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Device Evolution Greg Pelton Chief Technology Officer

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1 Device Evolution Greg Pelton Chief Technology Officer
Avaya Government Solutions

2 Digital Government Strategy
Increase access to Government services anywhere, anytime and on any device Ensuring that we procure and manage our digital assets in a smart, secure and affordable way Unlock the power of open data to spur innovation Top down view. Digital Government Strategy has been out for awhile now Agencies are being asked to change and are being measured on those changes Innovate Future Ready Workforce Digital Government Strategy & Open Data Policy Cloud Transition to IPv6 Deliver Data Center Consolidation IT Shared Services TechStat PortfolioStat IT Dashboard Protect FedRAMP Identity Management (HSPD-12) Continuous Monitoring Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) National Initiatives BusinessUSA Permitting Dashboard The Federal Government must be able to deliver information and services to the American people anytime, anywhere and on any platform or device. Steven VanRoekel, Federal CIO

3 Department of Defense Strategic Plan
STRATEGIC GOAL 1: Evolve the Joint Information Environment Evolve a consolidated, collaborative, and secure joint information environment, enabling end-to end information sharing and interdependent enterprise services across the Department that are seamless, interoperable, efficient, and responsive to joint and coalition Warfighter requirements. The Value: Provide effective, reliable, robust capabilities that enable authorized users to connect with any device, anytime, from anywhere on the globe. Source: DEFENSE INFORMATION SYSTEMS AGENCY 2013 – 2018 Version 1

4 Desired End State Mobile Secure Multi- Media Cloud Aware

5 Device Evolution Program View User View

6 It Starts with the Network Avaya Aura® Architecture
Avaya Aura Presence Services Avaya Aura Messaging Avaya Voice Portal Avaya Aura Contact Center Avaya Meeting Exchange Avaya Aura Conferencing Application Enablement Svcs Collaboration Environment

7 Soft Clients UC Elements Mix and Match on any Platform

8 Mobility / BYOD iOS, Android, Blackberry Devices
Extend call iOS, Android, Blackberry Devices Shared Appearance, Consistent User Experience

9 Desktop Integration Aura Toolbar Aura Feature Control Aura Media
Experience (Voice/Video/Conf) Aura Toolbar

10 Hard Devices Desktop Control Equipment Reuse

11 Remote Worker Avaya SBCE Extend the Enterprise Without VPN

12 Avaya VDI Communicator
VDI Virtual PC Thin Client VDI Thin Client Citrix/VM Virtual Device And Graphics Drivers One-X Communicator Data Center Business Apps GUI Avaya VDI Communicator Session Control Signaling Avaya VDI Communicator Avaya Aura® Signaling Media Emergency Service One-X Client

13 Device Evolution Starts with the right network
Platform independent, consistent user experience PC Browser Phone Tablet Integrates into the enterprise without sacrificing quality or security Desktop Remote worker VDI Is here today!

14 Empowering the User Real time Situational Awareness and Collaboration
Any device, any place, any time, secure Avaya Flare Experience® on iPad® Android and iOS Web Collaboration Agent Supports enterprises BYOD initiatives Avaya Flare Experience® on PC Collaboration Agent on Web browsers Avaya Scopia® on Android © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

15 Thank you.

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