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Congratulations on your new Stake Young Women’s Calling!

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1 Congratulations on your new Stake Young Women’s Calling!

2 Vision of the Young Women’s Auxiliary
Help prepare each young woman to be worthy to make and keep sacred covenants and receive the ordinances of the temple.

3 As a Stake Young Women’s Leader you assist Ward Young Women Leaders to assist parents and priesthood leaders to watch over and strengthen young women ages 12 to 18

4 Help Each Young Woman: Understand her identity as a daughter of God
Be worthy by obeying the commandments and living the standards Recognize and act upon the prompting of the Spirit Prepare for her future roles as wife, mother, homemaker, and leader. Keep her baptismal covenant and be worhty to make and keep sacred temple covenants.

5 What are you called to do

6 Prepare Spiritually Study the scriptures with young women and young women leaders in mind. Pray, ponder, be worthy, attend the temple, and listen for revelation Be strictly obedient to the commandments, and exemplify the standards in behavior, language, dress and so on. Rejoice in the privilege to serve

7 Participate in Councils
Represent the needs of ward young women leaders and young women leaders to the stake council Offer observations, concerns, and recommendations for consideration. Follow the direction of priesthood leaders

8 Serve as a resource to Ward Young Women Presidencies
Instruct and advise individual presidencies as requested by the ward and directed by the stake presidency Teach leaders how to identify and respond to the needs of the young women Instruction could address how to improve gospel teaching and learning Teach the doctrine and then allow them to govern themselves.

9 Occasionally visit ward Young Women meetings and activities to give support and ensure that the organization is functioning properly Coordinate these visits with the ward Young Women’s Presidency Attend New Beginnings & Young Women in Excellence when invited. Attend during Ward Conference

10 Meetings Sacrament Meeting & other church block meeting
Stake Young Women Presidency Meeting Leadership Meeting Stake Aaronic Priesthood-Young Women Committee Stake Council General Young Women’s Broadcast General Leadership Meetings (Regional, SLC) Orientation of new presidency if requested by ward Stake Youth Council Ward Conferences Other meetings, as directed by Stake Presidency Camp/Jr Leader Early Morning Youth Devotionals Ward New Beginnings and Young Women in Excellence

11 Resource Material that is available to help you in your callings
Scriptures General Conference Address Manuals and Handbooks Guidebook for parents & leaders of youth Young Women manuals and annual resource guide Personal Progress For the Strength of Youth pamphlet Young Women Camp Manual & leader booklet Church Handbook of Instructions, Book 2 Church Magazines, True to the Faith, Preach My Gospel (

12 Activities Camp General Young Women’s Broadcast Stake Activities
Youth Council Pennies by the Inch Regional Activities Service Activities Firesides

13 Finances Submit a yearly budget to stake presidency to be approved by October To be reimbursed fill out Reimbursement Request or Expense Authorization Form and attach all receipts and give to stake Financial Clerk or Stake Presidency member Ensure that Stake Young Women finances are used according to the current budget and finance policies of the church

14 Calendar Submit a yearly calendar of proposed events to be approved by Stake Presidency and high council by October

15 Young Womanhood Recognition
You can get letter for the young women and their leaders as they complete their Young Womanhood Recognition Recognize them in a meeting

16 Advice we’d like to share
Love the young women leaders you serve Pray for the young women leaders you serve Listen to your Priesthood leaders and follow their counsel. Be Patient

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