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Title Patient Patient Advisory CouncilAdvisory Council Patient Advisory Council.

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1 Title Patient Patient Advisory CouncilAdvisory Council Patient Advisory Council

2 Who is Women’s Medicine Collaborative? The Women's Medicine Collaborative is made up of 57 providers WMC is affiliated with The Miriam Hospital, a Lifespan Partner The WMC Divisions include: Center for Women's GI Medicine & Endoscopy, OBMED & Specialty Services, GYN Oncology, Genetics, Women's Behavioral Medicine, Primary Care and Lifestyle Medicine Program

3 Our Staff

4 WMC Mission and Vision WMC provides services “for women by women” understanding the gender differences in health and diseases and the need of programs dedicated to women’s health We do so relying on an interdisciplinary approach to women’s medical problems in collaboration with our divisions from various areas of expertise Our Mission Statement : – “Helping women reach their greatest health potential in body, mind and spirit.”

5 What is the Patient Advisory Council? Partnership with Patient and Families Volunteers Representation of the patients served at Women's Medicine Collaborative Invest in the success of an institution. Patient and family centered care is model of care Inspire our patients and staff Department Based Council

6 How did we get Started? Clinical Manager very involved with patient advisory council at her previous hospital Lifespan did not have any Patient Advisory Councils. WMC was 1 st in Leading the way to get their first one started WMC believes that patients can be Leaders WMC believes in the future of healthcare

7 Benefits of our WMC Advisory Council Increased understanding, support and respect between our patients, families, staff and providers Our patients and families bring connections with our community Satisfaction for patients, staff and providers Education for patients, staff and providers Determine areas of focus, ways to improve WMC

8 What makes your participation meaningful? Help make and implement important changes Opportunity to share concerns and ideas Commitment to improve patient care at WMC Provide the patient perspective when making decisions for WMC Patients stories are powerful Help WMC provide the safest, most optimal care possible

9 Purpose of the WMC Patient Advisory Council Implement positive changes Serve as a coordinating mechanism for patients and families Provide opportunities for staff, management and providers to listen to our patients Provide a forum for patients to provide input into WMC policies and programs

10 Purpose of the WMC Patient Advisory Council Promote and strengthen relationships between our patients and staff Bring passion and a voice from our patients Serve as an advisory source to WMC administration and staff for new and upcoming programs Builds a trust in our Women's Medicine Collaborative Health Care Model

11 Four Core Functions Policies Quality Improvements Safety Initiatives Patient- Provider Interactions

12 Responsibility and Definition of WMC Patient Advisory Council Members Respectful of others Speak comfortably in the group Share insights and experiences in ways others can learn and change can be implemented Inspire one another Build on strengths through participation

13 Recruitment of WMC Patient Advisory Council Members Led by WMC Clinical Manager Staff and Provider recommendations Sent a direct email or phone call to direct patients Identified patients who gave our department positive or negative feedback on our “Pulse Surveys” or patient satisfaction surveys Recruitment will be ongoing of current WMC patients

14 Recruitment of WMC Patient Advisory Council Members Recruited patients who represent each one of our divisions Recruited patients who utilize our WMC programs Recruited WMC patients of all ages and diversity 80% patient advisors 20% WMC staff ( both clinical or non-clinical) All members are asked to sign confidentiality agreements.

15 Opportunities and Challenges Keep WMC Patient Advisory Council energized and inspired Keep a positive outlook Support from WMC providers and Staff Measures of Success – How do we know we are making a difference – Where have we had the most impact – Continuous of quality improvement

16 Examples of our Progress Feedback from the meetings included: – Patients were getting lost because our signs were outdated – No handicap door access for patients who needed it – No staff recognition program – Integrate all our WMC service line in our council – Patients wanted to know what we were all about to tell their friends All our signs were updated We now have handicap door access We are implementing our “Dazzling Duck” staff recognition program Women's Medicine Inpatient Unit members are now part of the council sharing their stories Speakers to attend our meetings to discuss trending topics, such as our patient portal, who are we?, CNO message to the group

17 Meetings Minutes will be recorded by the Clinical Manager and distributed to the Council at each meeting for review Advisory Council will meet quarterly ( days and times may be dependent on convenience of patients and staff) Meetings are facilitated by Clinical Nurse Manager Agenda -The Council will produce a list of issues and suggestions to be addressed – Items will be based on quality topics and initiatives

18 WMC Organizational Alignment Dr. Peg Miller, physician leader, as a member of our Councils Executive Sponsorship by our Senior Vice President of Women's Services and Clinical Integration, Dr. Karen Rosene-Montella WMC Patient Advisory Council updates to our Senior Leadership and WMC Division Directors Updates are also given at our WMC Quality Meetings, and PCMH Meetings

19 WMC PAC Mission Statement “Serving as the voice of patients and families to assist Women’s Medicine Collaborative in exceeding patient expectations”

20 What our Members are saying: “Great to offer a female unit” “everyone that I interacted with from the RN to the CNA, to the person who answered the call light were all wonderful and attentive” “Very positive being surrounded by nurturing women” “wonderful experience with WMC, my doctor actually listened to me” “Experience at WMC was extremely positive” “WMC Dr should be teaching other surgeons how to be human” We are a “model for what health care should be.” “It is a special practice.” “WMC is pioneering best practices.”

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