration on Microsoft Desktop via Avaya ACE Avaya Aura 5.2+, H.323 or SIP. TODAY C2C from Lync Client C2C from Office C2C from CRM one-X Clients C2C from Web C2C from Outlook Lync Integration

14 Avaya Aura® Conferencing & Avaya Flare® Experience Competitive Differentiators
Intuitive Flare Experience unifying collaboration & communication Tightly integrates with Avaya Aura® providing communications IM, presence, , content sharing Adherence to standards Supports mobile devices with native clients Architected for high performance and scalability to 7,500 conference sessions Optimizes network bandwidth usage with SVC and auto cascading to lower WAN usage 100% on-premise multimodal conferencing

15 Backup

16 Avaya Flare® Experience for Windows and iPAD
What is It? Avaya Flare Experience for iPad and Windows that utilizes the advanced conferencing capabilities of Avaya Aura Conferencing 7.0 including drag and drop multi-party conferences Target Use Case Mobile / Desktop (Windows) Collaborations, telephony, Work-from-anywhere Multi-party conferencing, desktop phone add- on/replacement Key Capabilities P2P audio and P2p Video* Ad-hoc and Meet me multiparty video * IM & Presence Drag & drop audio, web & video* conferencing, Ability to manage the conference Advanced conference controls Active roster Initiate multiple parties Document sharing Mute, lock, drop etc. Support for Avaya SBC and SRTP for audio* Flare Experience for Windows and iPad will give you all of the features that come with Flare Communicator and in addition a rich feature set of conferencing capabilities that come with Avaya Aura Conferencing R The Flare Experience gives you drag and drop multiparty conferencing, the ability to manage the conference. Advanced conference controls include access to an active roster, the ability to separate and join conferences, the ability to share documents and the ability to mute, lock and drop conference attendees. Flare Experience on iPad and Windows will require Avaya Aura 6.2. It requires and Avaya Aura core license and requires Avaya Aura Conferencing Release 7 licenses for audio and web conferencing. Avaya Flare Experience for iPad will be available from the iTunes store. Avaya Flare Experience for Windows will be available via How is it Licensed? Requires Avaya Aura SE or EE license Requires Avaya Aura Conferencing 7 licenses for audio, web conferencing How do you get it? Avaya Flare for iPad is available through the iTunes store Avaya Flare for Windows is available via PLDS download w license key * Video, SBC & Audio SRTP added in R1.1 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 16

17 Integrated Desktop and Teleworker Experience Avaya one-X® Communicator Avaya Aura 5.2+, H.323 or SIP
Integrated desktop client Flexible travel, teleworker and office voice choices: VoIP to desktop Call-back to home/any phone Control office deskphone One-number accessibility Easy to shift to iPad or smartphone client when you leave your desktop One click access to and other desktop apps Low cost webcam video option © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

18 Collaborate from your Web Browser
Roster See who has joined See active speakers Mute/Add/ Promote Desktop sharing Application sharing White- boarding Minutes, Messaging Attendance Report Personal Activity Feeds Personal File Share

19 Audio & Web Conference with large # of participants
One of the key features of Flare is Audio and Web Conferencing with the Flare Experience on the iPad with Avaya Aura Confercing The Flare interface provides a simple intuitive way to manage and participate in conferences. © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

20 Moderator Controls Here we see the moderator navigation screen available with an Avaya Aura Conferencing 7.0 collaboration session. You can easily mute noisy lines and control recording of the session. © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

21 Content Sharing from AAC document library
You can share documents from the AAC document library. This screen shows the menu to choose what you would like to share. The documents in the library are pulled from the AAC doc server. The document can be uploaded via the AAC web client or Flare Experience on Windows. © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

22 Presenting PPT document from library
This slide shows the sharing of a document on an iPad in a colaboration session using AAC 7 (which is a future capability). With the touch screen it is very easy to pinch and resize documents that are being shared. © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

23 Avaya Aura Conferencing Distributed architecture & cascading saves on costs and reduces management complexity Hosting Media Server A control (Location A) CM Server Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7.0 User A1 Session Manager RTP/RTCP RTP/RTCP SIP WAN SIP Flare takes advantage of the architecture of Avaya Aura Conferencing 7.0. Media Servers can be cost-effective for cascading to relatively small locations, thanks to the scalability of Scalable Baseline Profile (H.264 SVC) with layers that can be thinned efficiently. By choosing a distributed cascading model, dolars are saved. Cascading mixes multiple media streams locally so only a single stream is sent over the WAN Because Avaya Aura Conferencing is a software based solution, maintenance is easier, capacity can be easily extended, upgrades can be quickly taken care of meaning less cost and from a vendor committed to always leverage existing investments into the future. Cascading Media Server B Cascading Media Server C (Location B) (Location C) User B2 User B1 User C1 User C2 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 23

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