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ELDER’S TRAINING SEMINAR Based on the Elder’s Handbook Ministerial Association of the General Conference

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1 ELDER’S TRAINING SEMINAR Based on the Elder’s Handbook Ministerial Association of the General Conference

2 The Elders as Supporter of Other Local Leaders Chapter 4 – Part 2

3 Church Ministries Council It is chosen to coordinate in the local church all the activities sponsored by this large department. This council can relieve the church board of much of its detail work. Support Church Ministries

4 Dorcas and Community Services Is an expression of its love and concern for the needy. Projects: gathering and preparing clothing, food, and other supplies for the poor. Projects: Visiting hospitals, prisons and developing community health programs. Support Church Ministries

5 Family Ministries It is in the family that our needs for social contact, for belonging, for love, and for intimacy are met. The church chooses a Family Life Leader. Elders should work closely with their pastor and family life leader to find and minister to families in difficulty. Support Church Ministries

6 Music Ministries Music enhances worship. It has a special power to reach the heart and open the mind. It inspires, teaches, and contributes toward spiritual growth. Chose a Music Leader to plan, lead, and develop the music program. Support Church Ministries

7 Women’s Ministries Lay women play a vital role in our church. Churches should have a ministry specifically tailored towards women’s special needs. Choose a Women’s Ministries Leader in your church to help them to be motivated and involved in different ministries in the church Support Church Ministries

8 Lay Activities and Personal Ministries Encourage church’s members to discover and use their spiritual gifts. Chose a leader for this department to help church members to develop their witnessing abilities. Organizes an outreach training program. Give liberally of Sabbath morning time to the promoting of outreach programs. Support Church Ministries

9 Sabbath School Support by faithful attendance. Encourage training of teachers. Encourage having a Sabbath school for new believers. Visit the children’s and youth’s divisions to show your support. Provide adequate money for their supplies. Support Church Ministries

10 Stewardship Being faithful in our use of time, opportunities, abilities, and finances God has entrusted to us. Commitment of our whole lives, all that we are and all that we have, into the hands of God. Encourage each member in this commitment to God. Support Church Ministries

11 Stewardship Inform the church of the financial needs. Give reports to the church and church board. Prepare Sabbath morning offering appeals. Visit the homes of members to make a personal commitment to support the church’s financial program. Support Church Ministries

12 Youth Ministry Youth Ministries Committee. Is responsible for the planning of the youth and Pathfinder activities of the church. It primarily serves ages 16 to 30. Support Church Ministries

13 Pathfinder Club Serves ages 10 to 15 years old. Its purpose is similar to that which the youth society performs for senior youth. Its activities include: s piritual instruction, crafts, field trips, campouts, and sports Support Church Ministries

14 Pathfinder Club Fosters personal qualities such as neatness, dependability, self-control. They are also encouraged to be involved in outreach activities. Support Church Ministries

15 Children's Ministries It is the goal of this ministry to foster the development of faith and spiritual growth among children in the church. Children’s Ministries today has materials and resources to assist churches in many specialized areas of activities. Support Church Ministries

16 Children's Ministries Ensure that your church is aware of the importance of providing for the spiritual development of its children. Promotes teaching children faith and morality. Give high priority of the choosing of youth leaders at election time. Support Church Ministries

17 Communication Part of the challenge is to communicate our message to our surrounding communities. Provide information about your church and its message through newspaper, radio, television, and other resources. Support Church Ministries

18 Communication What is going on in the church that our community should know? Communication within the church is essential to keep your members informed of your church’s programs. What is going on that our members should know? Support Church Ministries

19 Christian Education Principal Purpose: To restore God’s image in its students, with additional instruction in a Christian approach to: –Social adjustment. –Civic responsibilities. –Vocational sufficiency. –Moral and ethical values. Support Church Ministries

20 Christian Education Principal Purpose: Promote the principles of Christian education. Invite the teachers to the platform and have a special prayer of dedication for them. Support Church Ministries

21 Christian Education Principal Purpose: Send your own children to church school. Support your teachers. Protect teachers from parental interference. Raise money for a worthy student fund. Support Church Ministries

22 Support Health and Temperance The church should be a model for healthy lifestyle. Programs such as: stop-smoking plans, cooking schools, health classes, and stress-control programs. Include in the church calendar some dates to give emphasis to this issue. Support Church Ministries

23 Literature Ministry Printed page, one of the most effective ways to share the gospel. Encourage your church board to spend money on distributing literature in your community. Promote the purchase and distribution of our own magazines and papers. Support Church Ministries

24 Literature Ministry Give the literature evangelist time during church services to share how God is using his ministry. Start a church library. Promote literature from our publishing center. Encourage gifted members to enter the literature ministry. Support Church Ministries

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