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Patient and Family Engagement Affinity Group Recruiting Patient Advocates June 19, 2013.

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1 Patient and Family Engagement Affinity Group Recruiting Patient Advocates June 19, 2013

2 Agenda Introduction and Framing Carolinas HealthCare System PFE Data Snapshot Patient Advocate Speakers Questions and Answers – Participation with Speakers Thank you and Learning Event Close

3 Director of Patient Safety, Carolinas HealthCare System Jason Byrd

4 Lisa Morrise Patient Co-Lead for the PFE Affinity Group

5 Patient & Family Advisors Patient & family advisors work in a variety of healthcare settings sharing their personal stories to represent all patients and families in providing an educated perspective of care by bringing authenticity, empowerment, respect and inspiration to the design and delivery of healthcare systems. Patient & Family Advisor roles include partner, educator, speaker, listener, advocate, collaborator and leader, ensuring the focus of healthcare is centered on the patient and family. Collaboratively written by Patient Family Advisors assembled by the IHI at the 2012 IHI Forum, Orlando FL

6 Leadership and Staff Support Ideally, support for utilizing PFAs (Patient and Family Advisors) and having PFACs (Patient and Family Advisory Councils) will come from the C-Suite (the Chief Executive, Nursing and/or Medical Officers of the corporation). PFACs and PFAs may be administered out of many departments, including: – Nursing – Quality and Safety – Support Services Select key staff to serve on a PFAC

7 Numbers Try to enlist a diverse group of patient advisors – Look for a representative group including a sampling of your patients’ ages, ethnicity, language backgrounds, geography and diagnosis – Pull your demographic distribution from your data or look at your service area census data – Not every single discreet category of patient can be represented, but you should try to include patients from different backgrounds – If you receive multiple referrals from, for example, one diagnosis, use a few as advisors and save the rest of the referrals for later recruitment

8 Numbers Please budget for a staff position to coordinate advisors and funds to cover meetings and engagement (similar to volunteers). Consider stipends for patient & family time and/or travel related expenses. Advisors can actually save your facility $$$. One metric you may want to keep track of is the money you have saved due to advisor input. Advisors may help your facility achieve goals in many areas, including improved patient satisfaction and a reduction of harm across the board.

9 Bernard Roberson, Administrative Director of Patient and Family Centered Care at Georgia Regents Medical Center Reactor

10 Libby Hoy PFCC Partners

11 Whom Am I Looking for? People with patient experience in your organization Representative of the population you serve Distance from Diagnosis/Experience People who have constructive criticism skills People with a desire to improve care for others People who can be a representative voice Solution focused Partnership skills Teachable spirit

12 Where Do I find them? SELF REFERRAL Newsletters Email Blasts Outpatient clinics Website Physician Referral Coffee Carts Open House Recruitment posters Community Resource Events Direct Mailers STAFF REFERRAL Support Groups/Disease specific meetings Lobby Surfing Customer Service Grievance Committee Executive Rounds Unit Staff Community Mailers

13 Application Provides pertinent experiences Provides a ‘flavor’ of communication style States the commitment up front Identifies areas of interest Formalizes the process and engagement Self Selection opportunity Availability identified

14 Interviewing Panels of Staff sponsor and current PFAC’s Staff member alone Phone interviews, with limitations In person interviews preferred Open Ended Questions Identify Communication Style

15 Alice Gunderson, Patient & Family Advisor, St. Francis Medical Center, Lynwood, CA REACTOR

16 Victoria Nahum Co-Founder of H2Pi, The Healthcare and Patient Partnership Institute

17 Challenges in Establishing a PFAC Challenges Finding diverse members Modeling partnership Finding people passionate about improvement Finding experienced people who relate to the experiences to others Finding diverse team personalities Developing a shared mental model about what we’ll do Ensuring security, privacy, immunizations Approach Broad solicitation Recruit both care users & staff Application essay question & interview Application brochure/cover letter, interview & training Standard volunteer processes for security check, HIPPA & shots

18 Using a PFAC charter to proactively prepare for likely challenges ChallengeApproach Developing shared mental model of purpose/mission Modeling partnership Organizational support Attendance Leadership and teamwork Leadership turnover Finding the right fit Statement of purpose Co-leadership Executive +/or Board reporting Attendance requirements Covenant (rules) One year co-lead terms, annual elections & succession planning

19 Questions

20 Next Patient and Family Engagement Affinity Group meeting: July 22, 2013 PFECs: Training Patient Advisors to Work Collaboratively Next PFE Affinity Group Meeting

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