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June 22 nd 2014 Ottawa Stake Center.  The High Councilor for Missionary Work  What Ward Missionaries Do  Hastening the Work of Salvation.  Finding.

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1 June 22 nd 2014 Ottawa Stake Center

2  The High Councilor for Missionary Work  What Ward Missionaries Do  Hastening the Work of Salvation.  Finding – review of talk by Elder M. Russell Ballard  Teaching – workshop by Zone Leaders  Fellowshipping – workshop by attendees.  Increasing number of lessons taught by Full time missionaries through ward council. – Elder Perry  Missionary Coordination Meeting

3  The stake presidency assigns a missionary-oriented high councilor to assist them in overseeing the stake’s efforts to find, teach, baptize, and confirm investigators. This high councilor may lead discussions on these topics in stake priesthood executive committee meetings, stake council meetings, stake priesthood leadership meetings, and other stake meetings.  The high councilor assigned to missionary work orients newly called ward mission leaders. He also provides ongoing instruction and encouragement to all ward mission leaders, both individually and as a group. With the stake president’s approval, he may train ward leaders and ward missionaries.

4  Find – President McAteer’s counsel to prepare a list  Teach – New member lessons and Lesson 5.  Fellowship & Nurture  Attend Missionary Coordination Committee  Fulfill two assignments per week (recommended)  Attend and support baptismal activities  Serve for two years  Not have any other callings (recommended) Bishops discretions

5  Member missionary work; (Ward Mission leader)  Convert retention; (B. counselor )  Activation of less-active members; (B. counselor )  Temple and family history work; and (HPGL)  Teaching the gospel. (Sunday School Pres.) (The bishopric directs this work in the ward, assisted by other members of the ward council.)

6 Brainstorm up to 10 signification events or statements from The Brethren that were preparatory steps to Hastening the Work of Salvation.

7 1. Church publishes First LDS Edition of the Bible (Oct 1979) 2. New roles and responsibilities of the Area Authority Seventy (1997). 3. Significant increase in the number of temples available to members (April 1998) 4. Missionary work focused under the Bishops & Branch Presidencies (2002). 5. New material for teaching the gospel in - Preach My Gospel (2004). 6. New method of teaching by inspiration for missionaries. (2004) 7. Media campaigns such as "I am a Mormon" as well as the US Election (2012) (Church out of obscurity) 8. Major increase of number of missionaries serving through reduced age of service (2012) 9. Online availability of genealogy material and submission process. (2013) 10. Explosion of media material available on the internet at LDS. Org.

8  Put your trust in the Lord. Review of talk by Elder Ballard November 2013 Ensign

9 Who in your ward can tell you what to do to improve missionary success.  In many ways this is just like Nephi going to his father to find out where to hunt. Lehi had not been doing so well in the no- murmuring department, yet Nephi still honored his father because he knew the Lord’s structure of keys.  “23 And it came to pass that I, Nephi, did make out of wood a bow, and out of a straight stick, an arrow; wherefore, I did arm myself with a bow and an arrow, with a sling and with stones. And I said unto my father: Whither shall I go to obtain food?  24 And it came to pass that he did inquire of the Lord”

10 Steps to Successful Teaching

11 Personal Prep  If you have not the spirit you cannot teach. ◦ Scripture Study ◦ Prayer ◦ Personal Righteousness.

12 Pre-Session Prep.  Establish a time for the session.  Determine where ( In a members home of possible)  Have a member attend. (Done in MCM)  Prayerfully decide what to teach.  Determine & explain what the role of the member will be.

13 Review last teaching session. Ask if there are any questions. Resolve issues or concerns. Introduce new material. Have member read scriptures and share understanding. Review lesson. Keep session under 1 hour. Leave a commitment or reading assignment. Set a new teaching date. Ask if there is someone they could recommend. Let the full time missionaries teach – that is there call

14  Brainstorming on how to successfully following new members.

15  Elder Perry’s counsel on how to increase the number of lessons by full time missionaries.


17 The Mission Plan developed by Ward Council includes a list of the MSL for each leader especially the Elder Q. Relief Society and High Priest Group leader. 5 to 7 names of less active from HP, EQ RS and are selected and a teaching record is prepared. Visiting or Home Teacher or Presidency will go out and visit each teaching person listed and ask them one question. “Would you allow the full time missionaries to come into your home and teach the missionary discussions. If they agree a teaching record goes in the Area book kept by the Ward Missionary. Each week when the Ward Mission Leader holds a coordination meeting with the full time missionaries. If they do not have higher priority teaching opportunities (Own investigators or Media referrals ) the Ward mission leader assigns enough names from the Area Book of those who have agreed to take the discussion to make up 20 teaching opportunities for each week The missionaries go out and teach and make a report in the next Ward Missionary Coordination meeting. For that the Ward mission lead makes a progress record which carried back to Ward Council. Ward Council reviews the teaching and gives any input and then may suggest additional names for teaching and the circle continues. Ward Mission Leaders provide copies of missionary progress records following any PEC or Ward Council meeting where they are discussed to the High Council responsible for their unit who will then provide to the Stake High Councilman for missionary work. The progress reports are given to the Stake President who will report when they have an area council meetings.

18 The Ward Mission Leader:  Meets weekly with ward and full time missionaries;  Receives reports from previous teaching assignments;  Reviews investigator progress using progress report;  Determine teaching assignments for that week for full time missionaries – Fills 20 per week from Area book;  Arrange to have members present for teaching.  Review progress of the ward mission plan;  Plan fellowshipping assignments for new members;  Plan baptisms;

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