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Unified communications platform Enterprise-ready.

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2 Unified communications platform Enterprise-ready

3 Video gallery HD video or high resolution photos of attendees H.264 SVC support Presenter controls to optimize for meeting type Participant selected views Single unified client experience across workloads Lync Windows 8 immersive experience optimized for touch Mobile client experiences designed for the device Lync Web App for browser access to meetings Communicate with anyone on Skype Presence Instant Messaging Peer to peer voice Communicate directly from within Office Single identity Shared contact card OneNote Share

4 Enable and improve mobile productivity Communicate in real time with colleagues, customers and partners from virtually anywhere Enable new ways of collaboration with voice & video using a single unified client Share ideas and keep teams in sync Reduce costs related to video conferencing, telephony and travel Reduce costs through simplification and consolidation Manage with common and familiar tools Reduce total cost of ownership with integration and shared infrastructure Accelerate adoption of online services Reduce IT operations costs Enables a path to unified communications – following a customer’s blueprint


6 ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Rich Presence, IM (1:1 and multiparty), Office interoperability Public Cloud IM/P federation Persistent Group Chat Lync to Lync calling (voice and HD video,1:1) Skill Search (requires SharePoint) Content Collaboration (desktop sharing, application, etc.) Multiparty (3+) audio/video/content collaboration (scheduled and ad hoc) Meeting Controls (Organizer, Lobby Experience, Join From) Enhanced in-meeting note taking Interoperability with 3 rd party video systems Lync audio conferencing Interoperability with 3 rd party audio conferencing providers Lync Multi-view Video Lync to Phone (PSTN) Lync Enterprise Voice features (Malicious Call Trace, E911, call park, etc.) Automated call distribution (unassigned number, attendant console, queuing) Lync Mobile Clients Lync Web App

7 License required for each Front End Server role Sold in one edition for all deployment scenarios USLs are associated with Office 365 and Lync Online Three available USLs Plan One: Presence, IM, peer-to- peer VoIP and Video Plan 2: Lync Meetings Plan 3: PSTN Access (US and UK) USLs include all features of downlevel plan (i.e., Plan 2 has all Plan 1 features) USLs are per-user only CAL is required for each user or device accessing the server Three CALs Standard CAL: Presence, IM, peer- to-peer VoIP and Video Enterprise CAL: Lync Meetings Plus CAL: Enterprise Voice Enterprise CAL and Plus CAL are additive to the Standard CAL CALs available as either Device CALs or User CALs Lync 2013 client licensed via Office ProPlus* Lync Windows 8 client licensed via Windows Store Mobile clients via relevant platform store Lync Basic 2013 client licensed via download from Microsoft

8 Per UserPer Device CAL Purchase a license for each server and then purchase User or Device CALs OR

9 Choosing between User or Device CALs comes down to several factors May prefer Device CALs if... Fewer Devices than Users It is easier to count Devices Devices Management May prefer User CALs if... Fewer Users than Devices It is easier to count Users High MS workload usage across devices Devices Management Platforms

10 Full-featured Lync client for PCs running Windows Licensed via Office ProPlus* Windows Phone, iOS, and Android clients Licensed at no charge via relevant platform stores Licensed at no charge via Windows Store Touch-focused Lync app for Windows 8 PCs PC Client for customers licensed for Lync but without ProPlus Licensed at no charge via download center Lync 2013Lync Windows Store appMobile ClientsLync Basic 2013 Use with VDI● Skill Search● Office Integration●● Recording● Note Sharing● Multiview video●● Attend meetings●●●● Presenter in meetings●● Device Switching support●● Basic voice features●●●● Advanced voice features ●



13 Enterprise Voice Features from OCS 2007 R2 Ent. CAL Enterprise Voice Features offered in new Lync 2010 Plus CAL Plus CAL not included in ECAL Suite Complimentary L+SA on Plus CAL until first renewal after GA of Lync 2013 if they purchased OCS Ent.. CAL or ECAL Suite before July 1, 2009 Customers maintaining SA on OCS Ent. CAL or ECAL Suite receive Complimentary L+SA on Plus CAL until first renewal after GA of Lync 2010 if they purchased OCS Ent.. CAL or ECAL Suite after July 1, 2009 but before December 1, 2010

14 Server RolesTools Archiving & Monitoring Role A/V Conferencing Server Role Central Management Server Role Mediation Role UC Application Server Role Director Server Role Edge Server Role Web Conferencing Server Role Lync Web App Server Role Reach Application Server Role PowerShell Snap In Web App – Plug In Topology Builder Control Panel Group Chat Group Chat Admin Tool Survivable Branch Appliance “Standard” Deployment Single pool Up to 5K users Supports SQL Express “Enterprise” Deployment Multiple Pools Up to 80K users per pool Requires SQL Server




18 Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Microsoft Windows Server Microsoft SQL Server* Skill Search: Microsoft SharePoint Server Unified Messaging: Microsoft Exchange Server Office Interop: Microsoft Office





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