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 A Presentation by the Michigan Academy of Family Physicians.

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1  A Presentation by the Michigan Academy of Family Physicians

2  Cash is king, as a driver and as a concern  Family medicine needs to improve identity  Collectively need to make a permanent impact and assure that FM work is integrated into the whole system  We need culture change at all levels  Need to pique medical student interest – enhance recruitment efforts  Educate and promote FPs through public policy

3  Mission statement o To address the health are needs of the people of Michigan through the education of family physicians and the promotion of patient centered primary care.  Vision o Through statewide collaboration, lead the nation’s premier family medicine education in providing quality family physicians for the people of Michigan, while positively impacting health and health care through the power of primary care.  Goal o Reach out businesses, health plans, state government, etc to join MAFP to support family medicine education training.

4  Idea conceived by the MAFP Education Committee  MAFP convenes first summit March 2012  Residency program directors, residents and students throughout Michigan represented  The first meeting successfully developed four critical areas to address in order to improve family medicine education o Increase student interest in family medicine in Michigan o Residency innovation o GME funding reform o Change the culture of family medicine in the state (to be integrated into each of the three topics above)  Established breakout groups and leaders assigned to each area

5  Vision: Increase the number of students who select family medicine; provide for more depth of medical knowledge; gain more exposure to family medicine and intensify mentor relationships.  Breakout group identified 3 top priorities for action o Expand social media presence – student and resident-led effort. Creation of Facebook page and opened the group to include FMIGs around the state. Created a forum for active engagement and dialogue. o Hold a statewide MAFP student and resident conference, beginning in Fall of 2013, supported by FB group for marketing and co-creation of the agenda. o Develop an effective mentorship program with the first steps being to define an effective structure and documentation of roles, recommended activities and conversations.

6  Vision: Seek to have Michigan as a leader in curriculum design and innovation; share ideas with each other so that all programs can benefit; create high quality and diverse training to market to and recruit students out of state.  Breakout group identified main items of action below: o Reach out to all residency programs and have them identify one thing they are doing that is innovative o Collect and publicize innovations  direct interested candidates to the innovation, rather than program o Connect residencies that fall into similar categories to work together on ways to improve. o Improve marketing uniqueness of the state

7  Vision: Develop a statewide advocacy effort that is sustainable, predictable and completely adequate for all family medicine residency programs; look at opportunities that are specific to Michigan programs to continue to get funding to allow the education programs to exist and operate effectively.  The breakout groups identified one main goal: to have residency programs directly funded, rather than having it stream through the hospitals. o Enhance statewide legislative/advocacy efforts o Explore alternative funding opportunities Community buy-in Partnerships with insurers

8  These summits have been successful in identifying areas where we can strengthen the perception of family medicine among young generations. Ultimately, a culture shift will only occur if we actively engage in this dialogue and follow through with ideas and ongoing efforts. Family medicine can be the way of the future.

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