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Building Family-Centered Care Practices through Patient and Family Advisory Boards Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics Kansas City, Missouri 3 rd International.

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1 Building Family-Centered Care Practices through Patient and Family Advisory Boards Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics Kansas City, Missouri 3 rd International Conference on Patient & Family Centered Care July 30, 2007 – August 1, 2007 Seattle, Washington Linda Taloney, MA Patient Advocate Manager Melissa Pulis, MS, CCLS Child Life Manager Panel: Chris Rathmann, Sheryl Chadwick, and Lisa Miller Family Advisory Board and Teen Advisory Board

2 TODAY’S GOALS Understand the value of patient and family advisory boards. Recognize that patients and families drive the development of family- centered care practices. List five ways a hospital can benefit from collaborative relationships between patients, families and staff.

3 Patient Centered Care Providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs and values, and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions

4 What if you had the opportunity to have long-term consultants regarding the care and service you provide at little or no cost? YOU DO! The Family/Patient Advisory Board

5 A Few Cautions Must have CEO support!!! Expect to hear opportunities to improve Be prepared to address opportunities to improve

6 Family-Centered Care “Family Centered Care is an approach to health care that shapes health care policies, programs, facility design, and day-to-day interactions among patients, families, physicians, and other health care professionals.”

7 Family Advisory Board (FAB) Developed in January 2003 Consists of 18 families and 8 Children’s Mercy staff Meets monthly Reports to the Executive Vice President, Co Chief Operating Officer

8 Family Advisory Board (FAB) The Family Advisory Board seeks to enhance the delivery of the family centered health care at Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics by providing a vehicle of communication through collaborative efforts between the families and the entire staff

9 Family Advisory Board (FAB) Goals Promote a relationship in which CMH professionals and the family members work together to ensure the best services for the child and their family Promote supportive channels of communication between hospital staff and families Promote input and feedback on delivery of services for children and their families

10 FAB Goals Review issues referred to the Family Advisory Board and provide recommendations Provide input and participate in education of health care professionals and all other hospital personnel Educate families in health care issues Provide input regarding program development, services and new facilities

11 Family Advisory Board (FAB) Membership Parents or immediate family members of patients who have experienced a pediatric hospitalization or ongoing pediatric outpatient treatment In order to achieve representation from the population served, there shall be parent representatives from a wide variety of pediatric specialties Members shall represent not only specific diagnoses but also the geographic areas and cultural diversity of the population served

12 Family Advisory Board (FAB) Membership In addition, the FAB membership shall consist of the following members or their designees: –Executive Vice President, Co Chief Operating Officer –Director of Child Life and Volunteer Services –Manager of Child Life –Patient Advocate Manager

13 Family Advisory Board (FAB) Membership –Chief Nursing Officer –Senior Director of Quality –Senior Director of Allied Health and Support Services –Chief Resident –Physicians

14 Family Advisory Board (FAB) Participation “New Beginnings” program Parents offering Parents Support (POPS) Rapid Response Team input Infection Control Stop Signs Quality Team Involvement Family Information Bulletin Boards

15 Family Advisory Board (FAB) Participation Billing Department Process Book Drive Quick Tips Visitation Card Input on venipuncture process External presentations Winning Communication video

16 Information Sharing Define the parent’s role as a partner/participant in the care of their child Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

17 Winning Communication Video and Discussion

18 Teen Advisory Board (TAB) Formed in March 1999 TAB commits to providing education and support to Children’s Mercy patients, families and staff TAB is a group of young adults with experience in a variety of diagnoses

19 Teen Advisory Board (TAB) TAB meets monthly, to work on projects that are nominated by TAB members and/or CMH staff TAB is co-chaired by the Patient Advocate Manager and the Child Life Manager

20 Teen Advisory Board (TAB) Membership: Ages 13-18 Members until they are no longer patients at CMH Board consists of a minimum of 8 members One board member is elected to be the president

21 Teen Advisory Board (TAB) Membership selection will be based upon: Amount and type of hospital experience Willingness to express feelings, ask questions, and share ideas Parent’s commitment to support their teen and to provide transportation Able to maintain interest/attention in a 1.5 hour meeting Good attendance and grades at school

22 Teen Advisory Board (TAB) Accomplishments “All About Me” Multiple Fundraisers Care Bags for Patients in Crisis Surgery Information Book Patient Activities Teen Pain Management Brochure

23 Teen Advisory Board (TAB) Accomplishments Reinstatement of Surgery T-Shirts Young Adult Guidelines Pre Surgery Teaching Video Design Hospital Cafeteria and Teen Room

24 Contact Information Linda Taloney, Patient Advocate Manager – Melissa Pulis, Child Life Manager –

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